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Mac OS Ken: 09.28.2012

iPhone 5 Wave 2 Takes Communicator to 22 More Countries

Six US Regional Carriers Start iPhone 5 Sales Today (Some with $50 Discounts)

UBS Analyst Lowers Holiday-Quarter iPhone Sales Expectations to 38-Million Units Due to Supply Constraints

Some Users See Purple Halo and Purple Flare in Pictures Taken with iPhone 5

Apple Approval Process May Make iPhone 5 Lightning Accessories Slow to Arrive

B of A Testing NFC-Free Payment System for iPhone and Android Phones

Urban Outfitters CIO Says Chain is Ditching Cash Registers for iPod touches and iPads

Apple Denied Music Icon Trademark Due to Similarity to Trademark Owned by MySpace

Motorola Advertises Against iOS 6 Maps with Non-Existent Address

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Mac OS Ken: 09.27.2012

Security Researcher Finds Previously Undiscovered Zero-Day Vulnerability in Java 5, 6 and 7

iPhone 5 Gains First of Many Required Approvals for Sale in China

The Verge: Lack of Turn-By-Turn for iOS Turned Apple Off of Built-In Google Maps

Barclays Analyst Says Apple Needs to Address Maps Issue (Though He Seems Unclear on How)

NYT: Street View Coming to Google Maps Web App “In Two Weeks”

Free 20GB of iCloud Storage for MobileMe Transplants Ends Sunday 30 September

Amazon Seeks to Have Appstore Trademark and False Advertising Suit Brought by Apple Dismissed

RadioShack CEO Out of Job and Off the Board

Apple Insider: Apple Takes iPod Socks Off of the Online Store

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Bloomberg: In-Cell Displays and Qualcomm Chips Two Possible iPhone 5 Pinch Points

IHS iSuppli Analyst: iPhone 5 Geometrically More Complex Than Previous iPhones

Phil Schiller Says Scuff, Scratches and Marks on Aluminum Devices are Normal

Stealing of Apple Kit Up 40% in NYC in an Otherwise Low-Crime Year 

Google Chairman Says His Company Has Not Built a Standalone Google Maps App for iOS; Wishes Apple Had Kept Them Around

WSJ: Restrictions Required Apple to Build Special Maps App for China Using China-Specific Partner

MacRumors Looks at Ways Users Can Help Improve Apple Maps in iOS 6

Barnes and Noble Launches Two New Nook Tablets Aimed at Kindles Fires and iPad

Barnes and Noble Announces Device-Independent Nook Video Service Coming This Fall

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Mac OS Ken: 09.25.2012

Apple Says 5-Million iPhone 5s Sold on Opening Weekend

Munster, Bachman and Wu on Seeming iPhone 5 Numbers Shortfall

Apple Stock Sees Only Slight Dip on Gap Between iPhone 5 Sales Expectations and Actual Numbers

Apple Insider: Apple Reportedly Starting Personal Pickups for iPhone 5 in the States

Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 a “Notable Improvement” Over iPhone 4S, Though iOS 6 Maps are Currently Lacking

AP: Verizon iPhone 5s Shipping Unlocked and Staying Unlocked According to Verizon Rep

Apple Releases Free “iPhone Users Guide for iOS 6” in iBookstore

Apple TV Software Updated to v5.1

SBB Says It Plans to Reach Agreement with Apple Over Use of Its Clock Design in iOS 6 for iPad

Samsung Seeks New Trial Against Apple in the States Based on Alleged Juror Misconduct

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Mac OS Ken: 09.24.2012

Piper Jaffray Analyst: iPhone Sales Expected to Reach 8-Million Units This Past Weekend; Store Lines 83% Longer Than Last Year

Piper Jaffray Analysts: Small Percentage of AT&T Customers Switching to Verizon with iPhone 5

Business Insider: Did Apple Make Enough iPhone 5s to Meet Huge Demand? Or Was Demand Lower Than Expected?

iMore: Thieve in UK, Japan and Tennessee Make off with iPhone 5s

Scuffgate! Reports of iPhone 5s Showing Up with Scuffs and Dings

iFixIt Teardown of iPhone 5 Reveals a More Repairable Device Than iPhone 4S

AnandTech: A6 Processor in iPhone 5 Uses Triple-Core GPU

The Mac Observer: Laptop Battery Life Significantly Improved with OS X 10.8.2 Update

Apple Seeks Additional $707 Million in San Jose Samsung Case

Apple Opening Second Hong Kong Store This Weekend

EC Gives Conditional Approval to Universal Music Purchase of EMI

Apple Takes Three iPhone 5 Ads and One Ad for EarPods to TV

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Mac OS Ken: 09.21.2012

Apple Issues Statement on Mapocalypse (Not My name for it, Nor Apple’s)

