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Mac OS Ken: 05.31.2012

Barclays Analyst Expects Flash-Based Drives for Next MacBook Pro Refresh

Nine-Hours of Apple Store Downtime Yields Nest Learning Thermostat

Munster Not Worried About iPad Cannibalization of the Mac

BGR: Secret Source Says Apple Will Show Off Brand New OS for Apple TV at WWDC

Gruber Warms to the Idea of an SDK for Apple TV at WWDC

Wifi + Cellular New iPad Appears to Get Regulatory Approval in China

Apple Moves to Have Civil Suit Over Alleged eBook Price Fixing Dropped (Again)

Reports Say Apple Has Bought or Is Buying Music Production Software Maker Redmatica

Microsoft Updates AutoUpdate Tool for Office for Mac 2008 and 2011

All Things D Posts Audio and Video Podcasts of Every Steve Jobs Appearance at D: All Things Digital Annual Conference

All Things D Posts Segments of the Tim Cook D10 Interview

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Mac OS Ken: 05.30.2012

Apple Sets WWDC Keynote for 10AM PDT/1PM EDT for June 11; Releases Event Schedule and Corresponding App for Attendees

BGR: Apple Putting Finishing Touches on New Maps App for iOS 6

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Expects Apple to Announce Its Television 2-to-6-Months Before Its Release

Pictures Surface Purportedly of Parts for Next iPhone

RBC Capital Markets Analyst Stuns World by Calling for New Apple Laptops This Quarter, a New iPhone in the Fall, and an Apple Television at Some Point

D10: Cook is Stoked About Siri, Mum on Televisions

Foxconn Reportedly Doubling Factory Worker Wages by End of 2013

Samsung Launches Music Hub Premium Service in Apparent Attempts to Catch Up to iTunes

Simon Pegg Appearing at Apple’s Regent Street Store at 6:30PM Today (Wednesday 30 May)

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Mac OS Ken: 05.29.2012

Gene Munster: 10 Things Taking Apple Shares to $1,000 in the Next Two Years

New iPad Lands in Guam and the Philippines Today

Cisco Kills Development of the Cius

Apple Launches Editors’ Choice Designation and App of the Week Promotion for App Store and Editors’ Choice for Mac App Store

NYT Blog: Facebook Taking Another Run at Building a Smartphone of Its Own

New Apple Retail Chief to Receive $56 Million in Apple Shares Over Next Five Years

MacNN: New Apple Retail Chief Moves Raises Up by Three Months

iLounge Says Apple Will Sell Nest Learning Thermostat Through Its Retail Locations

Sotheby’s Auctioning Off a Steve Jobs Atari Memo and an Apple I

Prototype iPad with Two Dock Connectors Sells on eBay for $10,200

Wired Names Sir Jony Ive Britain’s Most Powerful Tech Figure

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Mac OS Ken: 05.28.2012

Spending the day away from news, today we hear from David Sparks about his new iBook - Paperless

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Mac OS Ken: 05.25.2012

IDC: Android and iOS Account for 82-Percent of Smartphones Sold in 1Q CY2012

Sharp and Foxconn to Jointly Produce Display Panels for iPhone

Forrester Analyst Envisions an Apple Television That’s Not a Television (It’s Just as Big and Pricey as One)

Sir Jony Ive Tells the BBC He Wants to Stay at Apple

Apple VP of Europe Reportedly Resigns

One Year Later, Pleased with Web App for Paid Content Over Native iOS App

Apple Pulls Rogue Amoeba App Airfoil Speakers Touch from iOS App Store Without Explanation

Apple Updates Aperture to Fix Snow Leopard Bug

TSA Wants to Try Out $3 Million of Apple Gear on the Job

Apple Settles Case with Apparent Patent Troll SimpleAir

Apple Applies for Patent for a Stylus

Fortune Cover Story: How Tim Cook Is Changing Apple

Apple CEO Passes on $75 Million in Dividend Payments on Unvested RSUs

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Mac OS Ken: 05.24.2012

Jony Ive Wants to Be Remembered for What He’s Working on Right Now

Apple Says DoJ Sides with Monopoly in eBook Case

Samsung Exec Confirms No Resolution with Apple After Court-Directed Settlement Talks

IHS iSuppli: Semiconductor Buyers Need to Worry About Apple, Samsung, and Acts of God

