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Mac OS Ken: 05.31.2013

Apple Intros Stripped Down 16GB Fifth-Gen iPod touch for $229

Apple: 100 Million iPod touches Sold

Apple Knocks $100 Off Price of Non-Retina 13-Inch MacBook Pro for Education Buyers

Nuance Confirms Its Part in Siri Voice Recognition

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S4 Mini

Apple Agrees to Pay $53 Million to Settle iPhone/iPod Liquid Sensor Class-Action Suit

Former EPA Official Comments on New Job at Apple

Apple Adds RAW Support for 13 Cameras with Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.06

Alaska Airlines Adopts Apple Passbook Integration

Apple Announces Dates and Early Acts for iTunes Music Festival London

Mac Game Store Bundles Six Big Games for $20 Through Saturday at Midnight Pacific

Grumpy Cat Gets a Picture Deal

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Mac OS Ken: 05.30.2013

Tim Cook D:11 Review - Adam Lashinsky Seems Frustrated

Tim Cook D:11 Review - Tom Krazit Seems Bored

Tim Cook D:11 Review - Twitteratti Seem Mixed

Tim Cook D:11 Review - Gene Munster Seems to Be Hearing Things No One Else Hears

Tim Cook D:11 Review - Greenpeace Likes the New Hire

Full D:11 Tim Cook Interview Available to View Online and Via Apple TV

Asymco’s Horace Dediu Says Apple TV Share of Streaming Devices Equal to iPod Share of MP3 Players (with a Caveat or Two)

Experian: iPhone Owners Use Smartphones More Than Android Owners (Though Less of That Time is Talking)

WSJ: Pegatron Will Be Primary Builder of Low-Cost iPhone

Reuters Two Weeks Ago: Pegatron Vies to Be Primary Builder of Low-Cost iPhone

Apple Updates iTunes Movie Trailers App with Fandango Purchases and Video Playback Improvements

Apple Updates Fuji Xerox Printer Drivers

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Mac OS Ken: 05.29.2013

Rumor Has Next iPhone Doubling Retina Resolution of iPhone 5

Apple Retail Top Chain in UK in Which? Consumer Survey

CEO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia Sees Apple and Google as Potential Rivals of His Bank

Connected Data and Drobo Announce Intended Merger

Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks TV and Phones and Services and More at All Things D: 11

Tim Cook: Apple Has a “Grand Vision” Related to TV

CEO Cook: Wearable Technology is Ripe for Exploration

CEO Cook: Next iOS Has Jony Ive Mark; Management Changes in iOS Have Been “Incredibly Great”

Apple Hires Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to Coordinate Eco-Issues

Apple Insider: Apple Has Made Nine Acquisitions So Far This Calendar Year

CNET: Apple Has Made Nine Acquisitions So Far This Fiscal Year

CEO Cook: Maybe There Are MORE Androids But People Really Dig Apple Kit

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Mac OS Ken: 05.28.2013

European Commission Reportedly Looking Into Apple Tactics Regarding iPhone Sales

Report: Ireland Considering Changes to Corporate Tax Law for Multinationals Such as Apple

Job Postings Indicate Fourth Apple Store Planned for Switzerland

Samsung Announces Event for Galaxy and Windows Devices for 20 June in London

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Appears Briefly on Samsung Site

Strategy Analytics: Samsung in First in Smartphones in China in 1Q 2013 - Apple in Sixth

Focus Taiwan: Foxconn and Mozilla to Announce Partnership and New Device Next Monday 3 June

Marketwatch: Foxconn Looking to Diversify (And Something Bad About Apple)

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Mac OS Ken: 05.27.2013

KGI Analyst Sees First-Ever Year-Over-Year Decline in iPad Sales this Quarter

Apple to Double Lobbying Spending This Year

Best Buy Drops $50 Off of iPhone Prices in Four-Week Promotion

Intel VP: Haswell Laptops Should See 50-Percent Power Increase and 20-Times Longer Standby

Apple Seeds New beta of OS X 10.8.4 to Developers

Motorola Mobility Appeals Dismissal of Case Involving Phones and Proximity Sensors Before the USITC

Apple Store Fifth Avenue in NYC Sees Flooding Issue for Second Time This Month

Functional Apple I Sells at Auction for New Record Price of $671,000

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Mac OS Ken: 05.24.2013

Amazon Opens Kindle Fire Sales to Over 170 Countries

Rumor: iPhones and Low-Cost iPhones of Many Colors on the Way

Apple Says Samsung Violating Rules By Suing Over Standards Essential Patents Without Seeking Licensing Deal First

Judge in Apple eBook Price-Fixing Case: DoJ Can Likely Prevail

All Things D Says Apple Says 10AM Keynote on Opening Day of WWDC

iAd Becomes First Mobile Ad Network to Earn Full Media Ratings Council Accreditation