ZDNet: Apple Started Seeking Additional Software Engineers for iOS Maps App Last Week

TechCrunh: Lack of Public Transit Directions in iOS 6 Maps App Opens Opportunities for Developers

Apple Issued EFI Firmware Updates for 2012 MacBook Air and 2012 MacBook Pro and an SMC Update for Late-2010 MacBook Air

Apple Takes Xcode 4.5 Out of beta

Cult of Mac: Apple Requiring Screenshots Optimized for iOS 5 for All App Updates

Apple and Four Publishers Offer Up Settlement Deal on Price-Fixing Charges in the EU

Apple Seeks Access to Interviews Between Amazon and USDoJ Held Prior to eBook Price-Fixing Case

Report: Apple Spends $3 Million on Extra Acres for Bigger Solar Farm Near Maiden, NC Data Center

Walmart Drops Full Line of Amazon Kindles from Sale at Stores and Online

American Airlines Outfitting 17,000 FLight Attendants with Samsung Galaxy Notes

Time Warner Cable COO Says His Company Might Give Up Some Control for a Really Good Third-Party UI

Swiss Federal Railway Service Says Apple Used Look and Feel of Its Copyrighted Clock in iOS 6 for iPad Without Permission

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Mac OS Ken: 09.20.2012

Apple Releases iOS 6

Nearly Universal iOS 6 Gripe: Apple Maps App

Fortune: iPhone 5 Review Are Out; Overwhelmingly Positive

AT&T CEO Says “a Lot” of People Seem Willing to Pay Unsubsidized Price for iPhone 5

Wednesday: Lines Forming at Apple Stores for Friday’s iPhone 5 Launch

CNET: Publicity Seekers Started Lining Up at Apple NYC Cube Last Thursday

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Updates the iOS Apps GarageBand, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Cards, iMovie, Find My Friends, iPhoto, iTunes U and Remote

iLounge: Apple Updates Podcasts App with iCloud Synchronization Feature

Apple Lists Passbook-Enables Apps Inside the iOS 6 Passbook App

Apple Updates Mountain Lion to v10.8.2

Apple Updates iPhoto and Aperture for OS X

Apple Brings Gatekeeper and Minor Fixes to OS X Lion in v10.7.5

Apple Issues Security Updates for Lion and Snow Leopard

Apple Issues EFI Firmware Update 1.0 for MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Microsoft Updates Office for Mac 2011 with Support for Retina Display Macs

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Hong Kong to Unveil Steve Jobs Figure Next Thursday

Jony Ive and Entire Apple Design Team Hit London for Prestigious D&AD Award

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Mas OS Ken: 09.19.2012

Shipping Times for New iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Slip to 3 to 4 Weeks

Apple Closes About $700

Sterne Agee Analysts Ups iPhone Sales Expectations for Second Time in a Week

Fortune: A Number of Analysts About to Go “Underwater” on Apple Price Targets

Apple Opening Five New Stores Between Thursday and Saturday

9 to 5 Mac: Secret Source Says Apple Looking to Build Datacenter of Unprecedented Size in Hong Kong

Apple Tops 2012 American Consumer Satisfaction Index for Computers and Tablets

Temporary Injunction Against Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Stands with Case Caught Between Two Courts

Twentieth Century Fox Intros Digital HD: New Films to Hit Digitally Weeks Ahead of DVD and Blu-Ray

Intel Sets Windows Tablet Event for 27 September

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Mac OS Ken: 09.18.2012

Apple Says 2-Million iPhone 5s Pre-Ordered in First 24-Hours, Doubling Record Set by iPhone 4S

AT&T Says iPhone 5 Its Fastest Selling iPhone Ever

Apple Insider: Financial Analysts Rev Current Quarter iPhone Sales Expectations in Wake of Apple Sales Release

Piper Jaffray Analyst: 6-Million iPhone 5s Sold Through Next Weekend a “Worst Case Scenario”

Apple Shares Break $700 in After-Hours Trading

Report: Apple Tapping Pegatron for 50% to 60% of iPad mini Production

Apple Updates Remote Desktop Admin Software to v3.5.3

Microsoft Sets Windows 8 Celebration Event for 25 October

HP CEO Brags on HP Design (Which Borrows Quite a Bit from Apple)

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Mac OS Ken: 09.17.2012

Fun With Numbers Without Numbers: The iPhone 5 Pre-Order Sell Out Edition

TMO Analysis: Apple’s “Blown Away” Comment a Not So Thinly Veiled Message to Wall Street