Citibank Analyst: Take Out Apple and the Supply Chain is Shrinking

LaCie Agrees to Be Purchased by Seagate for $186 Million

BGR Says Secret Source Says Microsoft Plans November Release for Office Suite for iOS and Android 

Apple Gets Go-Ahead from North Carolina for Maiden Fuel Cell Installation

IBM Bars Siri Use at Work Over Privacy Concerns

Google Buys Mobile Hardware Design Firm Mike and Maaike

Apple Outs Two New Siri Ads Featuring John Malkovich

See the Malkovich Siri Ad “Life” on YouTube at

See the Malkovich Siri Ad “Joke” on YouTube at

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Mac OS Ken: 05.23.2012

NPD: Apple Wins in Mobile PCs (If We Count iPads as PCs) and Crushes All Competition in Tablets

J.P. Morgan Analyst Thinks ARM-Based Windows RT Tablets and Windows 8 will Confuse Customers (to Apple’s Benefit)

9 to 5 Mac Says Apple Testing Several Next-Gen iPhones (at Least Two With Larger Screens)

iPodNN: Leaked Pics May Show Part for Upcoming iPod touch with Larger Screen

Apple Tops Millward Brown’s BrandZ List for Second Year in a Row

Apple Hearing on U.S. Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Set for 7 June

Apple Issues Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.13

Apple Opening 11th Store in France (Third in Paris) This Friday

Apple Apparently Has Two New Stores Planned for Ontario, Canada

Edinburgh, Scotland City Chambers Adopt iPad for Councillors and Staff

Fortune: Guy Who Restructured Greek Debt Says He Couldn’t Have Done It Without the iPad

Google Closes Motorola Mobility Acquisition

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Mac OS Ken: 05.22.2012

Munster Still Expects New iPhone in October Despite 28nm Processor Shortage at Qualcomm

Jefferies and Co Analyst Thinks iPhone 3GS Could Live One More Year in Pre-Paid and Developing Markets

Foxconn Reportedly Investing $210 Million in New Apple Production Facility in China

Samsung Likens Apple Trial Experts to Fanboys

Testers See Signs of Automatic Downloads via Mac App Store in Latest Mountain Lion Preview

Apple Solicits Comment from Neighbors of Propose “Spaceship” Campus

Apple Reportedly Opening New Hong Kong Store in 2013

Study Says Tim Cook Was Highest Paid CEO in 2011

Steve Jobs Receives Star-Studded Honored at 16th Webby Awards

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Mac OS Ken: 05.21.2012

Apple CEO and Samsung Exec Meet Today and Tomorrow in SF for Court-Directed Settlement Talks

Apple Moves to Have Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Barred in the States After Recent Appeals Court Win

Unconfirmed Report Says Carriers Pre-Order 9-Million Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphones

Microsoft Says Windows Phone Now Slightly Bigger Than iPhone in China 

Microsoft Repeats Buy a PC, Get an Xbox 360 Back to School Promotion

Sprint Offers 100-Dollar Credit Towards iPhone 4S in Exchange for iPhones from AT&T or Verizon

Two More U.S. Regional Carriers Pick Up iPhone

Warning Message in iOS 5.1.1 Has Some Expecting FaceTime Over 3G Soon

Morgan Stanley Analyst Says Apple Television Could Push Apple Revenue to $400 Billion by 2015 (If They Make One in the Next Two Years)

Apple Reminds Mac App Store Developers of June 1 Sandboxing Deadline 

Apple Sets iTunes Festival London for 30 Days of September

Apple Pushes Apple Expo London to Rename Itself, Now Called Appule Expo

Google and Motorola Mobility Clear Last Hurdle in Googorola Acquisition

Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Movie to Shoot in the Original Apple Garage

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Mac OS Ken: 05.18.2012

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CNET: Best Buy Selling iPhone 4 for $49.99 with 2-Year Contract

Bloomberg: Secret Source Says Steve Jobs Helped Design Next iPhone

Computerworld: Apple Apparently Wins Control of

Verizon Clarifies Future of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

Job Posts Point to Plans for More Apple Stores in China

Apple Says Maiden, NC Data Center Will Use 100-Percent Renewable Energy By End of This Year

