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Mac OS Ken: 09.28.2012

iPhone 5 Wave 2 Takes Communicator to 22 More Countries

Six US Regional Carriers Start iPhone 5 Sales Today (Some with $50 Discounts)

UBS Analyst Lowers Holiday-Quarter iPhone Sales Expectations to 38-Million Units Due to Supply Constraints

Some Users See Purple Halo and Purple Flare in Pictures Taken with iPhone 5

Apple Approval Process May Make iPhone 5 Lightning Accessories Slow to Arrive

B of A Testing NFC-Free Payment System for iPhone and Android Phones

Urban Outfitters CIO Says Chain is Ditching Cash Registers for iPod touches and iPads

Apple Denied Music Icon Trademark Due to Similarity to Trademark Owned by MySpace

Motorola Advertises Against iOS 6 Maps with Non-Existent Address

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