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Mac OS Ken: 06.29.2012

JP Morgan Analysts Lowers Expectations for All Hardware Companies Including Apple (Though His Apple Target is Still Sky High)

Apple Has Posted $2.6 Million Bond Putting Into Effect the Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Google Launches Chrome Browser for iOS

Google Launches Google Drive for iOS

Google Nexus Q: Designed and Made in the USA

China Labor Watch: Workers’ Rights Problems Persist in Apple’s Supply Chain

Topeka Capital Analyst: Rumored Battery Problems for Next iPhone Are No Cause for Alarm

Bob Mansfield - Apple Senior VP of Hardware Engineering - Retiring

Apple VP and Corporate Controller Betsy Rafael Retiring in October

Virgin Mobile Opens 10 Stores in Chicago Today, Coordinated with Its Pre-Paid iPhone Launch

Apple Opening Three New Stores This Weekend

ModBook II: ModBook Pro Set for Sale This Fall

Bill Gates Says Cheap Laptops Better for Education Than Tablets

Strategy Analytics: iPhone Generates $150 Billion in First Five-Years, Says Next Five Will Be Tougher

Business Insider Lays Out Some Staggering Stats for the iPhone’s Fifth Birthday

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Mac OS Ken: 06.28.2012

Maynard Um Moves to Wells Fargo and Restarts Apple Coverage with “Outperform” Rating

MacRumors: Some Enterprise Buyers See Delays of Up to a Month on Launch-Day Orders of MacBook Pro with Retina Display

The Telegraph Seems Curmudgeonly on Technology

The Mac Observer Runs Down the 7-Inch Google Nexus Tablet

Google Intros Nexus Q Streaming Device for $299

Financial Analysts See Google Announcements as Attempts to Build an Ecosystem to Take on the iOS Ecosystem

Apple TV Now for Sale in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam

MacNN: iOS 6 beta for Apple TV Allows Users to Rearrange Onscreen Icons

Bloomberg: Secret Sources Say Big Changes Coming for iTunes by Year’s End

Samsung Plans to Appeal Preliminary Injunction Ruling Against Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales in the States

Reno, NV Approves Tax Breaks to Lure Apple Data Center

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Mac OS Ken: 06.27.2012

Judge Koh Issues Preliminary Injunction Barring Sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S.

Apple Pulls iPhone GUI Complaint From Next Month’s Samsung Trial

William Blair Analyst: iPhone Not Currently the Top Selling Smartphone in Verizon Stores

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Says iPhone Still Top-Selling Smartphone for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint

CIRP: Sprint May Be Too Late to iPhone Game

Barclays Capital Sees Strength for Samsung Galaxy S III in Lull Ahead of Next iPhone

Apple Releases Standalone “Podcasts” App for iOS

Apple Opens iTunes Store Music Sales and Video Sales and Rentals in 12 New Regions in Asia

Apple Releases Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.14 Adding RAW Support for Three Canons and One Sony

Apple Reportedly Lining Up Data Center for Reno, Nevada

Vizio and Sony Plan Google TV Set Top Boxes for the Summer

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Mac OS Ken: 06.26.2012

Apple Seeds Second beta of iOS 6 to Developers

Google Exec Says Company Still Plans “Amazing Google Maps Experience” for iOS

USITC to Review Motorola Mobility Patent Infringement Decision Against Apple

Apple Softens Security Language on Mac Promo Site

WSJ: Orbitz Pitching Pricier Deals to Mac Users Than to PC Users

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Launches New “Pathways” Training Program for Retail Employees

I Finally Read the NYT Appel Retail Piece and Came Away with No “News”

Google X Labs Spot Signs of Machine Learning

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Mac OS Ken: 06.25.2012

Cricket Sees “Brisk” Customer Activity Around Friday Release of Prepaid iPhone

Samsung Touts “Easy Phone Sync” App for Moving (Some) Content from iPhones to Galaxy Phones

Judge Posner Dismisses Apple Versus Motorola Case with Prejudice

Apple Sues HTC Over Alleged FRAND Licensing Abuse

DoJ Case Against Apple Over Alleged eBook Price-Fixing Set for 3 June 2013

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Opens Testing of Mountain Lion to Its Retail Employees

