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Mac OS Ken: 04.30.2013

KGI Analyst Predicts Lower Price for iPad mini

“Allegedly Authentic” iPhone 5S Leak Helps Boost Apple Shares

Apple Back to Being the Most Valuable Publicly Traded Company (for Now)

KGI Analyst Expects Refreshed MacBook Air Sans Retina Display at or Around WWDC

Bernstein Analyst Reiterates $600 Price Target and Outperform Rating on Apple Shares Despite iPhone Market Share Shrinkage

ISI Analyst and Donald Trump Call for Larger Screen for iPhone

SFPD Sting Poses Cops as iPhone Fences to Try to Deter iTheft

Google Now Lands on iOS as Part of App Update for Google Search

Updates to Square Register Make it More Restaurant Friendly

Apple Wins Case Against Patent Troll Golden Bridge Technology

Coffee with Cook Still Stands at $600,000

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Mac OS Ken: 04.29.2013

Yankee Group: iPhone Will Win Over Android-Powered Smartphones in U.S. Beginning in 2016

IDC: As Worldwide Smartphone Pie Gets Bigger, iPhone Slice Gets Smaller

Bloomberg: One-Year-Old iPhone Deal Starts Bearing Fruit for China Telecom

Apple Adds “Learn More About In-App Purchases” Section to App Store

Apple Not Changing Behavior of VPN on Demand on Previously Shipped iOS 6.1 Devices

Apple Contesting November 2012 VirnetX Verdict

KGI Securities Analyst Expects MacBook Pros with Intel Haswell Processors at or Near WWDC

Apple Promises “Week-of” WWDC Videos for Registered Apple Developers Not in Attendance

Apple Announces the Return of Developer-Focused Tech Talks for Fall of 2013

Apple Submits Minor Revisions to Spaceship Campus Plans to City of Cupertino

Apple Sends Out Mailer Updating Neighbors on Spaceship Campus Plans

HP Begins Sales of Android-Based Slate 7 for $169.99

Coffee with Cook Bid Up to $600,000 (for Charity)

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Mac OS Ken: 04.26.2013

WWDC 2013 Tickets: Gone in 90 Seconds

Apple Offers a Number of Developers a Second Chance at WWDC 2013 Tickets

WWDC Alternative - AltWWDC - to Run at Same Time as WWDC in San Francisco

iPad Takes Top Spot in Latest JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey for Tablets

Sprint Sells 1.5-Million iPhones in 1Q CY2013

AT&T Activates 4.8-Million iPhones in 1Q CY2013; iPhone Accounts for 80-Percent of Smartphones Sold in 1Q

Apple Store Berlin to Open on Friday 3 May

Apple Ordered to Pay $118,000 to Three Chinese Authors for Copyright Infringement

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Mac OS Ken: 04.25.2013

Apple Announces Dates for WWDC - June 10-14 at Moscone West in SF; Tickets Go On Sale Thursday 25 April at 10AM PDT

Apple Offers 150 Student Scholarships for WWDC (But You Have to Build an App to Qualify)

9 to 5 Mac: WWDC Will Likely Mark 230-Days Between Apple Keynotes

Apple R&D Spending Up 33-Percent So Far in FY2013

Apple Opens “A Decade of iTunes” Section on Store to Celebrate Its First Ten Years

NPD Group: iTunes Leader By Far in Online Video Sales and Rental Downloads

Analysts Lower Targets But Remain Positive in Wake of Apple 2Q FY2013 Earnings Call

Coffee with Cook: Current Bid for Charity Stands at $175,000

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Mac OS Ken: 04.24.2013

Apple Reports 2QFY2013 Results; Sees Record Revenue, iPhone and iPad Sales

Apple More Than Doubles Capital Return Program; Dividend Increased and Share Buybacks Significantly Increased

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Mac OS Ken: 04.23.2013

WSJ: Hey! Maybe Apple is a Software-Hardware Hybrid!

