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Mac OS Ken: 10.31.2012

Shaw Wu Sees Executive Changes at Apple as Positive

Gene Munster Sees Cook and Ive in for the Long Haul

Brian White and Bill Power See Changes at Apple as “Natural Evolution”

Apple Pushes iTunes 11 to (Probably Late) November

Washington Post: Pentagon Adding iOS and Android Devices to Its Mobile Mix

9 to 5 Mac: iPad with Retina Display Ship Times Slip to One Week

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Sees Apple Selling 101.6 Million iPads in FY2013

Ballmer: Nobody Has Made a Tablet Customers Want Until the Microsoft Surface

Ballmer: Apple is a Low-Volume Player in Everything but Tablets (Never Mind Smartphone and MP3 Players)

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Mac OS Ken: 10.30.2012

Apple Ditches iOS Lead Forstall and Retail Chief Browett

WSJ: Sources Say Forstall Fired Over Refusal to Sign the Mapology

Cult of Mac: Forstall Role as “Advisor” Likely Just to Keep Him Out of the Job Market

Tim Cook Emails Apple Employees on Executive Changes

All Things D: The Big News is Jony Ive’s Ascendence Over Hardware AND Software Design

GigaOm: The BIG Big News is Tim Cook Branding Apple as His Own

Forstall and Browett Pictures Already Pulled from Apple “Executive Profiles” Page

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Mac OS Ken: 10.29.2012

Wifi-Only iPad mini Shipping Time Slips from 2 November to “Two Weeks”

Amazon Says Sales of $199 Kindle Fire HD Pop After Announcement of $329 iPad mini

Amazon Posts Self-Leaning Chart Comparing Kindle Fire HD Versus iPad mini on Front Page of

MarketWatch: Gazelle Sees Devices Trade-Ins Rise 700% After iPad mini Announcement; NextWorth Sees iPad Trade-Ins Rise 1,000%

DMCA Exemption Not Extended to Tablets or Smartphones Purchased Next Year

A New Round of Countries to Receive iPhone 5 This Friday

PC Magazine Gives 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Conditional) Editors’ Choice Nod

iFixIt Gives 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display 2 Out of 10 for Repairability

Apple Launches TV Ad for 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple Issues Software Updates for New 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display as Well as for Camera RAW, Logic Pro and Logic Express

iFixit Gives New Mac mini “8 Out of 10” Repairability Rating

Google Android Event and D: Dive Into Mobile Both Postponed Due to Hurricane Sandy

Get the Free Hurricane App by the American Red Cross on iTunes

Registration Open for Macworld/iWorld 2013

Apple Opening New Retail Location in Shenzhen, China This Weekend

Apple Inc Takes Control of Apple Corps Granny Smith Green Apple Logo

Working Apple 1 Up for Auction

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Mac OS Ken: 10.26.2012

Fortune: Financial Analysts Weigh-In on Tuesday Apple Event

Barrons: Other Financial Analysts Weigh-In on Tuesday Apple Event Part I

Barrons: Other Financial Analysts Weigh-In on Tuesday Apple Event Part II

CNET: Yet Another Weighs-In on Tuesday Apple Event

TMO: Shaw Wu Thinks Apple Knows What It’s Doing with iPad mini Pricing

Daring Fireball: iPad mini Priced at “Gamble” Rather Than “Sure Thing”

Electronista: No GPS for Wifi-Only iPad mini

Apple Posts External Schematics of iPad mini and 4th-Gen iPad

A Couple of Analysts Comment on 4th-Gen iPad

KGI Analyst Thinks iPad mini Could Mean End of Development for iPod touch

Apple Starts Sales of Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA Adapters

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor

CNNMoney: AT&T Activates 1.3 Million iPhone 5s in First Week of Availability

Vast Majority of Smartphones Activated by AT&T Last Quarter Were iPhones

Sprint Activates 1.5 Million iPhones Total in September Quarter

Apple Reports September-Quarter Record Sales for iPhone, iPad and Mac and Record September Quarter Revenue