Apple Opens 23rd Canadian Store

Far-East ODMs Say They Think Ivy Bridge and Windows 8 Will Lead to Resurgence of the Laptop

Acer EMEA President Angry Over Microsoft Surface

The New York Times Outlines Apple Retail and Its Relationship with Employees (and Why I’m Not Talking About it Yet)

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Mac OS Ken: 06.22.2012

Shaw Wu Expects Sixth-Gen iPhone to be a “True World Phone” and Land on China Mobile

Jefferies and Co. Analyst Thinks iPhone Subsidies and the Next One Will Be the Biggest Seller Yet

Apple Opens App Store to 32 Additional Countries

Judge Posner Mad at Motorola and Angry at Apple

Judge Koh Lays Ground Rules in Apple v. Samsung Case

DoJ Accuses Apple of Trying to Speed the DoJ Case Against Apple

Proview Creditor Appeals to Have Company Declared Bankrupt

Chinese Consumers’ Association Takes Apple to Task for Repair Policies

UK Retailer Argos Sees Best Sales in Three-Years on Back of New iPad

UK Retailer Dixons Sees Better Than Expected Quarterly Sales Thanks Largely to the New iPad

Apple Retail Employees Getting Significant Raises

Apple Schedules Kids Camps for Summer 2012

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Mac OS Ken: 06.21.2012

Apple Insider: China Unicom President Confident in New Deal for iPhone by the End of This Month

Apple Fined $2.25 Million AU for iPad + 4G Marketing Down Under

Apple Loses 3G Patent Suit Brought by Samsung in the Netherlands

TMO: Apple Free to Pursue Injunction Blocking Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales in the States

Hon Hai Precision Industry Chairman Says iPhone 5 Will Put Shame in Samsung Galaxy III’s Game

Reuters: Secret Sources Say Microsoft Gave Closest Partners 3-Days Notice on Tablet Plans and Gave Second Closest No Notice

One Gartner Analyst and One Forrester Analyst Think Microsoft is Not Overly Interested in Selling Its Surface Tablets

Acer Founder Sees Microsoft Getting Out of Tablets Once OEMs Follow Surface’s Example

CNET: Windows Phone 8 Will Not Run on Any Windows Phones Available Today

All Things D: Windows Phone 8 Uses OS Kernel and Components from Windows 8

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Mac OS Ken: 06.20.2012

Topeka Capital Analyst Sees Nothing for Apple to Fear in Microsoft’s Surface Tablets

Shaw Wu Says ARM-Based Microsoft Surface Needs to Be Priced at or Below $199 to Gain Traction

J. Gold and IDC Analysts Both Worry Over Price of Surface Tablet Plus Keyboard Covers 

Charlie Wolf Thinks Lack of Native Apps and Competition with OEMs Could Hinder Microsoft and Its Surface Play

Microsoft Only Plans to Sell Surface Tablets at Its Own Stores or Its Own Online Store

LG Bails on Tablet Development for Sharper Focus on Smartphones

WSJ: Sources Say Google Launching Low-Cost Google/Asus Android Tablet in the Coming Weeks

Apple Launches New TV Ad for New iPad with Retina Display

Apple Seeds First beta of Last Likely Lion Update to Developers

Apple Makes WWDC Session Videos Available to Registered Members of Its Developer Program

Filemaker Launches Bento 4 for iPad in App Store

Google Launches Native iOS App for Google Offers

Kodak Sues Apple Over Claims on 10 of Its Patents

U.S. Senator Quizzes Apple and Google on Mapping Technologies and Requests Concessions

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Mac OS Ken: 06.19.2012

Topeka Capital Analyst Says Apple Poised to Post Highest Profits of Any Publicly Traded Company in History This Year

DigiTimes Sources Say Apple More Focused on Supply Chain with Tim Cook as CEO

Apple Issues Preview 4 of Mountain Lion to Developers with Signs of PowerNap and Facebook Integration

Computerworld: Replacement of Bigger Battery in Retina MacBook Pro Comes with Bigger Price Tag

Apple Releases Updated Thunderbolt Update

Munster Issues Shocker: Developers at WWDC Like Developing for iOS More Than Other Mobile Operating Systems

