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Mac OS Ken: 11.30.2012

Apple Releases iTunes 11

iTunes 11 Lets Users Redeem iTunes Gift Cards Through Computer Camera

Apple Releases Version 5.1.1 of Apple TV Firmware

Apple Updates Remote App for iOS to Version 3.0

Merrill Lynch Analyst Thinks T-Mobile USA Could Announce Deal to Sell iPhone Next Week

WSJ: iPhone 5 Launch in China Appears Imminent

Apple Starts Sales of Unlocked iPhone 5s in the States

Apple Pays Harley-Davidson for Use of “Lightning” Trademark

Apple Puts Shrunken Front Cover of The New Yorker and Time on the Back Cover in Clever iPad mini Ad

Business Insider: Apple Apparently Skipping Advertising During 2013 Superbowl

Apple Enthusiast Posts 485 Apple Ads and Promos on YouTube

Apple Breaks Ground on Two-Building Campus in Santa Clara

Completion of Apple Spaceship Campus Pushed Back to 2016

Microsoft to Start Intel-based Surface Pro at $899 (Minus Keyboard Cover)

Father of the iPod Says Forstall “Got What He Deserved”

Apple and Starbucks Tie-Up on Product (RED) eGift Basket

Find Out More About the Apple/Starbucks Product (RED) eGift Basket at

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Mac OS Ken: 11.29.2012

Barrons: Citi Sees Marked Improvements in Availability of iPhone 5 and iPad mini

ABI Research Says iPad Lineup Accounts for 55% of Tablets Shipped in 3Q 2012

Sales of Samsung Galaxy Phones Banned in the Netherlands for Violating iOS “Bounce Back” Patent (Maybe)

Apple Reportedly Sourcing iPad and MacBook Pro Batteries from Chinese Firms After Samsung Split

Time Warner CEO Hopes Apple Makes a Full-On Television

Bing: iPhone 5 Most-Searched Term in U.S. in 2012 

Working Apple-1 Sells a Auction for New Record-Setting Price

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Mac OS Ken: 11.28.2012

Research Firm Puts iOS at Top of US Smartphone Market for Three-Months ENding in October

IDC: iOS and Android to Knock BlackBerry from Top Spot in Business This Year

Apple Releasing New 21.5-Inch iMac This Friday 30 November

GM Says Siri “Eyes Free” Mode to Land in Two Chevy Vehicles Early Next Year

Bloomberg Report Says Apple Has Fired the Guy in Charge of Maps in iOS

Barclays Bank Deploys Over 8,500 iPad Across UK

Apple Releases Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.1 for 2012 MacBook Pro

Apple Issues OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Supplemental Update 2.0 for Macs Made in 2012

Apple Releases First Build of OS X 10.8.3 to Developers

Amazon Plays Fun With Numbers Without Numbers for Thanksgiving Weekend Kindle Sales

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Mac OS Ken: 11.27.2012

TMO: Mr. Munster Now Expects a Full-On Apple Television in November 2013

Business Insider: Mr. Munster Expects Unsubsidized $200 iPhone for India and China in 2014

Fortune: Mr. Munster Sees Increased Foot Traffic for Apple Retail on Black Friday and Similarities Between Microsoft Store and a Ghost Town

IBM: Online Shopping Up Significantly Over Thanksgiving Holiday with iThings Representing in a Huge Way

Raymond James Analyst: Valuable Tablet Shoppers Shop Via iPad

Nielsen: Kids Clamor for iThings This Holiday Season

Best Buy Outs Apple-Centric Holiday Ad

Apple Now Selling iTunes Credit Through Facebook Gifts

Forbes: Analysts High on Apple After Black Friday Sales

Pacific Crest Analyst Lowers Apple Price Target: Still Recommends Shares

Last Week: iPhone 5 Ship Times Drop to Two-Weeks

This Week: iPhone 5 Ship Times Drop to One-Week

Wifi-Only 4th-Gen iPad Now “In Stock” on Apple Site in US and Canada

Wifi-Only and Wifi-Plus-Cellular 4th-Gen iPad Now “In Stock” on Apple Site in US and Canada; iPad minis Still Show Two-Week Wait

Apple Seeks New Language Teachers for Siri

HTC CEO: Happy with Apple Settlement and Not Paying a Much as People Think

Apple Ordered to Reveal Terms of HTC Settlement to Lawyers Representing Samsung

HERE Maps for iOS from Nokia Now in App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 11.21.2012

The Thanksgiving No Show Show

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Mac OS Ken: 11.20.2012

Fortune: Merrill Lynch Analyst Issues Positive Note on Apple While Lowering Price Target on Company’s Shares

Topeka Capital Analyst Calls Recent Apple Sell-Off “Insanely Insane”

