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Mac OS Ken: 08.21.2012

CEOs of Apple and Samsung Meet; Fail to Reach Resolution

CNET: Judge Koh Concerned Over Potential Jury Confusion in Verdict Phase

FBR Capital Analyst Sees Apple Selling 250 Million “iPhone 5s” Over Product Lifecycle

iPodNN: A Number of Resellers Running Out of iPod nanos

9 to 5 Mac: German Rewards Program Unable to Deliver “Old” iPod nano Ahead of Expected Refresh

Walmart Sells $100 in iTunes Credit for $80 (Plus Your Email and Physical Addresses)

The Loop: Apple Boasts 50,000 Genius Bar Appointments a Day

Former Apple Press Event Producer Sues for Wrongful Termination and Compensation for Restricted Stock Loss

Fortune: A Few Analysts Are Now “Underwater” on Their Apple Targets

Apple Ends Monday as Most Valuable Public Company Ever

Fortune: Microsoft is Actually the Most Valuable Public Company Ever (Circa 1999 (Accounting for Inflation))

TechCrunch: No Really IBM is the Most Valuable Public Company Ever (Circa 1967 (Accounting for Inflation))

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