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Mac OS Ken: 03.14.2013

Schiller Slams Android to the Wall Street Journal

Andy Rubin Steps Aside as Head of Android; Chrome OS Developer Takes the Robot Reigns

Pew Research Center: One-in-Three Teens in the States Has a Smartphone

Kantar Media: Samsung Spent the Most in US Smartphone Advertising in 2012

IDC: Apple Second-Largest Smartphone Vendor in India by Revenue Thanks to Sales Shift to Mom-and-Pop Shops

MacRumors: Training Docs Indicate Mac, iPad and iPhone Sales Headed to Staples in the States

Judge Says Apple CEO Cook Must Be Deposed in eBook Price Fixing Case

Amazon Lowers Price of Kindle Fire HD 8.9; Opens Tablet Sales to More Countries

Google Killing Google Reader on 1 July 2013

Apple Fined for Making Retail Workers in France Work Past 9PM

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