Fortune: Wall Street Expected Higher EPS Than Apple Delivered

Apple Opening Remodeled Palo Alto Store on 27 October

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Mac OS Ken: 10.24.2012

Apple Streams iPad mini Event Live; Adds Apple Events Channel to Apple TV

Apple Intros iBooks 3.0

Apple Updates iBooks Author to Version 2.0

Apple Introduces Updated Mac mini and Mac mini Server

Apple Insider: Fusion Drive Explained

Apple Intros New iMacs with Thinner Form Factor, Fusion Drive and No Optical Drive

Apple Intros 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple Intros 4th-Gen iPad and iPad mini

CNET: Some Apple Store Accepting 3rd-Gen iPad Returns if Purchased in Last 30-Days

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Mac OS Ken: 10.23.2012

Paid-Content Goes Live in iBookstore for 17 New Countries One Day Before Anticipated iPad mini Event

Bloomberg/Businessweek Says iPad in Education to Be Major Focus of San Jose Apple Event

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Dropping BlackBerry for iPhone

Gartner VP: iPads to Outnumber BlackBerries at Work by 2014

Rumor: Apple and VMWare Working on Cloud-Based iWork Suite for iPad

Fortune: 44 of 64 Analysts Thinks Mac Sales in 4Q Beat Mac Sales in 3Q

JP Morgan Analyst Says iPad mini Will Increase Erosion of PC-Sales

Boy Genius Report: Lighting Authentication Chip Clones Prevalent in China

Japanese Court Rejects Two Samsung Patent-Infringement Claims Against Apple

Samsung Says Reports That It’s Killing Its LCD Panel Deal with Apple Are False

The Loop Posts Rare 20-Minute Documentary on Steve Jobs Building NeXT

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Mac OS Ken: 10.22.2012

Fortune Looks at the Many Unknowns and Great Expectations for the Tuesday Apple Event

Gruber Sees $249 to $299 as a Sensible Starting Price for iPad mini

KGI Analyst Estimates iPad Mini Components to Run from $195 at the Low End to $254.50 at the High End

Price-Comparison Site Says Consumers Choose Black iThings Over White iThings by 70% So Far in 2012

Evercore Partners Analyst Expects Apple to Phase-Out iPad 2 Soon

Electronista: Apple Event Could Include Release Date for iTunes 11

iMore: iBook Description in France May Indicate iBooks 3.0 Announcement (or May Have Been a Typo)

TechCrunch: Wait Times Reduced for New iPods

All Things D: Sources Say Apple Hires Engineering Team from Color; Does Not Buy Entire Company

9 to 5 Mac: Work Begins on the Apple Prineville,OR Data Center

Nokia Lumia 920 on Pre-Order at Best Buy for $149.99

Apple Sued for Locking the iPhone to AT&T (And No, It’s Not 2008)

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Mac OS Ken: 10.19.2012

Fortune: Pro and Indie Analysts Combined Expect iPhone Sales of 26.4 Million Units for 4QFY2012

Fortune: Pro Analysts Expects 17.6 Million iPads Sold for 4QFY2012; Indies Look for Sales of 19.23 Million

Verizon Sells Just 651,000 iPhone 5s Last Quarter Due to Supply Constraints, Not Demand

Verizon (and Perhaps Sprint) iPhone 5 Owners See Strange Time Shifts on Their New Phones

Apple Loses UK Appeal; Will Have to Run “Samsung Didn’t Copy iPad” Ads

Judge Koh Says Apple Cannot Seek Additional Damages in Samsung Case Without Revealing Info It Does Not Want to Appeal

Employment of Hacker Comex Ends When He Forgets to Respond to Extension Email

Apple Retail Chief Browett Shows Off Wangfujing Store; Confirms Store Being Built in Shenzhen

Shaw Wu: Microsoft Surface Pricing Could Be “Fatal Mistake”

Newsweek Killing Print; Going All-Digital at Start of 2013

CNET: Some Extreme Orthodox Christians in Russia See Apple Logo as Blasphemous

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Mac OS Ken: 10.18.2012

Musnter Sees Growth for Apple with iPad mini Despite Likely Traditional iPad Cannibalization

Janney Montgomery Scott Analyst Ups Apple Price Target on iPad mini Expectations

WSJ: Anonymous Foxconn Exec Says “iPhone 5 is the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled”

iFixIt: New iPod nano Gets Middle-of-the-Road Third-Party Repairability Rating

iFixIt and Greenpeace Bash EPEAT for Giving Green/Gold Certification to Ultrathin Laptops

