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Mac OS Ken: 09.25.2012

Apple Says 5-Million iPhone 5s Sold on Opening Weekend

Munster, Bachman and Wu on Seeming iPhone 5 Numbers Shortfall

Apple Stock Sees Only Slight Dip on Gap Between iPhone 5 Sales Expectations and Actual Numbers

Apple Insider: Apple Reportedly Starting Personal Pickups for iPhone 5 in the States

Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 a “Notable Improvement” Over iPhone 4S, Though iOS 6 Maps are Currently Lacking

AP: Verizon iPhone 5s Shipping Unlocked and Staying Unlocked According to Verizon Rep

Apple Releases Free “iPhone Users Guide for iOS 6” in iBookstore

Apple TV Software Updated to v5.1

SBB Says It Plans to Reach Agreement with Apple Over Use of Its Clock Design in iOS 6 for iPad

Samsung Seeks New Trial Against Apple in the States Based on Alleged Juror Misconduct

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