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Mac OS Ken: 03.19.2013

Apple Up Over 5-Percent and Samsung Down Nearly 5-Percent Since Introduction of Galaxy S4

TMO: Apple Up Based on Belief of Analysts That Apple Will Increase Dividend

Gazelle CEO Says Trade-Ins of Samsung Phone Up Huge Since Galaxy S4 Event (Though Not So Much iPhones)

Morgan Stanley Analyst Predicts Unspecified “Killer Feature” for Next iPhone

T-Mobile USA Holding Some Sort of Press Event Next Tuesday

BlackBerry CEO Says the iPhone User Interface Has Gotten Old

IDC: Traditional PC Sales Expectations Go From Bad to Worse

NPD Group Says Mac Sales Up 14% Year-Over-Year for January and February

Starwood Hotel Aloft Cupertino Picks Up Apple TV for In-Room Entertainment

Computerworld Thinks WWDC Will Be June 10-14

MacNN: Apple Opening a New Store in Leeds, England This Thursday; Hiring for Two Stores in Germany

Funny or Die Releasing Comedic Steve Jobs Biopic on 15 April

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