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Mac OS Ken: 07.31.2012

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Apple Says OS X Mountain Lion Downloaded Over 3-Million Times in First Four Days

Apple Seeds Lion 10.7.5 beta to Developers

iLounge: Secret Source Seems to Confirm Mid-September iPhone Announcement

All Things D: September 12 Date for Apple Event “Confirmed”

Strategy Analytics: iPhone Gains Share and Android Loses Share in 2Q CY2012 Versus 2Q CY2011

Jury Selected in U.S. Apple v. Samsung Trial

Apple Sued by Taiwan University Over Alleged Patent Infringement in Siri

NYC Police Commissioner: 40% of Things stolen in NYC are iThings

NY State Audit Says NYC MTA Slanted Bidding for Grand Central Location in Apple’s Favor

Microsoft Admits in 10-K That Making the Surface Might Bother Partners and Smartphones and Tablets Might Hurt PCs

Apple Design Knight Jony Ive Speaks in Posters and T-Shirts About Apple

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Mac OS Ken: 07.30.2012

This Week’s Show Sponsored by Vimov - Makers of Weather HD, Which Gets a Really Pretty Update on Tuesday

iMore: Secret Sources Says New iPhone and iPad Mini to be Announced on 12 September

Best Buy Reduces iPhone 4 Price to $49.99 (with New 2-Year Contract)

Apple Agrees to Buy Biometrics and NFC Firm AuthenTec for $356 Million

Apple Purchase of AuthenTec Could Be Slowed by Shareholder-Related Investigation

NYT: Apple Was Thinking About Investing in Twitter at One Point and May Think Again About Investing in Twitter

WSJ: Apple Investing in Twitter Talk was So 2011

Apple Legal Still Slugging Away at Amazon for Using the Term “Appstore”

5 Injured at Far-East Enclosure Maker Catcher

Google Brings Photorealistic 3D-Maps to iOS via Google Earth App

Nokia Stops Production at Lone Remaining Plant in Finland

Apple Has New Ads on TV (You May Already Hate Them)

Forbes: Proview Lawyers Want iPad Trademark Turned Over to Them (Not Apple) Until Proview (Not Apple) Pays Them

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Mac OS Ken: 07.27.2012

Apple v. Samstuff: Court Documents Show Apple Pulling in 49-58% Gross Margins on iPhone and 23-32% Gross Margins on iPad

Apple v. Samstuff: Court Documents Reveal Prototype iPhones and iPads

Apple v. Samstuff: Samsung May Try to Use Sony-Inspired iPhone Design Exercise Against Apple in Trial

Apple v. Samstuff: Documents Show Awareness by Samsung Employees of Similarities to Apple Products, Perhaps Enough to Confuse Consumers

Apple v. Samstuff: Documents Show Google and Designers Warning Samsung Against Too Much Similarity to iThings

Apple v. Samstuff: Settlement Talks Last Week End in Stalemate

Apple v. Samstuff: Apple WOuld Like $2.525 Billion from Samsung

Apple v. Samstuff: Judge Koh Denies Samsung Request to Increase Time and Number of Exhibits at Trial

Apple Gets EU-wide Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7; Denied Injunctions Against Galaxy Tab 10.1N and Galaxy Nexus

London Court Stays Apple Court Ordered Samsung Messages, Pending Appeal

BTIG Analyst Thinks Longer Upgrade Cycles at Carriers Hurt iPhone Sales in Apple 3Q FY2012

Windows Malware Spotted Tied to App in iOS App Store

Now Safari 6 for Windows

Apple Opening New Store in Barcelona on 28 July

Time Names Steve Jobs One of the 20 Most Influential People in American History

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Mac OS Ken: 07.26.2012

Apple Releases Mountain Lion

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Re-Issues Up-to-Date Promo Codes for Mountain Lion Shows Application Compatibility with Mountain Lion Before Making the Upgrade

Apple Issues MacBook Air Firmware Update 1.6 to Bring Mountain Lion’s “Power Nap” to Mid-2011 MacBook Airs

Apple Releases Safari 6.0

Apple Updates iWork, iPhoto, iMovie and Aperture

Apple Updates iWork for iOS Titles to v1.6.1 to Add iCloud Synchronization 

Apple Updates Xcode, Remote Desktop and iTunes U

Apple Updates iOS Podcasts App to Version 1.0.1

Apple Sends Out Reminders: beta Closes for Good on 31 July

Analysts Stay Strong on Apple Despite Disappointment in 3Q FY2012 Earnings

Fortune: Indies Miss 3Q Numbers in a Big Way, While Morgan Stanley’s Katey Huberty Comes Closest to a Bullseye

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Mac OS Ken: 07.25.2012

Apple Reports Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2012 Earnings, Beating Its Own Guidance While Missing Expectations