Windows 8 Ad Beats Up on iPad (and Uses Siri Voice to Do So)

Cult of Mac: Microsoft iPad vs Windows Ad Have Casual Relationship with Truth

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Mac OS Ken: 05.23.2013

Morgan Stanley: Current Quarter iPhone Sales on Track to Beat Expectations

NPD: Nearly One in Three Smartphones Sold in the U.S. in 1Q Was Prepaid

Cricket Offering Samsung Galaxy S4 for Up-Front Price of $55

Prepaid Wireless Carriers Combined Beat Big-Four Carriers in 2013 ACSI

Jennifer Lopez Launches Verizon-Powered Viva Movil to Serve Latino Wireless Consumers

KGI Securities Analyst: Expect No iWatch This Year

Changes to Apple Online Store: Square Daddy-O

German Apple Online Store Now Accepting PayPal as Payment Option

Penguin Offers $75 Million Settlement in Civil Case Over Alleged eBook Price Fixing

Former Gartner Analyst Michael Gartenberg Joins Apple Marketing Team

The Reviews Are In: The Tim Cook Senate Show Wowed the Crowd

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Mac OS Ken: 05.22.2013

Cook and Oppenheimer to Committee: Apple Supports Jobs and Pays Taxes and Does Not Break the Law

The Verge: Cook Cool and Collected Before Senate Subcommittee

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Berates Senate Subcommittee for Dragging Apple Execs In

Irish PM: Ireland Has No Special Tax Deal for Apple or Any Multinational Company

iPhone Still Tops on ACSI, Though Competition is Gaining

Apple Stays on Top of BrandZ List for 2013

Munster: NPD Mac Numbers Look Good (Though He Is Not Sure He Can Trust the Numbers)

Apple Opening First South Australia Store in Adelaide on Saturday 25 May

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Mac OS Ken: 05.21.2013

Apple CEO Heads to Washington to Face Tax Avoidance Questions

Senator Carl Levin of Michigan Blasts Apple Ahead of Tuesday Hearing

NYT: Apple Accused of Nothing Illegal in Tax-Avoidance Investigation

Samsung Announces 276 PPI Display Panel

Forrester: Macs Command Computers Among Loyalists and Devotees (Though Most Consumers are Free Radicals)

AT&T to Allow FaceTime Over Cellular for Unlimited LTE Customers by Mid-June; 3G by End of Year

F-Secure: 91-Percent of Mobile Malware Target at Android with the Rest Targeting Symbian

MacRumors Says Other Rumors Say Trials Are Underway for iWatch

Kodak Launches Pricey Scanner Aimed at Mac Users in North America and Europe

Guy Steals Three iPhones from Dallas-Area Apple Store

Apple Reportedly In the Running to Provide 10.6-Million iPads to Turkish Education Initiative

Headcast: Put Stephen Fry in Your Pocket, Then Take Him Out and Play with Him

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Mac OS Ken: 05.20.2013

Apple Insider: MacBook Airs Drying Up Ahead of Haswell and WWDC

Fortune: On the Cheers for 10-million Galaxy S4s in 30 Days and the Jeers for 5-Million iPhone 5s in Three Days

iOS Gets Pentagon Approval for Secure DoD Networks

iPad Deployment Expected to Save USAF More Than $50 Million Over Next 10-Years

9 to 5 Mac: Streaming Albums on iTunes Easy Picking for Pirates

Reports: Sony the Fly in the iRadio Ointment

Credit Suisse Analysts: Wearables Are the Next Big Thing

Mac Roundtable Founding Member Tim Verpoorten Passes Away

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Mac OS Ken: 05.17.2013

Politico: Cook to Share Apple Ideas on Comprehensive Tax Reform Before Senate Subcommittee Next Week

Raymond James Analyst Calls for Cheaper iPhone or Bigger iPhone or Both

Global Equities Analyst: Apple Has a Messaging Problem in India

IDC: Windows Phone Takes Third-Place from BlackBerry for Worldwide Smartphone OS Market Share

FLA: Foxconn Still Has Issues Complying with Chinese Labor Laws Regarding Working Hours

CW to Land Ad-Supported Content App on Apple TV In Coming Weeks

Haunting Melissa: Horror Flick Harnesses iThings

Apple Releases iTunes 11.0.3 with MiniPlayer Changes and Other UI Tweaks

Apple Issues “Mandatory” MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.0 for Mid-2012 Machines

Apple Plans Bigger Union Square Store for Downtown San Francisco

Ohio Man Wins App Stores 50-Billionth Download Contest

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Mac OS Ken: 05.16.2013

Verizon Offering $100 iPhone 5 to Select Featurephone Customers

Apple Insider: AT&T Reportedly Offering Free iPhone 5 to Select Customers with iPhone 4S Trade-In