Macworld UK: Apple Implementing Data Isolation Privacy Initiative in iOS 6

Siri May Still Ride Shotgun with Ford

MacNN: Apple Extends Its Exclusivity for Use of Liquidmetal Technologies IP in Electronics Through 2014

Microsoft Rebrands Old Surface as PixelSense to Brand Its New Tablets “Surface”

Microsoft Building Its Own Line of Windows 8 and Windows RT Tablets Dubbed “Surface”

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Mac OS Ken: 06.18.2012

Credit Suisse Analyst Falls In Love China + Apple All Over Again

Report: iOS 6 to Include Cellular Version of Emergency Alert System in the States

Rumor: Apple to Break Podcasts Out Into Their Own App in iOS 6

iOS 6 beta Includes Gay and Lesbian Couple Emojis

Head of Apple’s iAd New York Office Leaves for Video Ad Network AdColony

Apple Insider: Rumor Has Apple Planning Meetings for Retail in the U.S. Around 24 June

Fortune: The iPad’s Mixed Up Place in China

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Mac OS Ken: 06.15.2012

Early MacBook Pro with Retina Display Orders Expected to Arrive Next Week

IDC Expects iPad to Regain Ground Lost to Android Tablets Last Year

All Things D: Microsoft Holing Press Event Monday, Windows 8 and Windows RT Tablet Demos Expected

All Things D: Rumor Has Microsoft Making Its Own Windows 8 and Windows RT Tablets

Business Insider: Microsoft May Charge Partners $85 Per-Tablet for Windows RT License

Time, Inc. Brings 20 Titles to iOS Newsstand

Amazon Updates Kindle App for iOS with Support for Children’s Books, Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Asymco’s Dediu Estimates iOS App Economy Generates $4.3 Billion a Year

MacNN: Apple Pulls Troublesome Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2 from Site After Reported Boot Issues

Baidu Exec Says His Company will Share Ad Revenue as Part of iOS 6 Search Option Deal

Chinese Court Holds Off on Decision in iPad Trademark Case as Negotiations Continue Between Apple and Proview

Judge In Apple v. Motorola Mobility Case to Allow “Traditional Injunction Hearing”

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Mac OS Ken: 06.14.2012

iFixIt Gives MacBook Pro with Retina Display a 1-Out-of-10 for Repairability

Apple Launches 2012 Back-to-School Promotion with $100 Dollar iTunes Gift Card for Macs and $50 iTunes Gift Card for Latest iPad

Apple Releases Java Updates for Snow Leopard and Lion Same Day as Oracle

Apple Issues MacBook Air (Mid 2012) Software Update 1.0

Apple Updates Apple Store iOS App with Express Checkout and Location-Based Quick Pickup Feature

Apple Fails in Move to Block Samsung Galaxy S III Launch in U.S.

Judge Koh Okays Lawsuit Over Locationgate (Though Not on Privacy Concerns)

HTC Drops Appeal of One (of Many) Cases Against Apple Before the USITC

Court Says Kodak Can Sell Patents That May Be Part Owned by Apple (As Long As Buyers Are Made Aware)

Amazon Releases Cloud Player App for iPhone and iPod touch

Microsoft Updates My Xbox Live App for iOS Devices

All Things D: Secret Sources Say Apple will Kill Ping with Next Major iTunes Release

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Mac OS Ken: 06.13.2012

Macworld UK: Apple Ups iOS and OS X Features for China (with Good Reason)

Apple Releases WWDC Keynote as a Podcast

See the full Tim Cook at D10 Video (Finally) at

Analysts on Apple’s WWDC Keynote: Part I

Analysts on Apple’s WWDC Keynote: Part II

Forrester and Gartner Analysts Say MacBook Pro with Retina Display Puts Apple Far Ahead of the Competition

MacBook Pro with Retina Display Has TV Commercial and 3-4 Week Wait

Apple Releases MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) Software Update 1.0 for Newest Machines

Apple Updates iMovie to v9.0.6 for Retina Display MacBook Pro, Also Adds Support for New Languages

Cult of Mac: Apple Pulls Messages for Mac beta Ahead of Mountain Lion Release

Some Mac Users Report Serious Issues After Thunderbolt 1.2 Update

Fortune Notes Lack of Public Transportation and Walking Directions in iOS 6 Maps App Demonstration