Apple Makes Third Quarter Earnings Call Available as a Podcast

Fortune Takes a Look at Apple’s Earnings Call

Apple Releasing Mountain Lion to Consumers Today Via Mac App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 07.24.2012

451/ChangeWave Survey Shows “Unprecedented” Demand for Apple’s Next iPhone; No Joy This Fall for Phone Makers Besides Apple and Samsung

Reuters Joins the Long Line of News Orgs Saying Apple Will Shrink Dock Connector in Next iPhone

iMore Source Says Apple Will Make a 19-Pin to 30-Pin Adaptor

WSJ: Apple Gets Paid for iThings Before It Pays for iThings

In-App Purchase Hacker Says iOS 6 Fix Kills In-App Purchase Hack

DoJ Bashes Apple’s Argument Against eBook Price Fixing Settlement Proposal

Wait Time for MacBook Pro with Retina Display in US Apple Store Drops to 1-2 Weeks

Apple Taps Martin Scorsese as Latest Pitchman for Siri and iPhone 4S

Rare Pixar Image Computer Up for Bids on eBay

Apple Reports 3Q FY2012 Earnings Today at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern

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Mac OS Ken: 07.23.2012

FBR Analyst Bullish on Apple, Though Concerned Over Last Quarter and This One

Bernstein Research Analyst Bullish on Apple, Though Concerned Over Last Quarter and This One

Verizon Reports iPhone Sales of 2.7 Million Units for the June Quarter, or Growth of 17% YoY

New iPad with Retina Display Sees Orderly Launch in China

Apple Offers Developers a Quick-Fix Against In-App Purchase Stealing; Promises Permanent Fix in iOS 6

Forbes: Russian Developer Replicates iOS In-App Purchase Stealing Hack for Mac App Store

20th Century Fox Brings Its Movies to iTunes in the Cloud

Apple Expands Countries Covered by iTunes Movies in the Cloud

Apple and Motorola Mobility Each Appeal Judge Posner’s June Dismissal of Their Suit/Countersuit

Apple Appealing Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Design Loss in the UK

Qantas Rolling Out iPad as In-Flight Entertainment on Domestic 767 Fleet

Report: Apple Building “Tactical” Data Center Next to Current Data Center in Maiden, NC

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Mac OS Ken: 07.20.2012

Big bummer. No news today.

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Mac OS Ken: 07.19.2012

Pacific Crest Analyst Thinks The Street Expects Too Much from Apple’s 3Q Earnings (Though He’s Still Bullish on Apple)

U.K. Judge Orders Apple to Post Messages and Run Ads Saying Samsung Did Not Copy the iPad with the Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Tries to Block Numerous References to Steve Jobs in Upcoming U.S. Trial

Judge Koh Bars Jobs’ “Thermonuclear War” Against Android Remarks from Upcoming Apple/Samsung Trial

Judge Koh Denies Joint Request by Apple and Samsung to Seal Most Documents in July 30th Trial

NY Senator Schumer Urges U.S. DoJ to “Drop the Apple E-Books Suit”

Apple Issues MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update 1.0 for Mid-2012 Machines

OMG: Apple Intros SMS Order Status Service ;)

Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection to Sue Apple Over Allegedly Misleading AppleCare Marketing

Apple Buys Land for Austin, Texas Expansion

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Mac OS Ken: 07.18.2012

WSJ: Next iPhone to Use In-LCD Touch Sensors for Thinner, Better Screens

Munster Marvels at Planned Purchases of Next iPhone

Morgan Stanley Analyst Thinks The Street Expects Too Much from Apple’s 3Q Earnings (Though She’s Still Bullish on Apple)

SMH: Australian Airline Qantas Drops BlackBerry for iPhone

Evercore Partners Analyst: 25% of Tablets Replacing PCs and Another 25% “Effectively” Replacing PCs

Apple Loses Design Patent Case Against Motorola Over Xoom in Germany

Wired: Apple Awarded Major Patent Covering Touchscreens, GUIs and Data

Apple Looking Into Audio Issues Between Some New MacBook Airs and  27” Thunderbolt Display

EPEAT Reviewing All Ultra-Think Laptops in Its Program (Not Because of Apple, Just Because (of Apple))

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Mac OS Ken: 07.17.2012

Munster Thinks 3Q iPhone Sales Concerns Are Overblown; Suggests Clients Buy Apple Ahead of Next Week’s Earnings Call

FT: European Wireless Carriers Reportedly Stocking Up on nano-SIMs in Preparation for Next iPhone

Munster Expects 5-Percent Year-Over-Year Growth for Mac in 3Q FY2012 Earnings Report