Strategy Analytics: Nearly All the Profits in Smartphones Are Taken by Apple and Samsung

Apple Says 50-Billionth iOS App Downloaded - Winner Not Yet Announced

Tim Cook Expected to Testify on Corporate Tax Avoidance Before Congressional Committee Next Week

DoJ Still Thinks Apple is Guilty in eBook Price-Fixing Case; Apple Still Maintains Its Innocence

New beta Build of OS X 10.8.4 Seeded to Developers

Apple Seeks Engineer with Experience with Liquidmetal

Google Launches Subscription Music Service: Google Play Music All Access

Google Opens YouTube Live Streaming Capability to Accounts with One-Thousand Subscribers or More

TBS and TNT to Start Streaming Online (for Pay-TV Customers Only)

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Mac OS Ken: 05.15.2013

Gartner: Android Powered 75-Percent of Smartphones Sold Worldwide Last Quarter; iOS Powered 18-Percent

Apple Seeks to Add Samsung Galaxy S4 to 2014 Patent Infringement Case

Apple Faces Potential Class-Action Suit Over iPhone 4 Power Button

New Siri Answers to Long Queries Encourage Brevity

BlackBerry Plans to Make BlackBerry Messenger Available for Android and iOS This Summer

iMore: If BlackBerry Messenger Gets Made, All of the Major Mobile Competitors Will Make Apps for iOS

Apple Remembers It Has iWork; Hires Lots of People for It

Apple Issues Minor Update for iMovie for OS X

CNN/Money Lists Things Apple Might Do and Make at Some Point

Business Insider Looks at Cases to Turn iPhones Into Weapons (or Tools for Self-Defense)

Coffee with Cook Charity Auction Closes with $610,000 Winning Bid

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Mac OS Ken: 05.14.2013

Peter Misek: Just Another Financial Analyst When It Comes to iPhone 5S

Report: Pegatron Picking Up Apple Business That Would Normally Go to Foxconn

Up-Front Price for T-Mobile iPhone 5 Makes Surprising $50 Jump

New York Attorney General Writes to Smartphone Makers About Battling Smartphone Theft

TD Ameritrade: Individual Clients Rush Into Apple Shares on Low-Cost, Dividend and Share Buyback Plans

ABC to Bring Live Local Streaming to iOS Apps (As Long As You Pay for Cable)

Samsung Announces 5G Testing Breakthrough (That It May Have Ready for Sale by 2020)

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Mac OS Ken: 05.13.2013

Munster Lowers Apple Target Thanks to Anticipated Lower-Margins for (Unconfirmed) Low-Cost iPhone 

AT&T Starts iPhone Sales Through New Pre-Paid Subsidiary “Aio”

Samsung-Infringed Apple Patent Gets Tentative Rejection from USPTO

Apple Wins Case Over Use of Term “iBooks”

Apple Insider: Unnamed Source Says Big Changes Coming to AppleCare and AppleCare+

Apple Insider: Apple Rolls Out Two-Step Verification to at Least 13 More Countries

Amazon Launches Photo Stream Competitor Cloud Drive Photos for Mac and iOS

WSJ: Microsoft Working on Set-Top Streamer (It May Never Release)

14-Year Old Presents on Hazards Related to iPad 2 and Implanted Defibrillators at Heart Rhythm Society

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Mac OS Ken: 05.10.2013

Apple Back Among Top-Five Smartphone Makers in China

Bloomberg: Falling iPad Mini Demand to Push Pegatron Electronics Sales Down

Fortune: Bloomberg Pegatron Piece an Odd Telling of the Tale

Apple Opposes Google “Friend of the Court” Brief in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Case

Tuesday: Bloomberg Says Apple Seeks Documents from Google Related to Case Against Samsung

Thursday: Businessweek Says Google Ordered to Reveal How It’s Searching for Documents Sought By Apple Related to Case Against Samsung Knocks $125 Off of Certain MacBook Airs (But You Should Wait a Few Weeks If You Can)

Apple Issues New beta Build of OS X 10.8.4 to Developers

Apple Issues Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2 to Address Target Disk Mode Issues

Report: Universal Signs on for iRadio While Sony Stalls for More Money

RIAA Counting Streaming Audio and Video in Gold and Platinum Song Tallies

WSJ: Amazon Working on Two Smartphones and an Audio Streamer

Jim Dalrymple Launches The Loop Magazine for iOS Newsstand

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Mac OS Ken: 05.09.2013

T-Mobile Sells Close to Half-a-Million iPhone 5s in First Two Weeks of Availability

T-Mobile Launches iPhone 5 Centered TV Ad

Morgan Stanley Analyst Expects Production of Multiple New iPhones to Start in June or July