Fortune: The Case Against the Cases Against Tim Cook

Apple Earnings Call Set for Tuesday 23 April at 2PM PDT/5PM EDT

Rumor: Citi Analyst Says Next iPhone “Delayed” to August or September Due to Production Issues

Rumor: The Register Says Apple Has Returned Between 5-Million and 8-Million iPhones to Foxconn as Unfit to Sell

Cricket Lowers iPhone Service Prices in Wake of T-Mobile USA iPhone Launch

9 to 5 Mac: $15 Checks in AntennaGate Case Are in the Mail

USITC Rules in Favor of Apple in Last Complaint Brought by Motorola

Apple Pledges $8 Million to Earthquake Relief in Wake of Saturday Earthquake in China

Apple Sponsoring Lennon Educational Tour Bus (Still)

Flashback: Lennon Educational Tour Bus Rolls Into Macworld 2005

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Mac OS Ken: 04.22.2013

Raymond James Analyst: Investors Need to Stop Worrying Over Carriers and High-End Smartphone Subsidies

Prepaid MVNO TracFone Adds 839,000 Customers in Same Quarter it Adds iPhone 5

Barclays Analyst Lowers Apple Target from $535 to $465

Apple Earnings Call Set for Tuesday 23 April at 2PM PDT/5PM EDT

Penguin Offers Settlement to End Apple eBook Price-Fixing Charges in the European Union

YouGov Says iPad Share of Tablet Market in UK Falls to 63-Percent

RadioShack Starts Selling a Range of Apple Accessories

Apple Says It Holds Anonymized Siri Requests for Two-Years

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Mac OS Ken: 04.19.2013

Verizon: Smartphone Sales Grow Year-Over-Year as Do Sales of iPhones in 1Q 2013

Fortune Calls Out Sister Site - CNNMoney - for Misleading Headline on Verizon iPhone Numbers

Chitika: iPad Reclaims Web Traffic Share in US and Canada; Up to 81.9-Percent in March

Microsoft Exec Indicates Small, Windows-Based Touch Devices Coming Soon

Apple Scaling Back One-to-One Terms of Service

Report: Brazen Pirate iOS App Store Out of China May Make International Move

Jony Ive Makes Time List of 100 Most Influential People 2013 List

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Mac OS Ken: 04.18.2013

Apple Dips Briefly Below $400 on Apparent Bad News from Supplier

Supply Chain Issue Could Actually Hint at New Apple Hotness

BMO Capital Analyst Cuts Apple Target Because It Cannot Make 70-Percent of the Handset Industry Profits Forever

Asymco: Apple Taking 45-Percent of PC Industry Profits

Apple Extends Polycarbonate MacBook Bottom Case Coverage by Two-Years

Report: Amazon Said to Have Purchased Siri Counterpart Evi

Apple Makes New OS X 10.8.4 beta Available to Developers

Apple App Store Cited in Chinese Media as a Purveyor of Porn

Scaffolding Coming Down Outside of Apple Store in Berlin

iSteve Is Up on Funny or Die

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Mac OS Ken: 04.17.2013

Munster Sees $300 Contract-Free iPhone Coming This Fall (and It Could Wreck the iPhone Party)

WSJ Says Microsoft Eyeing Parts for a Smartwatch

Communications Expert Says Apple Silence Is Currently Hindering the Company

Symantec: Android Saw Most Malware in 2012, Though iOS Had Largest Number of Vulnerabilities

Weird Suit Sees Apple Sued for Patent Violation

NPD: iTunes Still Rules U.S. Digital Music Sales; Less Than 40-Percent of Consumers Think Owning Music is Important

Apple Store on Boylston in Boston Closed in Wake of Monday Bombings

Apple Puts Mothers Day Promotion Front and Center in US Online Store

Apple Updates iPhoto and Aperture with New Photo Stream Functions and Bug Fixes

Apple Releases Minor Xcode Update

Apple Steps Up Hiring for Oregon Datacenter

Time Warner Cable to Start Streaming Channels and VOD Through iOS App Outside of the Home Beginning Today

Facebook Talking About Bringing Home to iOS (or - You Know - Not - Whatever)

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Mac OS Ken: 04.16.2013

WSJ: Source Says Foxconn Hiring as Production of Next iPhone Nears

Apple Reportedly Replacing Some Third-Gen Apple TVs with Wifi Issues

NPD: AirPlay Most Used Screen Mirroring Solution (Though Almost No One Is Using It)