Apple Ends Trading Monday Up $38.05 to Close at $565.73

All Things D Sources Say New iMacs Still Shipping This Year (And Supply Will Still Be Constrained)

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Opens Refurbished Equipment Store on eBay

iTunes Match Suffers Monday Morning Outage on the Heels of Sunday iMessage and FaceTime Failures

9 to 5 Mac Sources Say Siri and Maps Headed to OS X 10.9

Sketchy Source Says OS X 10.9 to Be Called “Lynx” (and I Like It)

Report: Apple Sells Parts of AuthenTec; Keeps the Fingerprint Scanning  and NFC Bits

Greenpeace Lowers Apple to Sixth in Latest Greener Electronics Guide

President Obama Calls a Few CEOs Including Apple CEO Tim Cook to Talk Over U.S. Economy

Intel CEO Paul Otellini Retiring in May 2013

Apple Starts Music Sales on iTunes Russia at Roughly 50% U.S. Prices

Apple Brings Full AC/DC Catalogue to iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 11.19.2012

Bloomberg: Apple and Motorola Mobility Consider Binding Arbitration to Settle FRAND Licensing Issues

Samsung Files to See Terms of Apple-HTC Settlement

U.S. Magistrate Judge Allows Samsung and Apple to Add New Products to Existing Patent Lawsuit

IDC Analyst: iPad Sales Increase in China After iPad Trademark Settlement with Proview

Apple Closing Messages beta for Lion; Suggests People Upgrade to Mountain Lion

iMessage and FaceTime Take a Sunday Nap

Australia Sends Apple a Bill for $28.5 Million in Back Taxes

OpenFeint Closing Down; Developers Urged to Migrate Games to New Owner Gree

Android Version Jelly Bean Omits Birthdays and Events from the Month of December

Authorities Arrest Guy They Believe to be the “Inside Man” at the JFK/iPad Heist

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Mac OS Ken: 11.16.2012

Morgan Stanley Analyst Thinks Apple Will Sell More iPhones and iPads in the Next Six-Months Than Wall Street is Expecting

Credit Suisse Analyst Reiterates “Outperform” Rating on Apple on Computer/Tablet/Smartphone Strength

Jeffries and Co Analyst Sees Something Involving Apple and TV as “Imminent”

Single Source Rumor Has New iMacs Pushed to 2013

USA Today: Survey Shows Significant Number of Windows Users Making Their Next Purchase an Apple Purchase (Though Not Necessarily a Mac)

HP PC-Exec Disses/Dismisses Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Issues Critical Security Updates for Office for Mac 2008 and 2011 and Bug Fixes for 2011

Apple Asking App Developers to Rename or Remove Apps with the Word “Memory” in the Title from the App Store

Apple Releases iBooks 3.0.2 to Fix Crashing Issue on iOS 6 Devices

WSJ: Source Says Google Putting Finishing Touches on Google Maps App for iOS

Apple Takes Control of 1,000+ Nortel Patents Purchased by Rockstar Consortium

Sorkin: Jobs Bio-Pic to Take Place Backstage Before Three Apple Product Launches

Jimmy, Tommy and Hendry Knock Over JFK for $1.5 Million in iPad minis

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Mac OS Ken: 11.15.2012

Samsung Mobile Exec Says His Company Not Pursuing HTC-Style Settlement with Apple

Munster: 20-Percent Increase in A-Series Processors May Eventually Cost Samsung Processor Production for Apple

Fortune: Financial Analysts Still Like Apple Fundamentals; Stand by Their Targets

S&P Capital IQ Analyst Ups Apple Rating from “Buy” to “Strong Buy”

Gartner: Android Increases Lead Over iOS in Smartphones; Apple is Third-Largest Cellphone Maker on the Planet

Lawyer Sues Microsoft Over 32GB Surface RT Having Less Than 32GB of User Accessible Memory

Apple Turns on Turn-By-Turn Navigation in iOS 6 for Australia

Foxconn Takes Delivery of 10,000 “Foxbot” Manufacturing Machines

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Mac OS Ken: 11.14.2012

Fortune: The Man Who Made “The Bear Case for Apple” Is Suddenly in an Apple Buying Mood

UBS Hardware Analyst Says Apple Execs Say There are “More Frontiers to Conquer, More New Categories to Create”

CNET: Analyst Says Android Tablets Will Overtake iPad in Terms of Sales in First Half of 2013

Chetan Sharma: Apple Currently Earns 95% of Global Profits in Tablets and Over 70% of Global Profits in Smartphones

Apple Stops Physical Sales of AppleCare in Italy and Modifies Offering Online

Nokia Plans to Launch Maps App for iOS and Android in Coming Weeks

Apple Tops in Retail Productivity; Makes $6,050 Per Square Foot

Apple Launches 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

The Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster

Oakley Airwave Goggles: Powered by Android, Available Through Apple’s Online Store