Apple Issues Fourth Preview of Mountain Lion Server to Developers

Delaware Court Orders Apple and HTC to Try to Work It Out on Their Own

iPodNN: Apple Seems to (Briefly) Censor the Word “Jailbreak” on the iTunes Store

Sony Pictures Hires Woz as “Tutor” for Steve Jobs Movie

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Mac OS Ken: 05.17.2012

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Gartner: Apple Now Third-Largest Cellphone Maker in the World

Verizon Says Grandfathered Unlimited 3G Data Plans will Not Be Transferable to 4G/LTE Service

China Mobile Chairman Says His Firm is Actively Talking Cooperation with Apple 

WSJ: Secret Sources Say Next iPhone Likely to Feature Larger Screen

Reuters Says Its Sources Back Up the WSJ Larger Screen iPhone Story

Barclays Analyst Says iPad mini Could be Big for Apple

Cult of Mac: DigiTimes Rumor Wipes $10B from Samsung’s Value

9 to 5 Mac: Secret Sources Say Retina Display MacBook Air to See Introduction at WWDC 2012

CNET: Retina Display for MacBooks Pros and MacBook Airs Possible, But Pricey

Apple Issues Second Build of Mountain Lion Preview 3 to Developers

Apple Updates QuickTime for Windows to v7.7.2 with 17 Security Fixes

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Mac OS Ken: 05.16.2012

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9 to 5 Mac: Developers Seeing iOS6 Strings in Application Analytics Software

ABC News and The Verge Say Apple Switching Back to NVIDIA GPUs for New MacBook Pros

Shaw Wu Says iPhone 4S Production Slows in Preparation for Transition to New iPhone

Apple Tops Latest ACSI Report in Smartphone Customer Satisfaction

IHS/iSuppli Expects iPad Market Share to Be 61-Percent Worldwide This Year

CNBC: A Look at Two Analysts Concerned About Apple Shares Near-Term

Apple Wins Ruling Combining and Delaying Patent Cases Against HTC and Motorola

Bloomberg: Disney’s ESPN in Talks With Apple for Expanded TV Access

ESPN: Disney’s ESPN Not in Talks With Apple for Expanded TV Access

Dumb Show Part I: Siri Suggests the Nokia Lumia 900 as Best Smartphone Ever

Dumb Show Part II: Apple Reportedly Changes Siri's Best Smartphone Ever Answer

Dumb Show Part III: Nokia Spokesperson Cries Foul of Change in Siri Smartphone Answer, 

Though Another Spokesperson Downplays the Charge

Dumb Show Part IV: Siri Has Always Given the “Changed” Answers

Apple Moves to Have Siri Suits Dismissed

Apple CEO Meets with U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner

Aaron Sorkin to Adapt Walter Isaacson Biography of Steve Jobs for Sony Pictures

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Mac OS Ken: 05.15.2012

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Bloomberg: Secret Peeps Say New Ivy Bridge Macs Expected at WWDC

Piper Jaffray Analyst Expects New Macs by End of May

Geekbench Testing Seems to Show Results for Unreleased MacBook Pro and iMac Powered by Ivy Bridge Processors

Cult of Mac: Best Buy Discounts Its Entire Range of Macs

DigiTimes: Upstream Supply Peeps Say New MacBooks Coming in June

Harry McCracken is Not Fond of DigiTimes Nor of the Practice of Covering Them

Time Warner Cable CEO Unfamiliar with AirPlay (Though It Sounds Like He Might Like It)

Pacific Crest Analyst Doesn’t Think an Apple Television Makes Sense

Pacific Crest Analyst Expects “iPad mini” by the Holidays

Foxconn Says CEO Did Not Confirm Apple Television

WSJ: Apple to Announce iCloud Updates at WWDC

Apple Issues Security Updates to Fight Flashback for Leopard

Appeals Court Allows Apple to Press for Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Psystar Request for Case Review

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Mac OS Ken: 05.14.2012

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Apple’s Online Store Rebrands “iPad Wi-Fi + 4G” as “iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular”

Morgan Stanley Analyst Thinks Worries Over iPhone Subsidies Are Overblown

Credit Suisse Analyst Worries Over iPhone; Reiterates “Outperform” Rating on Apple Shares

Secret Sources Have Apple Blowing Google Maps Out of iOS 6

Foxconn CEO May or May Not Have Confirmed Apple Television

Apple Accuses Samsung of Withholding or Destroying Evidence in U.S. Case

Apple Hits No. 2 on Forbes List of 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

