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Mac OS Ken: 05.15.2013

Gartner: Android Powered 75-Percent of Smartphones Sold Worldwide Last Quarter; iOS Powered 18-Percent

Apple Seeks to Add Samsung Galaxy S4 to 2014 Patent Infringement Case

Apple Faces Potential Class-Action Suit Over iPhone 4 Power Button

New Siri Answers to Long Queries Encourage Brevity

BlackBerry Plans to Make BlackBerry Messenger Available for Android and iOS This Summer

iMore: If BlackBerry Messenger Gets Made, All of the Major Mobile Competitors Will Make Apps for iOS

Apple Remembers It Has iWork; Hires Lots of People for It

Apple Issues Minor Update for iMovie for OS X

CNN/Money Lists Things Apple Might Do and Make at Some Point

Business Insider Looks at Cases to Turn iPhones Into Weapons (or Tools for Self-Defense)

Coffee with Cook Charity Auction Closes with $610,000 Winning Bid

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