The Next Web: Job Postings Indicate Plans to Expand Apple Retail to Brazil and Turkey

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Mac OS Ken: 11.13.2012

Some 9 to 5 Mac Readers Informed That Their LTE iPad mini Will Arrive This Friday

Wait Time for iPhone 5 Drops to 2-3 Weeks on

Apple Asks iPhone Owners to Reboot Their Phone Before Making an Appointment with the Genius Bar

Apple Seeds betas of iOS 6.1 and Apple TV Update to Developers

CNET: Passbook to Get Better Explanation in iOS 6.1

Apple Issues Aperture 3.4.3 to Fix Serial Number Requirement Issue

Apple and HTC Settle Lawsuits; Enter 10-Year IP Licensing Deal

Shaw Wu Guesses HTC Paying Apple $6 to $8 Per Phone is Sells

Windows President Steven Sinofsky Out at Microsoft

Barclays Capital Analyst Lowers PC Sales Forecast for 2012-2016

Report: Samsung Hikes Apple’s Processor Price 20%

Apple Forced to Keep Samsung Statement on UK Site Longer Than Originally Planned; Cover Samsung Fees Related to UK Case

NYT: Text Messages Drop for First Time in U.S. as Messaging Apps Take Hold

Apple Donates $2.5 Million to Red Cross for Superstorm Sandy Relief

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Mac OS Ken: 11.09.2012

Shaw Wu Expects Disparity Between Supply and Demand for iPhone 5 to Shrink Soon

BTIG Analyst Expects Disparity Between Supply and Demand for iPhone 5 to Shrink Soon

Munster Sees First Signs of Supply/Demand Balance for iPhone 5; Expects Apple Stock to Even Out Soon

Oppenheimer Analyst Sees Apple Shares Pulling Out of Slump Soon 

Topeka Capital Analyst Sees Strong Sales for Apple in Supply Chain Numbers

Apple Shipping First Round of Pre-Ordered LTE iPad 4s and iPad minis Next Week

Apple Reportedly Requiring Made for iThing Licensees to Abide by Its Supplier Code of Conduct

Apple Issues MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update 2.0 for June 2012 Mac Notebooks

Judge Koh to Look into Possible Jury Foreperson Misconduct in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Case

AT&T Opens FaceTime Over Cellular to Tiered Data Plan Consumers on LTE Devices (Though Not Necessarily on LTE)

AT&T Offers $100 Off of LTE iPads and Other Tablets with 2-Year Data Contract

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Mac OS Ken: 11.08.2012

Hon Hai Chairman: iPhone 5 is Still Hard to Produce

CNN/Money: Market, Mixed iPad mini Reviews and Executive Shakeup Pull Apple Shares to Five-Month Low

Apple Named Most Innovative Company for Third Consecutive Year in Booz & Co Global Innovation 1000 Study

Canalys: Apple Drops Out of Top-Five Smartphone Makers in China in 3Q (Though Number of iPhones Sold Still Grew Y-o-Y)

Apple Found Guilty of Violating Four VirnetX Patents in FaceTime; Ordered to Pay $368 Million

Apple Wins Ornamental Patent for Design of iPad

Apple Updates Its Store App for iOS with Passbook Compatibility and Siri Integration

The Verge: Microsoft to Out Limited Office for iOS and Android in Early 2013

Wired: AT&T to Offer 32GB Nokia Lumia on Windows Phone 8 for $100 (with 2-Year Contract)

DC Adds Individual Comic Issues to iBookstore, Kindle Store and Nook Book Store

Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue Joins Board of Ferrari

Delta Airlines: Buy a Private Jet Card for $100,000 and Get a Free* Not Top-of-the-Line MacBook Air

Pixar Names Its Headquarters “The Steve Jobs Building”

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Mac OS Ken: 11.07.2012

TUAW: Fourth-Gen iPad Listed as “In Stock” in US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Singapore

Bloomberg: Apple Working Toward Ditching Intel Inside Macs for Self-Designed ARM Processors

Shaw Wu Sees Apple’s Eventual Move from Intel to ARM as Sensible (Perhaps Inevitable)

Verizon Closing Its Android/BlackBerry App Store

Federal Judge Tosses Apple Patent Case Against Motoroogle in Wisconsin

Developer Build of iOS 6.1 Gives Siri the Power to Buy Movie Tickets in the States

Cult of Mac: Server Logs Show First Appearances of OS X 10.9

Former iAd Chief Andy Miller: Forstall Was “a Miracle Worker” and “Ridiculously Professional”

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Mac OS Ken: 11.06.2012

Apple Sells Three Million iPad minis and Fouth-Gen iPads Combined on Launch Weekend for Both Devices

All Things D’s Peter Kafka Upset with Apple for Not Breaking Out iPad mini Sales Numbers

