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Mac OS Ken: 08.02.2012

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NPD DisplaySearch Expects 7.85-Inch Panel Production for “iPad mini” to Start This Month

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Thinks Record July for Wintek Means Work on “iPad mini” has Begun

ComScore: iOS Gaining on Android (Though Android is Still Growing)

Business Insider: Apple Only Has Apple to Blame If iPhone Sales Are Weak This Quarter

BGR: Sources Says AT&T Retail is Steering Customers Away from iPhone, an Allegation the Death Star Denies

Cult of Mac: Blogger Sees Anti-iPhone Bias at Verizon Retail Store

From May: CNN/Money Sees a Possible Bias Against the iPhone at Verizon

Apple Brings BTO Options for Low-End Retina Display MBPs Back to Online Store; Adds iWork Preinstall to Any New Mac

Apple Introduces, Pulls, Then Reintroduces Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter

Amazon Launches Instant Video App for iPad in iOS App Store

Apple and P.A. Semi Vet Headed to AMD

Fusion-io Throws Surprise Birthday Party for Woz at SF MoMA

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