Apple Reportedly Holding Made for iThings Technology Summit in Shenzhen November 7-9

Fun with Numbers Without Numbers: The 32GB Microsoft Surface for Windows RT Edition

Business Insider: Windows RT to Take Up First 12GB of 32GB Microsoft Surface

Google Sends Out Invitations to Android Event for 29 October in NYC

Munster: Price-Matching at Best Buy and Target Will Not Blunt Force of Amazon

Best Buy to Launch Its Own 9.7-Inch Android Tablet Pre-Holidays

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Mac OS Ken: 10.17.2012

Apple Sends Out Invitations for 23 October Event

Apple Insider: Secret Source Says Apple Will Launch 12 iPad mini Configurations in 2 Colors for Total of 24 Choices

Microsoft Starts Ads for Surface

Microsoft Begins Pre-Orders for Surface for Windows RT Units

Alleged Schillergram Says 5th-Gen iPod touch Too Thin for an Ambient Light Sensor

ABI Research: App Sizes Hulk Out with iOS Move to Retina Displays

Macworld UK: Apple May Leverage Passbook as Payment Method in Its Retail Stores

Apple Pushes Java Update Addressing “Zero-Day” Exploit to Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion Machines

Apple Reportedly Buys San Francisco-Based HTML5 Developer Particle

Foxconn Admits to Using Underage Labor for a Few Weeks for Non-Apple Manufacturing

Watchmaker with “Exclusive” Rights to SBB Clock Design “Surprised” by Apple Licensing Deal

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Mac OS Ken: 10.16.2012

Barrons: Pacific Crest and R. W. Baird Analysts Still Very Bullish on Apple

Macworld UK: Rumor Has New iMac Making the Stage at (Also Rumored) 23 October Apple Event

9 to 5 Mac: Rumor Has New Mac mini Making the Stage at (Also Rumored) 23 October Apple Event

EPEAT Verification “Clarification” Makes Way for Ultrathin and Unibody Laptops in Program

TMO: Apple Moves to Separate Its Manufacturing from Samsung

Amazon and Apple Notify Customers of Possible Store Credit in eBook Case Settlement

All Things D: Apple Hires A9 CEO and Co-Founder Away from Amazon to Lead Siri Unit

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Mac OS Ken: 10.15.2012

All Things D: Sources Say Apple Holding iPad mini Event on 23 October

Reuters: Sources Say Apple Holding Event on 23 October (Probably for iPad mini)

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Sees Stacks of Third-Party iPad mini Accessories Ready to Roll

CNET: Alleged European Retailer Inventory Shows iPad mini Starting at €249

9 to 5 Mac: Source Says Apple will Launch 13-Inch MPB with Retina Display at 23 October Event

ChangeWave Survey: Maps Issues in iOS 6 No Issue for Would-Be iPhone 5 Buyers

Softbank Takes 70% Stake of Sprint for $20 Billion

Apple to Open Third Beijing, China Store on 20 October

Leawood, Kansas Apple Store Hit with Second Smash-and-Grab in Two Years

Engadget: EPEAT Begins Certifying Ultra-Thin Laptops, Including at Least One from Apple

Apple Expands Seagate Drive Replacement Program for iMacs

Learn more about the Seagate iMac drive replacement program at

WSJ Sources Say Best Buy to Match Online Prices This Holiday Season to Fight “Showrooming”

Apple and SBB Reach Licensing Deal for Clock Design in iOS 6 for iPad

Swiss Photographer Sues Apple Over Photo Used to Promote MBP: TNG

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Mac OS Ken: 10.12.2012

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Says iPad mini Could be Next Big Thing in China

Apple Issues 1.0.1 Software Update for New iPod nano

iFixit: New iPod touch Not Friendly to Third-Party Repair

Apple Apparently Using Crazy-Recyclable Material Inside iPod touch and iPod nano Packaging

Apple Wins Stay Against Sales Ban on Some iThings in South Korea

Appeals Court Overturns Apple Requested Sales Ban on Samsung-Made Galaxy Nexus

WSJ: Apple Poaches Chip Designer from Samsung

Google Chairman Talks iOS Versus Android and Maps for iOS with Mossberg and Swisher

