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Mac OS Ken: 08.22.2012

Apple and Samsung Make Closing Arguments; Case Goes to the Jury

Samsung Investing $4 Billion to Upgrade Austin, TX Plant That Makes Chips for Smartphones (Including iPhone)

TechCrunch: Secret Source Says Verizon Block-Out Staff Vacation from 21 September Through 30 September

Electronista: German Carrier Sends Out Email Promoting Arrival of Next iPhone in September

TUAW: Consumer Advocacy Group Not Sure AT&T FaceTime Lure to Mobile Share Data Plans Conforms to FCC Rules

comScore: Android Has Two-Thirds of Smartphone Market in Japan; iOS Has One-Third

MacNN: Anonymous Developers Says Current OS X 10.8.1 beta Improves Battery Life for Mountain Lion Laptops

Fair Labor Association Says While Work Remains, Progress Made by Apple and Foxconn on Workers’ Rights is Commendable

Barclays Analyst Sees Set-Top Box More Likely Than Full-On Apple Television Near-Term

Microsoft Adds Touch Support to Office Wb Apps for Windows 8 and iOS

The Three Amigos Ride Again on the 17 August MacCast

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