Maynard Um Expects Better Sales in First Three Days of iPhone 5 Than First Three Days of iPhone 4S

Munster: iPhone is Rolex in a World of Timex Smartphones

Apple Releases Lightning to Micro USB Connector as Required by EU Law

Apple Posts Publicly Accessible “Blueprint” of iPhone 5 to Its Developer Site

Bloomberg: Siri Co-Founder Adam Cheyer Reportedly Leaves Apple

Apple Seeds New beta of OS X 10.8.2 to Developers

iPad Tops JD Power and Associates Tablet Customer Satisfaction Survey

Ballmer Hints at Microsoft Surface Price Range

HP CEO: We Have to Get Back Into Smartphones

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Mac OS Ken: 09.14.2012

iPhone 5 Ship Times Slip to Two Weeks After 1 Hr 17 Min of Pre-Orders

Wired: iPhone 5 Not a “Worldphone;” Three Makes Required for Global Footprint

iPhone 5 on Sprint and Verizon Will Not Support Simultaneous Voice and Data EVen When Connected to LTE

Cult of Mac Explains the Lack of Simultaneous Voice and Data on Sprint and Verizon iPhone 5

U.S. Pay-As-You-Go Carrier Cricket Says It’ll Have iPhone 5 on 28 September

A Number of U.S. Regional Carriers Confirm iPhone 5 for 28 September

Apple Releases Prices for Unlocked iPhone 5 in US and Canada, No Release Date Mentioned

Barrons: Three Analysts Raise Apple Price Targets on iPhone 5 Announcement

Apple Adds Non-Permanent Advertising Identifier to iOS 6 to Replace UDID for Ad Networks

Google Outs Standalone YouTube App for iOS Ahead of iOS 6 Eviction

Apple Announces iTunes 11 for October Release

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Mac OS Ken: 09.13.2012

Apple Introduces iPhone 5

Apple Seeds iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5 Golden Masters to Developers

Apple Calls for iOS 6 App Submissions

Engadget: iPhone 5 Employs Apple-Designed nano-SIM Standard

TUAW: A Bit About the 9-Pin Dock Connector - AKA “Lightning”

Apple Introduces New iPod touch and iPod nano

Engadget: iPod Classic Lives on Unchanged

Apple Redesigns EarBuds Into EarPods; Available Now

Apple Shows Off iTunes 11 for October Release (More on That on Friday)

Apple Outs iTunes 10.7 with Support for iOS 6, iPod nano and iPod shuffle

iPhone 5/iPod presentation Available for Viewing on Apple’s Site

Podcast of iPhone 5/iPod Event is Posted on the Apple Keynotes Feed 

9 to 5 Mac: AT&T Will Allow Subsidized iPhone 5 Buyers to Keep Their “Unlimited” Data Plans

9 to 5 Mac: Verizon Will Only Let iPhone 5-Buyers Keep Unlimited Data Plans if They Buy Unsubsidized

Official: Apple to Axe Ping on September 30th

Schiller: NFC Solves No Problems While Wireless Charging Creates Some

Early Financial Analyst Notes Positive on iPhone 5 Event

Pre-iPhone 5 Event: HTC and Samsung Said They’d Sue Apple If It Hit with an LTE Device

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Mac OS Ken: 09.12.2012

A conversation between Macworld/iWorld friends about the next iPhone

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Mac OS Ken: 09.11.2012

FedEx Preps Employees for Surge of Shipments from 21 September to 24 September

AT&T Touting 4G/LTE Coverage Ahead of New iPhone Announcement

Sprint Touting 4G/LTE Coverage Plans Ahead of New iPhone Announcement

T-Mobile Begins “Unlocked and Unlimited” Push Ahead of Anticipated iPhone Release

Reports: AntiSec UDIDs Likely Stolen from App Support Firm BlueToad, Not the FBI

Piper Jaffray Analyst Expects Record September-Quarter for Mac Sales Despite Apparent Slowing in Growth

Apple Insider: Third-Party Stock-Outs of AirPort Extreme Base Stations May Indicate 802.11ac Devices Coming Soon

Apple Retail Chief Praises Employees; Says Next Quarter Will Be Fun, Exciting and Crazy

Microsoft Announces 32 Pop-Up Holiday Stores for US and Canada

President Obama Reportedly “Befuddled” By Trying to Make a Call on an iPhone

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Mac OS Ken: 09.10.2012

TechCrunch: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Decked Out for the Wednesday Apple Media Event

MacRumors: Yerba Buena Center Display May Hold Hints of “Taller” iPhone

WSJ: Secret Sources Say Next iPhone Will Support LTE

Apple Tops JD Power Smartphone Satisfaction Rankings for Eighth Consecutive Survey

