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Mac OS Ken: 03.29.2013

Facebook Holding Android Press Event Next Week; Fabled Facebook Phone Expected by Many

Rumor: Samsung to Get Dedicated Store-in-Store Areas in Select Best Buy Locations

Apple Releases Refined and Streamlined Find My Friends App for iOS

Apple Issues Update for Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor

Apple Launches Online Final Cut Promo Aimed at Video Pros

Apple Releases Apple Launches New iPad and iPad mini Promotional Page 

Apple Highlights Parents Guide to iTunes in UK App Store After Rash of Complaints About Kids and App Store Purchases

Apple Making iTunes Store “Report a Problem” Option More Accessible

Apple Hiring Maps Ground Truth Workers for Lots of Parts of the Planet

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Mac OS Ken: 03.28.2013

Shaw Wu Sees T-Mobile USA Adding iPhone as a Big Deal for Apple

Munster: iPhone 5 Launch Saw 5x the Number of Twitter Mentions as the Galaxy S4 Launch

Pacific Crest Analyst Lowers iPhone and iPad Sales Expectations for Current Quarter

Apple Thinks Judge Koh Made $85 Million Error in Award Owed by Samsung

Apple Sued by Chinese Firm for Alleged IP Infringement Related to Siri

Fortune: Chinese People Not Buying Chinese Apple Bashing

Reuters: Popularity Helps Buffer Apple from Chinese State-Media Attacks

WSJ: Commenters on Chinese Financial Magazine Website Rail Against State-Run Monopolies in Wake of Apple Editorials

Minyanville: China is Pro-Harmony Not Anti-Apple

Business Insider: Why The Beijing Olympics Were A Huge Mistake For China

Sun Liping: The Third Stage in the Failure of Power

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Mac OS Ken: 03.27.2013

T-Mobile USA to Start iPhone 5 Sales on 12 April Under new Uncarrier Plan

TechCrunch: T-Mobile Uncarrier Walks and Quacks Like a Carrier (Mostly)

Munster Sees Gloom for First Half of the Year for Apple Followed by Boom in the Second Half

IDC Says Apple Gained on Samsung in Electronics Sales in 4Q CY2012

comScore: Counting Mobile Puts Apple Online Properties in the Top 10 with U.S. Users

Report: Apple Strengthening Premium Reseller Expansion as Passage to India

First Chapter of Authorized Steve Jobs Manga Hits Online and Newsstands in Japan

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Mac OS Ken: 03.26.2013

CNET: Source Says T-Mobile Will Talk iPhone at Uncarrier Event Today

Apple Offers Free Next-Day Shipping on All iPhones Through US Online Store

Chevy Runs Ads Touting Siri Eyes-Free Integration on the Sonic

Macworld UK: Apple Adds Trojan.Yontoo.1 to XProtect.plist

Forbes: Annual Chinese TV Investigative Program Lambasts Apple Over Warranty Policies in China

Apple Responds to Chinese TV Accusations and Gets Lambasted by Chinese Newspaper

China Daily: Apple Pursuit Lures 20,000 Students Into High-Interest Loans

GigaOm Looks at the PR Battle Between Chinese Media and Apple

Cult of Mac: Three Possible Reasons for Chinese Media Hating on Apple

Japan Finds Huge Deposits of Rare Earth Metals

Bloomberg: Hon Hai Posts Record Profit as Apple Expands Product Line

UK Officer Reports Son for Fraud Over £3,700 in iOS App Charges

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Mac OS Ken: 03.25.2013

Early Friday: Glaring Vulnerability Found in Apple ID Security

Mid-Friday: Apple Acknowledges Apple ID Security Issue

Late Friday: Apple Patches Apple ID Insecurity

Doctor Web Warns of Tracking and Ad-Injections Malware for OS X: Trojan.Yontoo.1

Apple Buys Indoor-GPS Company WifiSLAM

Apple Adds In-App Purchases Notification to Titles in App Store

Strategy Analytics: iCloud Top Cloud Service In Terms of Users in US

SMH: Microsoft and Adobe Execs Fail to Satisfy Australian Parliament in IT Pricing Inquiry

Rumor: LG Working on Smartwatch and a Google Glass-Like Wearable Something

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Mac OS Ken: 03.22.2013

Apple Tops JD Power Smartphone List for 9th Consecutive Survey

comScore Puts Amazon in Second in Tablets in the US Behind Apple and Ahead of Samsung

Apple Hits 75-Percent Renewable Energy Use at Corporate Locations and 100% at Data Centers

Apple Offers Two-Step Verification for Apple ID

Apple Kicks Skeuomorphic Elements Out of Podcasts App for iOS

Apple Sends Podcasters New Requirements for Album Art and Streaming Settings

Apple Rejecting Apps Accessing UDID Starting May 1; Requiring New Apps and App Updates to Support iPhone 5 and Retina Display

