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Mac OS Ken: 09.11.2012

FedEx Preps Employees for Surge of Shipments from 21 September to 24 September

AT&T Touting 4G/LTE Coverage Ahead of New iPhone Announcement

Sprint Touting 4G/LTE Coverage Plans Ahead of New iPhone Announcement

T-Mobile Begins “Unlocked and Unlimited” Push Ahead of Anticipated iPhone Release

Reports: AntiSec UDIDs Likely Stolen from App Support Firm BlueToad, Not the FBI

Piper Jaffray Analyst Expects Record September-Quarter for Mac Sales Despite Apparent Slowing in Growth

Apple Insider: Third-Party Stock-Outs of AirPort Extreme Base Stations May Indicate 802.11ac Devices Coming Soon

Apple Retail Chief Praises Employees; Says Next Quarter Will Be Fun, Exciting and Crazy

Microsoft Announces 32 Pop-Up Holiday Stores for US and Canada

President Obama Reportedly “Befuddled” By Trying to Make a Call on an iPhone

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