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Mac OS Ken: 06.29.2012

JP Morgan Analysts Lowers Expectations for All Hardware Companies Including Apple (Though His Apple Target is Still Sky High)

Apple Has Posted $2.6 Million Bond Putting Into Effect the Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Google Launches Chrome Browser for iOS

Google Launches Google Drive for iOS

Google Nexus Q: Designed and Made in the USA

China Labor Watch: Workers’ Rights Problems Persist in Apple’s Supply Chain

Topeka Capital Analyst: Rumored Battery Problems for Next iPhone Are No Cause for Alarm

Bob Mansfield - Apple Senior VP of Hardware Engineering - Retiring

Apple VP and Corporate Controller Betsy Rafael Retiring in October

Virgin Mobile Opens 10 Stores in Chicago Today, Coordinated with Its Pre-Paid iPhone Launch

Apple Opening Three New Stores This Weekend

ModBook II: ModBook Pro Set for Sale This Fall

Bill Gates Says Cheap Laptops Better for Education Than Tablets

Strategy Analytics: iPhone Generates $150 Billion in First Five-Years, Says Next Five Will Be Tougher

Business Insider Lays Out Some Staggering Stats for the iPhone’s Fifth Birthday

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