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple Upset with Peter Kafka for Being Upset with Apple for Not Breaking Out iPad mini Sales Numbers

Business Insider’s Jay Yarow Upset with Jim Dalrymple for Being Upset with Peter Kafka for Being Upset with Apple for Not Breaking Out iPad mini Sales Numbers

Fortune: Analysts Largely Positive on Weekend iPad/iPad mini Sales Launch

IDC Sees iPad Lose Worldwide Market Share in 3QCY2012 as People Waited to See About iPad mini

IHS Says Each Individual 32GB Surface RT More Profitable for Microsoft Than Each 32GB iPad is for Apple

9 to 5 Mac: Windows Surface RT FAQ Shows Only 16GB of Useable Memory in 32GB Unit

IHS Figures Each $199 Kindle Fire HD Costs Amazon $207 to Make

The Guardian: Google Maps App for iOS Expected to be Ready by Year’s End (Though Secret Sources Doubt Apple Will Approve It)

Wired Doubts Apple Would Freeze a Google Maps App Out of the App Store 

TUAW: Apple Appears to Be Tightening Control of Retail Experience for its Gear in China

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Mac OS Ken: 11.05.2012

NYC 5th Ave Store: TMO Weighs the Length of the iPad mini Line

NYC 5th Ave Store: Piper Jaffray Analyst Says iPad mini Launch Line the Third-Longest in Four Year; Topeka Capital Analyst Says All Sold Out in Two Hours and Ten Minutes

Barrons: R.W. Baird Analyst Unfazed by Shorter Lines for iPad mini

KGI Analyst Says Less Than a Million iPad minis Sold Last Weekend WOuld Still Put it on Top of the Mid-Size Tablet Market

BTIG Analyst Says If iPad mini Sells Under 3-Million Units in First Weekend Than it is a Failure

BGR: Apple Adding Next-Day Pickup Option for iPad mini

Apple Shares See Friday Selloff; End Day Down 3.31%

IHS Says 16GB Wifi-Only iPad mini Costs $188 in Pieces and Parts

iFixit Gives iPad (4th Gen) 2 out of 10 for Repairability; Disappointed by Tablet’s Speakers

IDC: Android Equals 75% of Smartphone Market Worldwide in 3Q, iOS Equals 14.9%

comScroe: iOS and iPhone Gain Market Share in the States

WSJ: Rumor Has Microsoft Testing Its Own Smartphone

Rewritten Apple Statement on Samsung Starts Running in Newspapers in UK

AMTRAK Adds Passbook Support to iPhone App

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Mac OS Ken: 11.02.2012

Munster Sees Relatively Slow Start for iPad mini, Though Significant Acceleration to Follow

Business Insider: Apple Providing Shuttle Service for NYC Fifth Avenue Store Employees for iPad mini Launch

Apple Changes Ship Dates for Pre-Ordered Cellular iPad minis to “Mid-November”

iFixit Tears Up an iPad mini: Tough to Get Into and Tougher to Repair

Apple Releases iOS 6.0.1

Apple Ships First betas of iOS 6.1 and Xcode 4.6 to Developers

Apple Updates Safari, iPhoto and Aperture for OS X

Apple Loses Right to Sell iPhone Branded Products in Mexico

Apple Ordered to Remove and Replace Samsung Statement on its UK Site

Business Insider: Forstall May Have Seen the Writing on the Wall Last April

All Things D: Exit of Forstall May Have Encouraged Return of Mansfield

Patent Expert Says In Losing Forstall, Apple Appears to Be Losing Its Most Prolific Current Inventor

California AG Threatens Developers with $2,500 Fine Pre Download if They Fail to Comply with State Privacy Law

Apple’s 10k: Concerns for Apple and Nightmare Fuel for the Rest of US

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Mac OS Ken: 11.01.2012

iTunes Teams with American Red Cross to Collect Donations for Superstorm Sandy Relief Effort

Apple Shares Close Under $600 In First Day of Trading After Reorganization Announcement

Barrons: Analysts Still Positive on Apple Despite Executive Shuffle (Except for Enderle Award Winner Trip Chowdry)

Reviews Out for iPad mini; Mostly Positive with a Grumbling or Two on Price and Screen Resolution

Asustek CFO Says Monthly Nexus 7 Sales “Close to 1 Million” Units a Month

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD/iPad mini Compare and Contrast Wrong on Sound Quality

All Things D: iPhone 5 Clears Next-to-Last Regulatory Hurdle in China

Apple Willing to Pay Motoroogle $1 Per iPhone to License Standards Essential Patents

Apple Sends Reminders About First Auto-Renewals for iTunes Match

Apple’s 10k: Oppenheimer and Forstall Get New Titles and Apple Grows R&D by $1 Billion

Apple 10k: Company Plans 30 to 35 New Stores in FY2013

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