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Mac OS Ken: 06.25.2012

Cricket Sees “Brisk” Customer Activity Around Friday Release of Prepaid iPhone

Samsung Touts “Easy Phone Sync” App for Moving (Some) Content from iPhones to Galaxy Phones

Judge Posner Dismisses Apple Versus Motorola Case with Prejudice

Apple Sues HTC Over Alleged FRAND Licensing Abuse

DoJ Case Against Apple Over Alleged eBook Price-Fixing Set for 3 June 2013

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Opens Testing of Mountain Lion to Its Retail Employees

Apple Opens 23rd Canadian Store

Far-East ODMs Say They Think Ivy Bridge and Windows 8 Will Lead to Resurgence of the Laptop

Acer EMEA President Angry Over Microsoft Surface

The New York Times Outlines Apple Retail and Its Relationship with Employees (and Why I’m Not Talking About it Yet)

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