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Mac OS Ken: 03.05.2013

Bloomberg Winds Up the Apple Watch Story (Again)

The Verge: Current iWatch Prototypes Facing Battery Life Issues

Apple Ends Monday Down 2.42% Despite Bloomberg iWatch Watch

Fortune: Philip Elmer DeWitt on the Hard Crash of Bullish Cross

Ben Bajarin: Control of the Reality Distortion Field Has Passed to Wall Street (and It’s Being Used Against Apple)

All Things D: Title of Most Valuable Company Shifts Back from Apple to Exxon Mobil

Gartner: Revenue for Sales of Mobile Apps to Hit $25 Billion This Year

ABI Research Predicts App Downloads will Skew Heavily for Android in Smartphones and iOS in Tablets in 2013

Cult of Mac: Job Listing Likely Means Multiple Colors for Next iPhone

Apple Issues Java for OS X 2013-002 1.0

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