The Mac Observer: Samsung Expected to Widen Its Smartphone Sales Lead Over Apple

Macworld UK: Apple and Samsung Bicker Over Jury Instructions Ahead of U.S. Trial

iOS 6 beta 3 Brings in Email Option and Improved Apple Maps App

Fortune: Sources Say and Email Addresses will Still Work in World

Apple Releases New Developer Preview of Xcode 4.5 Along with iOS 6 beta 3

Apple Surprisingly Adds MacBook Pro with Retina Display to EPEAT Roster with “Gold” Status

Apple Plays Whack-a-Mole with Russian Developer Hacking the In-App Purchase System

Adobe Issues DIY Fix for InDesign Crashes on Updates Mid-2012 MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros

Google Nexus 7 Said to Be Sold Out in the States (Though What That Means is a Mystery)

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Mac OS Ken: 07.16.2012

9 to 5 Mac: Rumored Apple Retail Overnight May Hint at OS X Mountain Lion Release on Wednesday 25 July

Apple Brings Eligible Products Back to EPEAT

TUAW: Wait Times Improve for MacBook Pro with Retina Display

NYT: Secret Sources Say Apple Will Out a 7.85-inch iPad This Year

Apple Legal Sends Letters to U.S. Sellers of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Stop Selling the Device

Russian Developer Offers Method for Stealing In-App Purchases (and Gets Access to User Personal Data Too)

Apple Investigating Russian In-App Stealing Workaround

GigaOm: AT&T Drops Price on Nokia Lumia 900 to $49.99 (and Why It Won’t Help)

CNET: Why the Next iPhone Shouldn’t Be Called “iPhone”

NYT: Why Smartphones Should Be Called Trackers Instead

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Mac OS Ken: 07.13.2012

Nielsen: Android Still Top Smartphone OS in the States, Apple Still Top Smartphone Maker

Janney Capital Markets Analyst Ups Apple Target Based on Strength of Next iPhone

Business Insider: Amazon Plucks Windows Phone Exec from Microsoft (Second One This Year)

Needham & Co. Analyst Ups 3Q FY2012 iPad Sales Expectations to 20-Million Units

China Daily: Some Doubt New iPad’s Success in China Thanks to Grey Market and Long Delay

IDC: An iPad mini Released This Year Would Cement Apple’s Tablet Dominance Through 2016

Rumor: News Corp Mulls Killing Its Tablet-Only News Source “The Daily”

Google Dropping Chrome Development for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard After Version 21

Greenpeace Gives Apple Marginally Better Grades on Its Made-Up Data Center Report Card

Barrons: Citigroup is Not Down on Apple, It Just Lost Its Apple Guy

Apple Opens “Food and Drink” Category on iOS App Store with 2,800 Apps

Apple Reopens SoHo Store in NYC on 14 July at 10AM

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Mac OS Ken: 07.12.2012

IDC and Gartner Agree and Disagree on Mac Shipments for 2Q CY2012

Fortune: Apple Helped Create Original EPEAT Standards and is Helping with the EPEAT Update

Recent Versions of Adobe InDesign Crashing on New MacBook Pros and Airs

GetShell.A: Interesting Malware for Older Mac Operating Systems, PCs and Linux Machines

UK Retailer Currys/PC World Expects “Apple Mystery Product” to be a Top-Seller This Holiday Season

Microsoft COO: 44 Stores by June of 2013

WSJ Hears Rumors Indicating Amazon Smartphone in the Works

Tim Cook Spotted at Allen & Co. Event

Ronald Wayne to Open and Attend the Appule Pro User Live Expo in London

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Mac OS Ken: 07.11.2012

Barclays Capital Analyst: Possible Negatives in Apple 3Q Earnings Already Factored-In

BMO Analyst Raises Apple Target Price to $700 Despite Potential Near Term Misses

Bernstein Research Analyst Think T-Mobile USA Could FInally Get the iPhone in 2013

San Francisco Says No More Macs for City Agencies After Apple Withdraws from EPEAT Program

The Loop: Apple Touts Environmental Friendliness of Its Computers Despite EPEAT Withdrawal

iPad with Retina Display Set for Sale in China Beginning 20 July

Ballmer Indicates Microsoft Taking Serious Aim at Apple

Ballmer: Surface is a Design Point (Against Which Partners will Have to Compete)

WSJ Says Google Close to Settling Safari Cookie Case for $22.5 Million

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Mac OS Ken: 07.10.2012

Apple Releases Gold Master of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to Developers

Apple Releases Gold Master Seed of Xcode 4.4 and Urges Developers to Submit Their Mountain Lion Apps

Speculation: Mountain Lion May Check to Make Sure a Mac Can Run Mountain Lion Before Downloading

Apple Reportedly Targeting for Takedown Sites Offering Access to the iOS 6 beta for Non-Developer Program Members

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Sees Weakness for Apple’s Taiwanese Suppliers (Though He’s Still Stoked About Apple)

Munster: At $299, Apple Could Sell 4-6 Million “iPad minis” in the Holiday Quarter