Turn-by-Turn and Flyover in Maps Limited to iPhone 4S or Later and iPad 2 or Later

Nine Automakers Adding Siri Integration for “Eyes Free” Feature in iOS 6

Email from CEO Cook Indicates Mac Pro Refresh Coming in 2013

Fortune Gives Props to 9 to 5 Mac’s Mark Gurman for Hitting 7-Out-of-8 Rumors Ahead of WWDC Keynote

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Mac OS Ken: 06.12.2012

Apple Updates MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Lines

Apple Introduces Way Thin, 15-Inch Next Generation MacBook Pro

Gruber Likens Next Generation MacBook Pro to 2008’s MacBook Air

Apple Announces July Release of OS X Mountain Lion for $19.99

Apple Shows Off a Few New Features of iOS 6

Apple Gives Mac Pro a Quite Speed-Bump, No Other Changes

Apple Discontinues the 17-Inch MacBook Pro

Apple Quietly Releases New AirPort Express with Simultaneous Dual-Band Wifi and AirPlay Support

Apple Updates AirPort Utility for iOS to v1.1

Apple Updates iTunes to v. 10.6.3 (Mostly for iOS 6 Developer Support)

Apple Issues Update for Thunderbolt Macs and Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Compatibility

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Mac OS Ken: 06.11.2012

Banner Spotted Friday References iOS 6 at WWDC

iPodNN: New iOS 6 beta Fails to Show for Original iPad and All But Current iPod touch

WSJ: Apple Plans Kinder, Gentler Way to Track iOS Usage

A Few Financial Analysts on Apple Ahead of WWDC

Application Touting “Retina Graphics” Shows Up in Mac App Store

R.W. Baird Analyst Sees No Cause for iPhone Subsidy Concerns

IMS Research: iPad 2 Helps Drive Tablet ASP Down 21-Percent in 1Q CY2012

Apple Pursuit of Samsung Galaxy S III Ban Could Delay Full Apple v. Samsung Case in U.S. by Months

Romney Runs iAd Campaign, First Politician to Do So

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Mac OS Ken: 06.08.2012

Sprint’s Virgin Mobile to Start Prepaid iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Sales and Service on June 29 in the States

Shaw Wu: Investors and Analysts Need to Stop Worrying About iPhone and Carrier Subsidies

CIRP: iPhone Pulling Customers from Android and BlackBerry; iPad 2 Fares Well in Second Discounted Month

Apple Offers to Settle Australian “iPad + 4G” Issue for $2.25 Million

Bloomberg: Secret Sources Say Apple Adding Baidu as Built-In Search Option for iPhone in China

Munster: Apple Dropping Google Maps from iOS Not Likely to Hurt Google Near Term

Samsung Ups Its Head of Chips and Screens to CEO of Company

Judge Posner Cancels Apple/Motorola Mobility Patent Infringement Trial

Apple Insider Says New “Look-and-Feel” Patent for MacBook Air Could Lead to Lawsuits Against Ultrabook Makers

RIM Killing 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook and Focusing on 32GB and 64GB Models

LinkedIn, and eHarmony All See Password Leaks This Week

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Mac OS Ken: 06.07.2012

Wedge Partners Analyst Sees WWDC as Catalyst for Apple Shares; Redesigned MacBooks the Greatest Expectation

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Sees No Hurt in Windows-Based Ultrabooks for MacBook Air

Apple Insider: Part Numbers List Shows 14 New Macs Coming Soon

Jefferies & Co. Analyst Sees a Way Telcos Could Subsidize Apple Television (Though He Thinks It’d Be Surprising)

KGI Analyst Expects Next iPhone to Have Taller Screen with 16:9 Aspect Ration and Sales of Up to 70-Million Units This Year

Apple Seeks Preliminary Injunction Barring Sale of Samsung Galaxy S III in the States