WSJ: Sources Say Jony Ive Working More Closely with Human Interface Team

Schmidt Implies Apple Holding Up Google Now for iOS; Apple Says App Never Submitted for Review

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Mac OS Ken: 03.21.2013

Canacord and Credit Suisse Analysts Positive on Apple Thanks to Belief in Low-Cost iPhone

iPhone Sales Help China Telecom Beat Analyst Expectations for Most Recent Quarter

IHS Expects Samsung to Significantly Widen Its First-Place Hold on Cellphones Worldwide in 2013

DRM-Firm Intertrust Sues Apple for Alleged Infringement of 15 Patents

New Passcode Vulnerability Found in iOS 6.1.3 Affecting iPhone 4 Only

Apple Updates GarageBand for iOS with Minor Tweaks and Added Audiobus Compatibility

Audiobus Celebrates GarageBand for iOS Compatibility with Limited Time 50% Discount

Walmart Tripling Its iPhone-Based Scan-and-Go Self-Checkout Tests

Fortune: Economic Policy Institute Suggests Apple Give Part of Cash Hoard to Employees INstead of Shareholders

USPOT Approves Trademark Application for the Term iAd

Did You Know Sony Has a SmartWatch?

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Mac OS Ken: 03.20.2013

Apple Fixes Passcode Vulnerability and Improves Maps in Japan with Release of iOS 6.1.3

iOS 6.1.3 Kills evasi0n Jailbreak; Credits evad3rs with Discovery of Four-of-Six Vulnerabilities Patched

Apple Updates Apple TV Software to v5.2.1; Includes Revamped Hulu-Plus App, More Music in the Cloud

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Suggests Apple Do What Financial Analysts Keep Saying Apple Should Do

Bernstein Analyst Believes In the Positive Effect of an iWatch on Apple Shares (Despite Not Having Any Idea What It Will Do or Cost)

Samsung Says It Has Been Working on a Watch Product for Some Time

Yankee Group Expects iPhones to Widen Lead Over Galaxy Phones in U.S. in 2013

Yonhap News: Samsung and LG in Patent Row Over Eye-Tracking Technology

EU Justice Commissioner Says Apple is Not Doing Enough to Inform Consumers of Their Warranty Rights Under EU Law

Judge Encourages Lawyers to Seek Sanctions Against Apple in Locationgate Case

Apple Poaches Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch

Apple Store Barton Creek in Austin Reopens This Saturday at 10am

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Mac OS Ken: 03.19.2013

Apple Up Over 5-Percent and Samsung Down Nearly 5-Percent Since Introduction of Galaxy S4

TMO: Apple Up Based on Belief of Analysts That Apple Will Increase Dividend

Gazelle CEO Says Trade-Ins of Samsung Phone Up Huge Since Galaxy S4 Event (Though Not So Much iPhones)

Morgan Stanley Analyst Predicts Unspecified “Killer Feature” for Next iPhone

T-Mobile USA Holding Some Sort of Press Event Next Tuesday

BlackBerry CEO Says the iPhone User Interface Has Gotten Old

IDC: Traditional PC Sales Expectations Go From Bad to Worse

NPD Group Says Mac Sales Up 14% Year-Over-Year for January and February

Starwood Hotel Aloft Cupertino Picks Up Apple TV for In-Room Entertainment

Computerworld Thinks WWDC Will Be June 10-14

MacNN: Apple Opening a New Store in Leeds, England This Thursday; Hiring for Two Stores in Germany

Funny or Die Releasing Comedic Steve Jobs Biopic on 15 April

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Mac OS Ken: 03.18.2013

Apple Launches “Why iPhone” Page in Wake of Samsung Galaxy S4 Event

Gruber and Siegler Think Schiller Goofed Going After Samsung and Android Ahead of Galaxy S4 Event

Apple Shares Rise on First Day After Samsung Galaxy S4 Event

Shaw Wu Believes in the Low-Cost iPhone in 2013 and the Bigger iPhone in 2014

Sound Technology Powerhouse THX Sues Apple For Alleged Patent Infringement in Consumer Electronics

Apple Loses Legal Bid for iFone Trademark in Mexico

TMO: Apple Faces Class-Action Suit Over Image Ghosting in Some MBPs with Retina Display

Tim Cook Drops from No. 1 to No. 18 on List of Top Tech CEOs

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tops 2013 Top Tech CEOs List

Former Head of Apple Retail Says He Was Not Incompetent, He Just Did Not Fit with Apple

Release Date Postponed for Ashton Kutcher/Steve Jobs Biopic

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Mac OS Ken: 03.15.2013

Apple Releases OS X 10.8.3 to the Public; Security Updates for Lion and Snow Leopard

