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Mac OS Ken: 08.08.2012

Munster: Google/Apple Split on iPhone Springboard Signals “Phase Three” of the Smartphone Wars

Juniper Research: BYOD Tablets and Smartphones to Reach 350 Million Units in the Enterprise by 2014

Bloomberg Looks at the Ridiculously Symbiotic Relationship Between Apple and Samsung

Acer Chairman and CEO Urges Microsoft to Abandon Surface Tablet Plans

Barclays Capital Analyst Sees Zero PC Growth for 2012 Thanks to Tablets and Confusion Around Windows 8 and Ultrabooks

Creative Strategies’ Tim Bajarin Ponders the Problems of Ultrabooks

Apple Releases Xcode 4.4.1

Kodak Auction of 1,100 Patents Starts Today

Apple Genius Ads Are Off the Air After Decidedly Short Run

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