Apple Files New Patent Infringement Complaint Against HTC with the USITC

Hashed Passwords of Six-Million LinkedIn Users Stolen

Google Shows Off New Features for Google Maps and Google Earth

Microsoft Kills Zune Brand Entirely, Replaces it With Xbox Branding

Author Ray Bradbury Dead at 91-Years-Old

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Mac OS Ken: 06.06.2012

First WWDC 2012 Banners Go Up at Moscone Center

Barclays Capital Analyst Thinks WWDC Will Be Important and Cool

CNET Sees Signs of a New Mac Pro at WWDC

WSJ Backs Up Talk of Apple Dropping Google Maps for Its Own Tech in iOS 6

MarketWatch: Secret Sources Say Sprint’s Virgin Mobile to Be Second Prepaid iPhone Carrier in U.S. (Maybe Soon)

Cannacrod Genuity Analyst: Apple and Samsung to Control 52% of Worldwide Smartphone Sales in 2013

Cannacrod Genuity Analyst: Redesigned New iPhone Could Sell 50 Million Units in First Quarter of Availability

ChangeWave Survey Shows iPad Intent to Buy at 73%; No Other Tablet Above 8%

Apple Issues Minor Update for Apple TV

Google Acquires QuickOffice, Possibly for Expected Line of Nexus Tablets

Ron Johnson Backtracks from Changes Made at JCP

Corning Blows My Mind with Introduction of Willow Glass

Check Out Corning's Video on Willow Glass at

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Mac OS Ken: 06.05.2012

Samsung Drops One Complaint Against Apple Heading Into Yesterday’s ITC Hearing

Samsung Accuses Apple of Relying on Four of Its Patents Without Licensing Them When Entering the Smartphone Space

Samsung Launching Galaxy S III on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular in the States Later This Month

Business Insider: Samsung to Standardize Galaxy S III Across All Carriers in the States (Which is Apparently a New Thing)

ABI Research: Tablets Dominated by Apple in 1Q CY2012, Samsung a Distant Second

9 to 5 Mac: Secret Source Says Apple Will Announce Updates to 4-Out-of-5 of Its Mac Lines at WWDC Keynote

9 to 5 Mac: Secret Sources Say OS X Mountain Lion to Get Features from iOS 6

9 to 5 Mac: “Trusted Sources” Say Siri Heading to iPad in iOS 6

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Expects Next iPhone and an iPad mini in September

Singaporean Airline Plans to Save Fuel and Generate Revenue with iPad as In-Flight Entertainment

Best Buy Selling iTunes Cards at 15% Off Online and In-Store

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Mac OS Ken: 06.04.2012

9 to 5 Mac: Secret Sources Say iTunes, App Store and iBookstore for iThings Getting Redesigns in iOS 6

Google Invites Press to Google Maps Event Ahead of Apple’s WWDC

Apple Reminds MobileMe Users of Shutdown at End of June

Andy Zaky Expects Apple to Have $205 Billion in Cash at End of FY 2013

Munster: Apple Television Will Happen, Won’t Revolutionize Content (at First)

IHS iSuppli: Netflix First, Apple Second in Online Video Revenue in 2011

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Not Sure LEAP’s iPhone Risk will Lead to Needed Rewards

Apple Tops Gartner’s Eighth Annual Supply Chain Top 25

Judge in Apple v. Motorola Case Allows Android Tirade from Steve Jobs Bio as Evidence; Bars Sentimentality for Apple or Jobs

Apparent Patent Troll Sues Apple Over Alleged Patent Infringement

ETSI Apparently Approves Apple’s micro-SIM Proposal Over Nokia’s

Macworld UK: Apple Hiring Pizza Chefs for Its Sacramento-Campus

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Mac OS Ken: 06.01.2012

Leap Wireless Adding iPhone to Cricket Lineup on 22 June

Apple Extols Added Accessibility in Cricket iPhone Deal

ISI Group Analyst Figures Leap Wireless is Paying a $150 Subsidy on Each iPhone

Needham and Company Analyst Sees iPad Halo Shining on Macs in Asia-Pacific and Worries of Cannibalization in Some Western Markets

New Apple Laptops Likely Imminent with Release (Finally) of Intel Ivy Bridge Processors for Notebooks and Ultrabooks

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt Heard Nothing at D10 to Make an Apple Television Seem Inevitable

Video Turns Up on Makotakara of Alleged Front Panel for Next iPhone

ITC Judge Says He May Use “Cheech and Chong Test” in Apple Versus Samsung Case

Copious Steve Jobs Talk at D10: All Things Digital

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