Cult of Mac: Emergency Alerts in iOS 6 Seem to Depend on the Carrier

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Mac OS Ken: 10.11.2012

Bloomberg: Fragility of Aluminum Casing May Be Source of iPhone 5 Bottleneck

Pacific Crest Analyst Says iPhone 5 Putting Sizable Dent in Competition

UN Telecoms Group Hosts Patent Roundtable to Discuss Effectiveness of FRAND-Based Licensing

Consumer Advocacy Groups in Italy Announce Class-Action Suit Against Apple Over AppleCare

IHS iSuppli: Yearly PC Shipments Likely to Fall for First Time Since 2001

IDC and Gartner: Apple Share Grows in Shrinking 3Q PC Sales Numbers

Gartner Gives Top-Spot in Worldwide PC Sales to Lenovo for 3Q While IDC Gives it to HP

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Mac OS Ken: 10.10.2012

Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu: Concerns Over Apple Are Overdone

Munster Sees Increased Ownership of iPhones and iPads Among U.S. Teens

Apple Starts Shipping Pre-Ordered Lighting-to-30 Pin Adaptors

Apple Starts Shipping Pre-Ordered iPod touches and iPod nanos

NPD DisplaySearch Analyst Says 13-Inch MBP with Retina Display Still on the Way

Apple Wins Additional Slide-to-Unlock Patent

EC Says Ebook Settlement with Apple and Four Publishers Could be Finalized in the Next Couple of Months

Patent Troll Lodsys Keeps Trollin’ Along

Cult of Mac: Chinese Firm Clones Working Knock-Off Lightning Connector

Taiwan Asks Apple to Please Obscure a Radar Installation in Satellite Images in iOS 6

Non-Functional Apple 1 Fails to Meet Reserve Price at Christie’s Auction

iLounge: UK-Site The Daily Brick Has Plans and Pieces for Building an iPhone 5 Dock Out of Lego

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Mac OS Ken: 10.09.2012

Barrons: Analysts High on iPhone 5 Despite Low Supply in U.S.

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst: iPhone 5 Sold Out in Hong Kong; Mainland China Seems to Be Prepping for iPhone 5 in December

Developers Spot - What Appears to Be - a New iPhone 4 in the Wings

Topeka Capital Analyst: iPad mini May Trump iPad in Terms of Design and May Start Off in Short Supply

Apple Insider: Mac mini Supply Drying Up Ahead of a Possible Refresh

Fortune Examines One Possible Reason for Apple’s $50 Drop Over the Past 15 Days

CNET: Rumors of a 10-inch, High-End, Cobranded Tablet from Google and Samsung

Apple and Other Tech Giants Band with W3C to Launch “Web Platform” Website

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Mac OS Ken: 10.08.2012

WSJ Says Apple Looking to Crank Out 10-Million iPad minis This Quarter

MacRumors: Developer Spots Apparent Third-Gen iPad Revision in App Analytics Logs

iMore: Revised Third-Gen iPad Ready to Roll to Consumers

Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 is the Best iPhone Yet (But Not the Best Smartphone)

China Labor Watch Says Foxconn Workers Making iPhone 5 at Zhengzhou Plant Went on Strike on Friday

Foxconn Says There Were Altercations, But No Strike

Zhengzhou Official Says Foxconn Strike Was About 100 People for About an Hour

Apple Marks Steve Jobs Passing with Short Video at

Apple Addresses “Purple Hazegate”: Lens Flare Happens

Apple Updates iOS App for Apple Store with iPhone 5 Support

EE Follow-Up: No Penalty for Moving from Orange or T-Mobile to New UK 4G Network

Apple Extends 20GB Free iCloud Storage for MobileMe to 30 September 2013

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Mac OS Ken: 10.05.2012

Piper Jaffray Analyst Lowers Last-Quarter iPhone Sales Estimates by 2.2 Million Units; Says It’s Irrelevant to Apple Shares

Macworld UK: Carrier EE Lighting the UK’s First 4G Mobile Network on 30 October

iPodNN: It Looks Like TV Shows have Landed on Apple TV and in iTunes in the Cloud in Germany

Apple Issues Supplemental Updates for Lion and Mountain Lion as Well as a Plethora of Printer Driver Updates

Google Adds Street View to iOS Accessible

Spend an Hour with Steve Jobs (in 1983)