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Mac OS Ken: 05.11.2012

Computerworld: Apple Issues 36 Security Fixes with This Week’s Updates

Adobe Security Chief Applauds FlashPlayer Changes in Updated Safari

Apple Insider: More Hints in Lion Update of Retina Display Macs in the Future

Apple Issues Minor Update to 2nd and 3rd-Gen Apple TVs

MM Research: Apple Top Smartphone Vendor in Japan in 2011

Apple Opening Seventh Store in Spain on Saturday 12 May

Foxconn CEO: Apple and Foxconn Will Work to Improve the Lives of Supply-Chain Workers

iMore: Secret Source Says 7-Inch iPad Slated for October Release and $200 to $250 Price

Apple and 14 Other Companies Sued Over Alleged Patent Infringement Tied to 3G Communications

Proview/Apple Settlement Talk: Apple Reportedly Offers $16-Million, Proview Reportedly Asks for $400-Million

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Mac OS Ken: 05.10.2012

Apple Updates Lion to v10.7.4

Apple Releases Security Updates for Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard Server

Apple Updates Safari to v5.1.7

Apple Updates Remote Desktop Client to v3.5.3

DigiTimes Says 7-Inch iPad in August, New iPhone in September and 10-Inch iPad in 4Q (Laugh If You Wanna)

Barclays Capital Analyst Hears Talk of 7-Inch iPad (Though He’s Not a Firm Believer)

ForeSee: Apple Tops in Tech for Customer Satisfaction for Online Shoppers; Tied for Second Overall

iPodNN: Buyers of iPods from Late 2006 Through Early 2009 Informed of Pending Class Action Suit Against Apple

Cadillac Putting Lessons and Manuals for 2013 XTS on a Bundled iPad

HP VP of Industrial Design Brushes Off Similarities Between MacBook Air and Envy Spectre XT (Despite The Incredible Number of Them)

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Mac OS Ken: 05.09.2012

Radio Shack Cuts $50 Off of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Through End of June

iPhone to Hit Three More Regional Carriers in California, Kansas and Kentucky on Friday 18 May

New iPad Set to Hit 30 More Countries This Weekend

UK Parliament to Be Kitted with iPads (If They Want Them)

Apple Insider: Some Sort of Notification Test Banner Spotted by Users of

Apple and Samsung Reduce Complaints in U.S. Case; Keep Trial on Schedule for 30 July

Apple Keeps to Schedule to Stop Samsung from Making Billions Copying Apple

Federal Judge Tosses U.S. Case Over “iPad” Term Between Proview and Apple

FCC Chairman Questions AT&T’s Veracity and Math During CTIA Keynote

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Mac OS Ken: 05.08.2012

Apple Goes on iThing Bug Hunt with iOS 5.1.1 Update

iOS 5.1.1 Update Addresses Security Issues with Safari and Webkit

Security Issue Pops Up for Legacy FileVault Users On Lion Machines

Wait Times Reduced for New iPad in Western Europe

9 to 5 Mac: Some Genius Bars Offering Black iPhone 4Ses Amid Shortage of Replacement Black iPhone 4s

9 to 5 Mac: Target Reportedly Running Sale on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

Some Midwest Walmart Customers Say Their New iPad Boxes Filled with Yellow Notepads, Not iPads

DigiTimes: Apple to Intro $799 MacBook Air to Battle Round Two of Ultrabooks (Stop Laughing!)

Cult of Mac: Secret Source Says They’ve Seen a Prototype Apple Television

Proview Lawyer Says Apple Seems Intent on Negotiating iPad Trademark Deal (This Time)

Apple Lands at No. 17 on 2012 Fortune 500

NYT: AT&T CEO Regrets Staring iPhone with Unlimited Data and Fears iMessages

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Mac OS Ken: 05.07.2012

Walmart Acknowledges Short Regional Pricing Errors for iPhone 4S

Sprint CEO Foregoes $3.2-Million to Placate Investors Concerned About iPhone Subsidies