Scam in China Raises Questions Around Leniency of Apple Return Policy and Rising Quality of iFakes

Bloomberg/Businessweek: Apple Employs Four of the Top Five U.S. Executives in Terms of Pay

Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting Goes to New York Times for Apple Critical Series

MacDailyNews Is Less Than Impressed with Pulitzer Decision

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Mac OS Ken: 04.15.2013

Gartner and IDC Wildly Split on Mac Sales Estimates for 1Q CY2013

Bernstein Analyst Thinks PCs Slowing But Not Dying; Expects Decen Mac Sales Growth for 1Q CY2013

IHS iSuppli: Netbook Shipments to Hit Zero by 2015

RBC Capital Analyst Lowers Apple Target to $550 on Near-Term iPhone and iPad Weakness

Morgan Stanley Analyst Lowers Apple Target to $600 on Near-Term iPhone Weakness

Smartphone Trade-In Program Triples iPhone Sales in India

T-Mobile USA: First Day of iPhone Sales Was Gangbusters

Apple Opens Chinese Language Support Community Forums; Urges Developers to Localize Apps Internationally

Shaw Wu Is Into the Idea of Deeper Yahoo Integration in iOS

Apple Prepared to Settle Early iPhone and iPod touch Complaints Related to Moisture Sensors

UK Office of Fair Trading Investigating In-App Purchases Aimed at Kids

Apple Forced By Australian Court to Finish Construction on a Store It Does Not Plan to Use

Former Apple Execs Leave JCPenney in Wake of Ron Johnson Departure

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Mac OS Ken: 04.12.2013

Clayton Morris joins us to talk the state of smartphones today on this special edition of Mac OS Ken

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Mac OS Ken: 04.11.2013

The Telegraph Ties Apparent Foxconn Shortfall on Alleged Lackluster Sales of Apple Gear

IDC: First-Quarter PC Drop Worst in 19-Years of Tracking

Wells Fargo Analyst Thinks Disappointing iPhone Sales May Be Backed Into Apple Share Price

T-Mobile Tries to Entice Customers of Other Carriers with iPhone Trade-In Offer

Korea Times: Secret Sources Say TSMC - Not Samsung - to Produce Apple A7 Processor

Apple Licenses Undisclosed Technology That Once Belonged to Palm for Insignificant Amount of Money by Apple Standards

Report: Apple Taps SpaceDonut Campus Designer Foster + Partners to Design New Retail Stores

Tim Cook #1 on Out Magazine’s Power List for Third Year Running

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WSJ: Secret Source Says Apple and Yahoo in Early Talks Over Deepening Yahoo Integration in iOS

Apple Releases Second beta of OS X 10.8.4 to Developers

Code Monkeys Find References to 802.11ac Gigabit Wifi in Latest 10.8.4 beta

Fortune Dubs Brian White The Marco Polo of Apple Analysts

Apple on Top in Latest Piper Jaffray Teen Survey

Credit Suisse Analyst Likes iPad Strength; Anticipates New iPhone

27-inch iMacs Land on Apple Refurbished Store (But May Not Represent Huge Savings)

iMessage and FaceTime Experience Five Hours of Trouble on Tuesday

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Mac OS Ken: 04.09.2013

Canalys: Google Play Accounts for 51% of Apps Downloaded in 1Q; Apple App Store Accounts for 74% of App Revenue

App Store Wrongly Identifies Some Apps as Offering In-App Purchases

Raymond James Survey: iOS Stickier Than Any Other OS/Device Combo

USPTO Conditionally Changes Stance; Grants Apple Request for iPad mini Trademark

MacDaily News Source Says Mac Pro Announcement Planned for This Month

Apple to Change iOS VPN Handling to Comply to Court Loss to VirnetX

Apple Apparently Looking to Strengthen AuthenTec Staff with Jobs Ad for Melbourne, FL Design Center

Former Apple Retail Exec Ron Johnson Out as CEO of JCPenney

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Mac OS Ken: 04.08.2013

T-Mobile Starts Pre-Orders for Its iPhone 5; Plans Deliveries for Friday 12 April