Ex-Apple Ad Man Makes the Case for Multiple New iPhones

iMore: An Entrepreneur Makes the Case for Apple in Wake of Walkley Prediction

MacRumors: Sites See Spikes in Visits from iOS 7

Bloomberg Says Apple Exec Peter Oppenheimer Was Top Paid CFO for 2012

AT&T Drops Price of “Facebook Phone” HTC First From $99 to 99-Cents

Fifth Avenue Apple Store in NYC Hit With Minor Flood

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Mac OS Ken: 05.08.2013

Philip Elmer-DeWitt Notes Change in Wall Street Journal Attitude on Apple

Cannacord Genuity: Apple and Samsung Take 100-Percent of Cellphone Industry Profits in First Quarter of 2013

Google, HTC, Red Hat and Rackspace File Friend of the Court Briefs in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Appeal 

WSJ: Legal Battles Between Apple and Samsung Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing (So Far)

Munster Sees Vast Majority of Mobile Web Traffic Originating on iOS Devices (from Significant Minority of Top Sites)

UBS Analyst Likens State of Apple to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (in a Good Way (Maybe))

German Court Says Apple Violates Consumer Data Protection Laws

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Mac OS Ken: 05.07.2013

Barclays Raises Apple Target from $465 to $525; First Target Price Elevation of 2013

Fortune: Apple Widens Lead on Exxon Mobil as Most Valuable Publicly Traded Company

Apple Lands Atop Barron’s 500

Apple Takes Sixth Spot on Fortune 500; First Time in Top 10

Bids on Coffee with Cook Back Up to $605,000

EC Investigating Possible Abuse of Standards-Essential by Motorola Against Apple in Germany

Taiwanese University Sues Apple Over Video Compression Technology in FaceTime and QuickTime

Amazon Opens Appstore to China in Apparent Lead-Up to Kindle Hardware Sales

Acer Shelves Plans for Windows RT Tablet Until Next Version of Software at the Earliest

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Mac OS Ken: 05.06.2013

comScore: iOS Gains on Android in Q1; iPhone Widens Lead on Samsung Smartphones

US Cellular to Start Sales of Apple Products (aka iPhones) Later This Year

MetroPCS Not Getting iPhone Anytime Soon Despite T-Mobile Acquisition

Business Insider: Customer Service a Key iPhone Feature

Magazine Giant Hearst Hits One-Million Digital Subscribers One Quarter Later Than Expected

Barnes and Noble Adds Access to Google Play to Color Editions of Nook  Tablets

Google: Tell Us if Google Now on iOS is Draining Battery (And We’ll Tell You You’re Wrong)

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Mac OS Ken: 05.03.2013

IDC: iPad Sales Grow as Market Share Shrinks

Apple Adds 256GB and 512GB Flash Options for iMac Line

Apple Releases iPhone 5-Specific iOS 6.1.4 Update to Update Audio Profile for Speakerphone

WSJ: Apple Devices Running iOS 6 and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Expected to Receive USDoD Security Approval Soon

T3: Less Than Half of 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 Capacity Available to Users

Trend Micro: Over 100 Legitimate Sites Compromised in Apple ID Phishing Expedition

App Store Approaches 50-Billionth App Download 

Updated Qantas App for iOS Adds Passbook Support

Blockbuster Launches Streaming Video Rental App for iOS

McDonalds Lands Kids Promotional App in the App Store: McPlay

Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards Can’t Get No Satisfaction from an iPod

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Mac OS Ken: 05.02.2013

Wired: Why Apple is Borrowing Billions When It Already Has Billions More

Bloomberg: iOS 7 May Or May Not Be Late

Speculative Fiction Writer Peter Misek Says Large Screen iPhone Due in June of 2014

Apple Loses State of Maine Education Contract to HP

Apple Scores Low in EFF Report on Government and User Data Protection

Amazon Kindle Update for iOS Brings Improvements for Blind and Visually Impaired Users

Path: Sort of Spamming for Friends

American Airlines: iPad as Flight Bag Saves the Backs of Pilots

Tim Cook to Open 11th Annual D: All Things Digital Conference

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Mac OS Ken: 05.01.2013

9 to 5 Mac: OS X 10.9 to Cater to Power Users and Borrow Some Core Functionality from iOS

9 to 5 Mac on the Rumored New Look for iOS: In a Word, Flat

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Looking to Deeply Imbed iOS in Cars

Apple Seeds Fifth OS X 10.8.4 beat to Developers

Apple Scores Highest in Latest Computer Technical Support Survey from Consumer Reports

Next Round of Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Trial 2012 Set for November

Apple and Other Tech Companies Take Possession of Kodak Patents

Shaw Wu Out at Sterne Agee

BlackBerry CEO Sees No Need for Tablets in Five-Years

Report: Apple to Deem Original iPhone Obsolete by Mid-June

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