Apple Issues SMC Update for 15-Inch MBP with Retina Display

Apple Adds VESA Mount Adapter Option with Latest iMacs

Apple Puts Fourth-Gen Full-Sized iPad and iPad mini in Refurbished Store

Samsung Officially Announces 5-Inch Galaxy S4 for April Launch

USITC Postpones Samsung/Apple Patent Decision; Appears to Mull Ban of Sales of iPhones and iPads

BTIG Analyst: Signs Against Apple Says It’s a Good Time to Buy

BTIG Analyst: Apple Pretty Much Has to Make a Low-Cost iPhone

YouTube Releases YouTube Capture App for iPad and iPad mini

CBS Launches App For Streaming Full-Episodes of Most Shows on iThings

Picture on Apple Site Seems to Show Evidence of Colored iPhones Coming (But Probably Does Not Show That)

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Mac OS Ken: 03.14.2013

Schiller Slams Android to the Wall Street Journal

Andy Rubin Steps Aside as Head of Android; Chrome OS Developer Takes the Robot Reigns

Pew Research Center: One-in-Three Teens in the States Has a Smartphone

Kantar Media: Samsung Spent the Most in US Smartphone Advertising in 2012

IDC: Apple Second-Largest Smartphone Vendor in India by Revenue Thanks to Sales Shift to Mom-and-Pop Shops

MacRumors: Training Docs Indicate Mac, iPad and iPhone Sales Headed to Staples in the States

Judge Says Apple CEO Cook Must Be Deposed in eBook Price Fixing Case

Amazon Lowers Price of Kindle Fire HD 8.9; Opens Tablet Sales to More Countries

Google Killing Google Reader on 1 July 2013

Apple Fined for Making Retail Workers in France Work Past 9PM

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Mac OS Ken: 03.13.2013

The Speculative Fiction of Peter Misek Takes Many Sad Turns

Barclays Analyst Thinks Apple Will (or Should) Give More Money Back to Shareholders

IDC: iPad to Fall Under 50% in Tablets in 2013 as Android-Tablets Rise

Video Server Ooyala Says Two-Thirds of Its Mobile Video Viewers Came Via iPhone in 2012

Semiconductor Analysis Firm Says A5 Processor in Apple TV Still Made By Samsung

Apple Seeds Another OS X 10.8.3 beta to Developers

Apple Makes Multiple Improvements to iOS Maps App

Apple Updates Apple Store iOS App

Adobe Killing Physical Sales of Software

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Mac OS Ken: 03.12.2013

Third Sample of Apple TV A5 Processor Found to Be Significantly Smaller; May Not Be Made by Samsung

Fortune: Apple Supply Chain Checks Give Financial Analysts Renewed Cause for Concern

Apple Insider: Apple Supply Chain is Hiring

Analyst Appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg Boost Apple Shares by End of Trading Day

Apple Opposes Delay of Second Samsung Case Pending First Samsung Appeal

Judge Koh Allows Second Apple/Samsung Case to Proceed as Planned 

Samsung Exec Blames Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface for Weakness in PCs

Crazy Sounding Story: China Times Says Rumored Low-Cost iPhone to Use Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor Instead of Apple A-Series

Sony Develops Software to Transfer Data from iPhone to Xperia Line

US Office of Naval Research and DARPA Developing iPad App to Help Prevent PTSD

Apple Offering Discounts on Refurbished Macs, iPods and iPads Through Its eBay Store

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Mac OS Ken: 03.11.2013

Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies talks wearable computing on this special edition of Mac OS Ken

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Mac OS Ken: 03.08.2013

JP Morgan Analyst Expects iPad mini to Force Lower Prices for Competing Tablets

UBS Analyst Calls for Apple Analysts Day and More Cash for Shareholders

Cloud Services Provider Egnyte Says iOS Dominant in the Enterprise; Taking Share from Android

Phil Schiller Tweaks Google’s Nose on Android Vulnerability Via Twitter

Appthority Report Says iOS Apps Less Careful with User Personal Data Than Apps for Android

Three Samsung 3G Standards Essential Patents Deemed Invalid in UK Court

Apple Far-East Supply Chain Hits 99% Compliance on 60-Hour Works Week in January

New York Post: Sources Say Apple Lowballs Record Labels on Proposed Streaming Service Pay

Apple Issues Stability and Bug Fix Update for iWork for iOS Apps

Marvel Launches iOS Comic Subscription App

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Mac OS Ken: 03.07.2013

comScore: Apple Widens Lead on Samsung in Smartphone Sales in the States; Second-Place iOS Grows While Others Shrink

Ads Say iPhone 5 Headed to Utah-Based Regional Carrier Strata Networks

Citigroup Analyst Lowers Apple Target to $480 on iThing Concerns

Berenberg Bank Analyst Cuts Apple Target from $800 to $360 (and Should Probably Not Be Listened to About Apple)