Apple Sees Slight Smartphone Share Decline in Russia as Samsung’s Share More Than Doubles

Apple Sees Smartphone Share Nearly Double in China as Market Grows 164%

Apple Moves from 111th to 55th Place on 2012 Fortune Global 500

UK Judge Says Samsung Galaxy Tabs to Do Not Infringe iPad Design Patents Because They’re Not as Cool

Macworld UK: Outrage Over 12+ Rating for iOS App “Pole Dancer Pro”

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Mac OS Ken: 07.09.2012

Wedge Partners Analyst Suggests Drawing Down iPhone Sales Expectation for Last Quarter and Current Quarter

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Likes the Idea of the iPad-mini

Apple Withdraws Product Line from EPEAT Certification Program

Federal Court Temporarily Suspends Temporary Injunction Against Galaxy Nexus

German Court Sets Dates for Apple Trials Against Samsung and Motorola

Apple Sued for Alleged Patent Infringement and Breach of Contract by Noise Free Wireless

Samsung and Apple Take First and Second in Recent Survey of Top Brands in Asia

Help Wanted Ad Indicates 15th Apple Store in the Works for Australia

Vancouver Boutique Hotel Replaces Room Phones with iPhones

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Mac OS Ken: 07.06.2012

WSJ Hears Talk of an iPad mini

Bloomberg: Amazon Developing a Smartphone of Its Own

App Store Hit by Bug Causing Updated Apps to Crash

Apple Acknowledges iOS Updated Apps Crash Bug

Apple Fixes iOS Updated Apps Crash Bug

Macworld: Trojan Horse Found In (and Removed From) iOS App Store

Fortune: Apple Loses Against HTC in Courts Both Here and Abroad

Apple and Samsung Whittle Down Claims Ahead of US Case

Google Pushing Update to Eliminate Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ban; Plans to Request Review of Apple-Held Patent

Munster Sees Apple Adding a Few Verticals a Year to Siri’s Services

Apple Sued in China Over Alleged Patent Violation in Siri

Best Buy Test Stores Seem to Take Cues from Apple Retail

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Mac OS Ken: 07.04/05.2012

Secret Sources Tell Bloomberg That a Low-Cost iPad-Mini is Coming by Year’s End

NPD: Tablets to Overtake Laptops in Mobile PC Share in 2017

Sharp Sales Fall for Wintek Could Mean In-Cell Panels for Next iPhone

O2 UK: Study Shows People Using Smartphones as Everything But Phones

Amazon Reportedly Buys Its Way Into the 3D-Mapping Game with Purchase of UpNext

Apple Appeals Latest Charges by Italian Competition and Marketing Authority

Kodak Gets Go-Ahead to Sell Patents Despite Apple Protests

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview for Rent Through iTunes

Cult of Mac: Apple Loads Retina Display MacBook Pro with 10 Liquid Sensors

Horace Dediu: PC to Mac Sales Ratio Back to 1985’s 20-to-1

Fortune’s Elmer-DeWitt Figures 2003’s Release of iTunes for Windows Started the Ratio's Return

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Mac OS Ken: 07.03.2012

TUAW: Apple Sets 3QFY2012 Earnings Call for 24 July, Which May Mean Mountain Lion on 25 July

ComScore: Android Still Dominant in the States with iOS a Strong Second; Samsung First in Smartphones with Apple in Third

NetApplications: iOS Owns Mobile Web Share, Mac Shows Slow and Steady Growth

Apple Updates iOS Device-Management App Configurator to v1.1

Apple Adding “Food and Drink” Category to iOS App Store

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Likes the Way the Apple v. Samsung Things is Going

Italian Competition and Market Authority Still Upset with Apple Over AppleCare

Apple Reminds beta Users to Clear Out Their Things by 31 July

UK Retailer John Lewis Sees Strong Sales in Electronics Thanks Largely to New iPad

HP Opts Out of Making ARM-Based Windows RT Tablets

CA Governor Gives Apple’s Spaceship Campus Special Review Designation

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Mac OS Ken: 07.02.2012

Goldman Sachs Analyst: Current Crop of iOS Users Worth $295 Billion to Apple

Bernstein Research Analyst Concerned Over Possible 3Q FY2012 Weakness for iPhone in China (Though He Leaves His Numbers Unchanged)

Munster: Typing Into Google Yields Better Comprehension and Accuracy Than Talking to Siri

Chinese Court Says Apple and Proview Settle iPad Trademark Suit for $60 Million

Apple Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung-Made Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Files Motion to Appeal Galaxy Nexus Preliminary Injunction

Judge Koh Denies Entirety of Huge Summary Judgement Motion Brought by Samsung

Google: Chrome Browser Issue Was Crashing and Freezing New MacBook Airs

CNET: Best Buy Discounts New MacBook Airs and MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple Closes MobileMe, Though Leaves Time to Transfer Files to iCloud

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