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Mac OS Ken: 08.09.2012

IDC: iPhone Grows 27.5% Y-o-Y in 2Q; Controls 16.9% of Smartphone Market Worldwide

NPD: iPhone Grabs 31% or US Smartphone Market in 2Q; Samsung Takes 24%

iPad Dominates the Tablet Space in China (Not as Big as It Might Be)

Apple Offering Refurbished iPad with Retina Display at $50 Discount

Fortune: Munster and Reitzes Weigh the Full-On Apple Television Possibilities

Jefferies & Co. Analyst Makes Up a Story About Samsung Buying RIM or Licensing BlackBerry 10

Bernstein Analyst Makes Up a Story (Maybe) About Apple COnsidering a Stock Split

Apple v. Samsung v. Apple: 2010 Samsung Memo Says Its Stuff Would Be Better If It Was More Like Apple’s

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