Apple Revamps Online Store to Make it More Touchy-Feely-iOS Friendly

MTel Sues Apple for Alleged Patent Infringement Tied to All But Audio Communication on iThings and Macs

Plaintiffs in Silicon Valley Anti-Poaching Case Denied Class-Action Status (for Now)

Support for Office for Mac 2008 Ends This Week

Apple Makes Age Ratings More Prominent on App Store on iOS Devices

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Mac OS Ken: 04.05.2013

comScore: iPhone Widens Smartphone Lead in the States; iOS Narrows Gap Between it and Android

France Telecom CEO Says Next iPhone May Be Too Pricey for European Consumers

DEA Says iMessage Encryption Too Strong for Eavesdropping

Apple Pulls Classic Bookstore App From App Store in China for Selling Content Banned by Chinese Government

Cost of Apple Spaceship Campus Rumored to Approach $5 Billion

Samsung Putting 1400 Experience Shops in Best Buy US Locations by This Summer

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Mac OS Ken: 04.04.2013

Brian White Predicts iTV with Smaller iTVs and One Ring to Rule it All

ISI Group Analyst: Apple Has to Release a 5-Inch or Greater iPhone! It Has to! And Woe Be Upon Apple If It Does Not!

Fortune: iOS Still Tops in Mobile Web Traffic

Best Buy Discounts 3rd-Gen iPad While Walmart Discounts 16GB Wifi iPad mini

MacMall Discounts 4th-Gen iPad and Some iPad minis

Taiwan FTC Investigating Apple Over Pricing of iPhones Sold By Taiwanese Carriers

Lodsys is Back with In-App Purchase Suit Against Disney

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Mac OS Ken: 04.03.2013

Reuters: Apple Apology More Than Appeases Chinese Media

Goldman Sachs Removes Apple From Conviction List But Maintains a Buy Rating

Wall Street Journal: Secret Sources Say Production of Next iPhone to Start This Quarter; Low-Cost iPhone Could Hit by Second Half of 2013

Gruber and Ritchie Say Work on iOS 7 Underway But Running Behind

Apple Initiates Significant Price Cuts on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in Brazil

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Sees Signs of iWatch This Year on Far East Trip

USPTO Invalidates Rubber Banding Patent

Apple Attorney Says Rubber Banding Patent Claim Far from Snapped

Apple Claims 80,000 New Jobs Tied to iOS Apps Over Last 12-Months

Maker of Hearing Aid HearPod Sues Apple Over Use of Name EarPods

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Mac OS Ken: 04.02.2013

Tim Cook Apologizes to China for Perceived Arrogance; Makes Changes to Reseller and Warranty Policies

Citi Analyst Figures Chinese Anti-Apple Media Blitz Could Cost Apple $13B in Sales

Fidelity Contrafund Cuts Apple Position by 10-Percent in First Two-Months of 2013

Apple to Hold 2QFY2013 Earnings Call on Tuesday 23 April

Kantar Says iOS Loses Lead in Smartphones in the States to Android in Its Latest Survey

Apple Releases First beta of OS X 10.8.4 to Developers

Refurbished eBay Apple Store Purged of Product

San Francisco DA Says Apple Told Him That Next Two iPhones Preceded Tim Cook

Macworld/iWorld Moves to Late March for 2014; Heads to Moscone North

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Mac OS Ken: 04.01.2013

Samsung Says Apple Could Win Bigger Damages in Trial Do-Over

USPTO Denies Apple Request to Trademark Term iPad mini

CNETs Greg Sandoval Takes iRadio Rumors with Him to The Verge

Report: Apple Hires New Head of iAds for EAME

The Next Web: iOS Developers and Hackers Fall Prey to a Messages/iMessage Attack

State-Owned Chinese Animation Studio Sues Apple for Allegedly Selling Its Movies Without Authorization

Fortune: Apple Warranties for US and China Do Match

Chinese Consumer Watchdog Group Backed by Chinese Government Call for Two-Year Warranty on iPad

Cult of Mac: The China iHunt is “the Worst Thing That Could Possibly Happen to Apple”

NYT: China Upset Over Rules Limiting US Government Agency Purchase of Chinese IT Products

Fortune: Apple Skirmish Could Be Step on Road to Trade War with China

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