Barclays Analyst Expects Growth Drivers for Apple in H2CY2013; Lowers Apple Target to $530

Fortune: Bullish Cross-Inspired Losses Could Reach Into the Billions

Samsung Buys Three-Percent Stake in Sharp

Samsung Investment in Sharp Creates Tighter Tangle in Apple Supply Chain

Apple Seeks to Have Case Calling the App Store a Monopoly Dismissed

Nokia Supports Apple Argument in Friend of the Court Brief Regarding Samsung Case

Apple Stuff to Hit Shelves at Staples in the US by End of March

News Corp Announces K-12 Curricula for Existing Tablets as Well as a Tablet Aimed at Public Schools

The Verge: Vulnerability Found to Allow Access to Passcode Protected Samsung Galaxy S III

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Mac OS Ken: 03.06.2012

iMore Says iPhone 5S Targeted for August; Possible iPad and iPad mini Refreshes in April

Yankee Group Survey: iPad Dominant in Intent-to-Buy Survey

IDC Expects PC Sales to Drop at Least 1.3% This Year

Apple Updates Its Education-Only iMac

The Mac Observer: Apple Drops Price on 768GB Flash Storage Option for iMac by $400

Shipping Times for 21.5-Inch and 27-Inch iMacs Drop to “Within 24 Hours” at Apple Online Stores in U.S. and Canada

Apple Seeds 13th Build of OS X 10.8.3 to Developers (Really This Time!)

Apple Opens iBookstore to Japan; Updates iBooks App to v3.1

Judge Koh Denies Plaintiffs Class-Action Status in “Locationgate” Case

The Magic Kingdom at Disney World Pilots iPod touch Entry System

Chairman of Ferrari Says Company Working with Apple to Expand In-Car Entertainment Systems

German Government Goes for 5,000 BlackBerry Z10s

CNET: Why Samsung Settles for Plastic

Three Men Use Bear Spray to Knock Over an Apple Store in Vancouver, Canada

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Mac OS Ken: 03.05.2013

Bloomberg Winds Up the Apple Watch Story (Again)

The Verge: Current iWatch Prototypes Facing Battery Life Issues

Apple Ends Monday Down 2.42% Despite Bloomberg iWatch Watch

Fortune: Philip Elmer DeWitt on the Hard Crash of Bullish Cross

Ben Bajarin: Control of the Reality Distortion Field Has Passed to Wall Street (and It’s Being Used Against Apple)

All Things D: Title of Most Valuable Company Shifts Back from Apple to Exxon Mobil

Gartner: Revenue for Sales of Mobile Apps to Hit $25 Billion This Year

ABI Research Predicts App Downloads will Skew Heavily for Android in Smartphones and iOS in Tablets in 2013

Cult of Mac: Job Listing Likely Means Multiple Colors for Next iPhone

Apple Issues Java for OS X 2013-002 1.0

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Mac OS Ken: 03.04.2013

Judge Koh Cuts Award from $1.05 Billion to $600 Million in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Case

Lawyers in Locationgate Legal Case Move for Class-Action Status

Credit Suisse Analyst Lowers EPS Expectations for 2013 and 2014; Maintains Outperform Rating on Apple Shares

Rules Changes at Apple Require Execs and Board Members to Hold Significant Amount of Apple Shares Until Retirement

Einhorn Drops Lawsuit Against Apple

Apple Blocks Older Versions of Adobe Flash Player in Safari to Protect Against Newfound Vulnerabilities

Apple Makes 13th beta of OS X 10.8.3 Available to Developers

9 to 5 Mac: Wait on New iMacs Down to 1-3 Business Days for Both Sizes

Evernote Resets Passwords of Its Nearly 50-Million Users After Hack

The Next Day - First Bowie Album in 10-Years Streams Free on iTunes Ahead of 12 March Release

Patently Apple Says Corning Willow Glass Not the Only Bendy Display in Town

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Mac OS Ken: 03.01.2013

NPD DisplaySearch Says Display Orders Shifting Heavily Toward iPad mini Over Full-Sized iPad

Corning Exec Says Flexible Displays Likely Three-Years Out

UK Judge Who Once Ruled Against Apple in Favor of Samsung Now (Kind of) Working for Samsung

Florian Mueller Wonders Whether Samsung/Judge Tie-Up Might Stir Calls for Reform

Samsung Loses Data Transmission Patent Case Against Apple in Japan

Apple Tops Annual Fortune List of World’s Most Admired Companies for Sixth Straight Year

iTunes U Downloads Top One Billion

Thursday: Apple Sees Problems with Multiple iCloud Services

Tallahassee, FL Tops Gazelle List of Klutziest Cities for iPhones

Dunkin’ Donuts Adds Passbook Support to Its iOS App

Apple Says SPAM Filter Blocked “Barely Legal Teen” Emails

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