Missing Time Capsule Holds Steve Jobs Mouse

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Mac OS Ken: 10.04.2012

ComScore: iPhone Grabs 34.3% Smartphone Market Share for August in U.S.

iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Deemed Two of the Top Six Eco-Friendly Phones by iFixIt and

Wedge Partners Analyst Sees Worry Over iOS 6 Maps App as a Buying Opportunity

Bloomberg Says Ditching Google Maps in iOS was Steve Jobs’ Idea

Apple Reportedly Tapping Retail Employees to Help Fix iOS 6 Maps App

Indications that Apple May Want to Ditch Intel Inside Macs at Some Point

Bloomberg/Businessweek Sources Say Bob Mansfield Lured Out of Retirement with $2 Million a Month in Cash and Stock

WSJ Says “iPad mini” in Mass Production

Barclays Analyst Says iPad mini Could See Supply Shortage; Enderle Does the Big, Dumb Enderle Thing

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Mac OS Ken: 10.03.2012

Sterne Agee: iPhone 5 Sales Only Limited by Supply; Mapocalypse Not Dampening Demand

Pew Survey Shows iPad Market Share Dropping from 81% in 2011 to 52% in 2012 (But Tablet Ownership Doubled)

Motorola Mobility Withdraws One of Two ITC Complaints Against Apple

Center for Democracy and Technology Praises Apple for Privacy Controls in iOS 6

Developers Behind Software for Flip Mino Look for Second Chance with Givit Video Sharing App for iOS

Interbrand Names Apple the Second-Most Valuable Brand Worldwide in 2012

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Mac OS Ken: 10.02.2012

Fortune: Secret Someone Says Invitations for iPad mini Event to Go Out on 10 October

Apple Announces 4Q FY2012 Earnings Call for Thursday 25 October

Microsoft Reportedly Building News Organization for Retooled MSN Portal

Topeka Capital Analyst: October has Been “Rocktober” for Apple Share for Eight of the Last Nine Years

9 to 5 Mac: Some AT&T Customers Seeing Same Cellular Drain When Connected to Wifi Seen By Some Verizon Customers

Gizmodo: Alleged Apple Support Email Says Purple Halo or Lens Flare in iPhone 5 Are Normal for iPhone 5

Needham and Company Analysts Gives Up on a Cheap iPhone for Pay-as-You-Go Consumers

Judge Koh Dissolves Ban Against Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Suing Apple Over Alleged Patent Infringement in iPhone 5

Hospitality Software Maker Ameranth Sues Apple Over Alleged Patent Infringement in Passbook

EU Justice Commissioner Calls on Member Nations to Investigate AppleCare Advertising

Apple Issues Stability Update for iPhoto

Apple Giving Corporate Workers Entire Week of Thanksgiving Off with Pay; Time Off for Retail Available Later

Apple Pulls the Plug on the Ping

Apple App/Service Chomp Bites the Dust

Former MobileMe Users See Surprise 20-Gigabytes of Storage Added to iCloud Account Through 2050 (Probably a Short Lived Error)

19th Annual Mac Computer Expo Set for This Saturday 6 October in Petaluma, CA

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Mac OS Ken: 10.01.2012

Tim Cook Apologies for the Mapocalypse

Apple Launches Small Section of Third-Party Map Alternatives in App Store

Apple Softens Website Wording Describing Maps in iOS 6

Forbes: Pleasure and Displeasure with the Apple Maps Apology

Computerworld: Pleasure and Displeasure with the Apple Maps Apology

Munster Stands By 49-Million iPhone Sales Estimate for December Quarter

Apple Loses $10 Billion in Market Value on Day of Mapology

Forbes: Does Apple Have a Scott Forstall Problem? (Maybe, But It Does Not Matter)

Consumer Reports Revises iOS 6 Maps ReviewSaying It Is Better Than They Thought

iOS 6: For Some, Update Leads to Weeks Without Wifi Access

Apple Issues Fix for Verizon iPhone 5s That Tick Down Cellular Data While on Wifi

US Appeals Court Hands Jurisdiction Over Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction Back to Judge Koh

Apple Says 97% of Monitored Supply Chain Workers Not Working an Excessive Number of Hours

Apple Updates Aperture to v3.4.1 with Minor Bug and Stability Fixes

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