Anandtech: 32nm A5 Processor Brings Improved Battery Performance to New iPad 2

Apple Files with WIPO for Control of

Warner Bros. Adds 1080p HD Movies to iTunes Store

Forbes Sees Sense (Though No Proof) in Longer iPhone Talk

NPD DisplaySearch: iPad Tablet Lead to Shrink to 50-Percent by 2017

USFTC May Fine Google $10Million + for Circumventing the Safari Cookie-Block

Judge Allows “Location-Gate” Lawsuit Against Apple to Proceed

Apple Preps Last Updates Before Turning Java for Mac Over to Oracle

Apple Credits OpenStreetMap in Latest iPhoto for iOS Update

NYT: Amtrak Deploying iPhone Ticketing System This Summer

ATSB Says iPhone Fire on Australian Plane Caused by Botched Screen Repair by Non-Authorized Vendor

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Mac OS Ken: 05.04.2012

iLounge Says Next iPhone to Be Longer, Thinner and Have a Metal Backing (Does NOT Say Why it Thinks So)

JP Morgan Analyst Doesn’t Expect an Apple Television Until 2014 at the Earliest

Piper Jaffray Analyst Stoked Over Possibilities of Apple “Micro-Stores” in Walmarts and Targets

Apple Adds App Store Localization Support for 10 Additional Languages to iTunes Connect

CNN/Money Sees a Possible Bias Against the iPhone at Verizon

IDC: Kindle Fire Sales Fall Off a Cliff in 1Q CY2012

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Mac OS Ken: 05.03.2012

CNET: Online Wait Times for 3rd-Gen iPad in U.S. Down to 3-to-5 Days

Judge in U.S. Samsung/Apple Case Orders Parties to Reduce Complaints or Face Delay in Case Until 2013

All Things D: “Buy” Button Causes Rejection of iOS Apps Using Dropbox SDK (Fix Already in Place)

Amazon Releases Windows and Mac Desktop Apps for Cloud Drive

Apple Printed Circuit Board Maker to Raise Wages and Reduce Overtime for CHinese Workers

Rock Band for iOS Players Get Message Saying “Game Over on 31 May”

EA Says "Game Over" Message for Rock Band for iOS Was a Mistake

Liquidmetal Co-Developer Says Devices Using the Technology Still a Ways Away (But They’ll Be Awesome)

The Verge: Target Phasing Out Amazon Kindle Online and in Stores

Zuckerberg: Facebook Organ Donor Status Message Inspired In Part by Steve Jobs

USPTO’s Steve Jobs Exhibit Heads to Smithsonian

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Mac OS Ken: 05.02.2012

Canalys: HP Retakes Top Spot in PC Sales from Apple in 1Q (Even If You Count iPads as PCs)

IDC Estimate Puts Samsung Ahead of Apple in 1Q CY2012 Smartphone Sales

Fortune: Samsung Wants Press Accounts Out of Its Case Against Apple While Apple Wants the Steve Jobs Biography Excluded

TUAW: Apple to Ask Court to Obscure Samsung Logo on Courtroom Monitors

UK Advertising Standards Agency May Take a Second Look at “iPad + 4G” Marketing

Veteran Wireless Strategist Thinks Apple Will Set Itself Up as an MVNO

Apple Updates Cards, iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand iOS Apps with Performance and Stability Tweaks

MacNN: Apple Ships New Developer Builds of Lion 10.7.4 and Mountain Lion 10.8

New Apple Store in Houston Hit by Gunfire 

Symantec: Height of Flashback Infection Probably Netted Its Authors $10K-a-Day

Dr. Web Says Flashback Infections Declining

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Mac OS Ken: 05.01.2012

CIRP Survey Highlights Importance of Walmart as iPad-Seller

CIRP Survey: PC to Mac Conversion-Rate Greater at Apple Retail Partners Than at Apple Retail

Australia to Quiz Apple, Microsoft and Others on Higher Prices for Digital Goods Down Under

Mobile Marketer Fisku Says iOS App Downloads Drop 30-Percent from February to March (Though with a Few Good Reasons)

Reports Have iTunes Match Expanding to Five More Countries This Week

Apple Urges Developers to Get Friendly with Mountain Lion’s Gatekeeper

Yahoo Point Person on Women’s Initiatives Reportedly Heads to Apple’s iAd Division

Microsoft Gets 18-Percent of New Barnes and Noble Nook Subsidiary

RIM Australia Says It’s Behind the Sydney and Melbourne “Wake Up” Happenings

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