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Mac OS Ken: 06.08.2012

Sprint’s Virgin Mobile to Start Prepaid iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Sales and Service on June 29 in the States

Shaw Wu: Investors and Analysts Need to Stop Worrying About iPhone and Carrier Subsidies

CIRP: iPhone Pulling Customers from Android and BlackBerry; iPad 2 Fares Well in Second Discounted Month

Apple Offers to Settle Australian “iPad + 4G” Issue for $2.25 Million

Bloomberg: Secret Sources Say Apple Adding Baidu as Built-In Search Option for iPhone in China

Munster: Apple Dropping Google Maps from iOS Not Likely to Hurt Google Near Term

Samsung Ups Its Head of Chips and Screens to CEO of Company

Judge Posner Cancels Apple/Motorola Mobility Patent Infringement Trial

Apple Insider Says New “Look-and-Feel” Patent for MacBook Air Could Lead to Lawsuits Against Ultrabook Makers

RIM Killing 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook and Focusing on 32GB and 64GB Models

LinkedIn, and eHarmony All See Password Leaks This Week

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