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Mac OS Ken: 12.17.2012

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Lack of Lines for iPhone 5 Launch in China Freaks Peter Misek Out

Citi Cuts Price Target and Rating on Apple Shares Due to Supply Chain Changes

Misek Hears of Supply Chain Changes Too (Though That Does Not Worry Him)

UBS Analyst Lowers Apple Target on Supply Chain Chatter, Concern over iPhone 5 in China

Apple Says It Sold Over 2-Million iPhone 5s in First Three-Days in China

Munster: Reservation System One Reason for Lack of iPhone 5 Lines in China

Fortune: Chinese and Taiwanese iPhone 5 Carriers Had Lines

R.W. Baird Analyst: 2-Million iPhone 5s for China Opening-Weekend Strong Compared to Initial iPhone 5 Opening Weekend

Walmart Selling iPhone 5 for $127 (with 2-Year Verizon, Sprint or AT&T Contract)

All Things D: $127 Walmart iPhone 5 Kind of Hard to Track Down

Walmart Selling 16GB Wi-Fi-Only Third Gen iPad for $399

AT&T Offers $100 Off of Cellular iPad or iPad mini with Two-Year Data Contract

Apple Offers Early Gift Through 12-Days of Christmas App

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