Verizon CEO Makes Case for Samsung (and Any Other Company) to Be the Third Big Mobile OS Behind Android and iOS

Computerworld: Analysts Say Kindle Fire HD Won’t Burn the iPad

CNET: Apple Working on Refined iPad with Retina Display for Fall Release

Clayton Morris: New iMacs Imminent

Intel Lowers Current Quarter Guidance on PC Sales Weakness

Lady Gaga to Release Next Album - Artpop - as an iOS App

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Mac OS Ken: 09.07.2012

Wu Reiterates Buy Rating and $780 Target on Apple Shares on iPhone 5 and iPad mini Expectations

Judge Koh Denies Apple Motion to Rearrange Hearing Schedule on Galaxy Tab and Samsung Phones

In Germany: Four Apple v. Samsung Trials Set for Between Now and the End of October

Reuters: South Korean FTC and EU Regulators Both Investigating Samsung for Alleged Standards Essential IP Abuse

Amazon Drops Price on Ad-Supported Kindle eReader to $69

Amazon Intros Self-Illuminating Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire HD; Lowers Price on Original Kindle Fire

Amazon Brings 250MB-A-Month of 4G/LTE to 32GB, $499 Kindle Fire HD Plus 20GB of Cloud Storage for $50 a Year

Amazon CEO: People Want Services, Not Gadgets

Amazon CEO: We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices.

Robbers Crash Car Into Temecula, CA Apple Store

9 to 5 Mac Reader Reports Flooding in Flagship Apple Store in Shanghai

Apple Confirms First Scandinavian Retail Store; Stockholm, Sweden Store to Open 15 September

Report: Construction Underway on Apple Retail Store in Shenzhen, China

WSJ: Apple Working on Pandora-Type Streaming Radio Service

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Mac OS Ken: 09.06.2012

Apple Says It Did Not Give Hacked UDIDs to FBI or Any Other Organization

Wired: So who the Heck is the NCFTA?

Nokia Intros Budget-Minded Windows Phone 8 Lumia 820

Nokia Intros Windows Phone 8 Flagship Lumia 920

Nokia Fakes Key-Feature Demo at Lumia 920 Launch

Ballmer Declares This “The Year for Windows”

Motoroogle Outs Three New Phones at NYC Event

Google Chairman Says 1.3-Million Android Devices Activated Every Day

The Verge: Amazon May Announce a Phone of Its Own at Press Event Today

Cult of Mac: MacBook Pro with Retina Display “In Stock” at Apple Online Stores

Apple Releases Java Updates for Snow Leopard and Lion

Apple Issues Minor iMovie Update Related to Third-Party QuickTime Component Compatibility

Apple Seeds New beta of OS X 10.8.2 to Developers

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Mac OS Ken: 09.05.2012

Apple Sends Out Press Event Invitations for Next Wednesday 12 September with "5" in the Text

9 to 5 Mac Expects new iPods to Share Stage Time with New iPhone Next Week

TechCrunch: Picture Shows Next iPhone May Still Be Called “New iPhone” Despite “5” in Press Invitation

Piper Jaffray Analyst: Assuming a September Launch for the Next iPhone, The Street’s iPhone Sales Expectations May Be Low

Wedbush Securities Analyst Ups Apple Target to $885 on September iPhone Launch, iPad mini Next Quarter and Apple Television Someday

JP Morgan Reiterates “Outperform” Rating on Apple Shares and Raises Target to $770 on News of iPhone Event

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Says Samsung Galaxy S III Beat iPhone 4S in U.S. in August

FBI Sort of Denies and Categorically Denies AntiSec UDID Tale

Hulu Shows Up on Apple TVs in Japan

Apple Says Federighi and Riccio Awarded 75,000 Shares Of Restricted Stock Each a Part of Their Promotions to SVP

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Mac OS Ken: 09.04.2012

CNET: Hacker Group Posts 1-Million Apple UDIDs Out of 12-Million Allegedly Lifted from FBI Laptop

9 to5 Mac: Genius Bars Running Out of Replacement Units of iPhone 3GS

MacRumors: 27” iMacs Grow Scarce at Apple Online Store

Macworld UK: Industry Analyst Expects New Look for New iMac

Apple Adds Four Samsung Devices - Including Galaxy S III - to Next US Patent Case

Apple Argues for Infringing Samsung Phone Fight Ahead of Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction Hearing

Tokyo Court Says Samsung Did Not Infringe Apple Patent for Syncing Smartphones and Tablets with Media Devices

Vietnamese Site Shows Earphones That May or May Not Be Redesigned Apple Earbuds

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