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Mac OS Ken: 09.13.2012

Apple Introduces iPhone 5

Apple Seeds iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5 Golden Masters to Developers

Apple Calls for iOS 6 App Submissions

Engadget: iPhone 5 Employs Apple-Designed nano-SIM Standard

TUAW: A Bit About the 9-Pin Dock Connector - AKA “Lightning”

Apple Introduces New iPod touch and iPod nano

Engadget: iPod Classic Lives on Unchanged

Apple Redesigns EarBuds Into EarPods; Available Now

Apple Shows Off iTunes 11 for October Release (More on That on Friday)

Apple Outs iTunes 10.7 with Support for iOS 6, iPod nano and iPod shuffle

iPhone 5/iPod presentation Available for Viewing on Apple’s Site

Podcast of iPhone 5/iPod Event is Posted on the Apple Keynotes Feed 

9 to 5 Mac: AT&T Will Allow Subsidized iPhone 5 Buyers to Keep Their “Unlimited” Data Plans

9 to 5 Mac: Verizon Will Only Let iPhone 5-Buyers Keep Unlimited Data Plans if They Buy Unsubsidized

Official: Apple to Axe Ping on September 30th

Schiller: NFC Solves No Problems While Wireless Charging Creates Some

Early Financial Analyst Notes Positive on iPhone 5 Event

Pre-iPhone 5 Event: HTC and Samsung Said They’d Sue Apple If It Hit with an LTE Device

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