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Mac OS Ken: 05.16.2013

Verizon Offering $100 iPhone 5 to Select Featurephone Customers

Apple Insider: AT&T Reportedly Offering Free iPhone 5 to Select Customers with iPhone 4S Trade-In

Strategy Analytics: Nearly All the Profits in Smartphones Are Taken by Apple and Samsung

Apple Says 50-Billionth iOS App Downloaded - Winner Not Yet Announced

Tim Cook Expected to Testify on Corporate Tax Avoidance Before Congressional Committee Next Week

DoJ Still Thinks Apple is Guilty in eBook Price-Fixing Case; Apple Still Maintains Its Innocence

New beta Build of OS X 10.8.4 Seeded to Developers

Apple Seeks Engineer with Experience with Liquidmetal

Google Launches Subscription Music Service: Google Play Music All Access

Google Opens YouTube Live Streaming Capability to Accounts with One-Thousand Subscribers or More

TBS and TNT to Start Streaming Online (for Pay-TV Customers Only)

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