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Mac OS Ken: 08.15.2012

iMore: iPad mini Will Be Thinner and Lighter Than iPad, Though Not Much Smaller

IHS/iSuppli: iPad Extends Tablet Lead to Just Under 70-Percent Worldwide in 2Q CY2012

Dell, Lenovo and Samsung Announced as Early Vendors for Windows RT Machines

Engadget: Rumor Has Microsoft Surface Tablet for Windows RT Starting at $199

Gartner: Android Widens Its Lead Over iOS in Smartphones

Sprint Selling 16GB iPhone 4S for $149 and Tossing $100 Gift-Card in as a Bonus

Business Insider: Apple Matching Sprint Gift Card Deal with $100 Store Credit for Sprint Phones Bought at Apple Stores

Electronista: Deutsche Telekom Starts a Sort of Pre-Registration for Next iPhone in Germany

Apple Releases (PRODUCT) RED Bumper for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Munster Expects 5-Percent Mac Growth Worldwide for This Quarter Despite Apparent Downturn Spotted in NPD Research

CNET: Judge Koh Seems Really Displeased with the Lawyers in the Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Trial

Apple Opening Two New Canadian Stores This Saturday 18 August

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