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Mac OS Ken: 04.30.2012

Court-Directed Settlement Talks Between Apple and Samsung Set for May 21-22

Reuters: Anonymous Sources Say Apple Talking Streaming Movie Deal with EPIX

Macworld UK Sees Booming Sales for (Jailbreakable) 2nd-Gen Apple TV on eBay

Electronista: A Look at NYT Article “How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes”

CNET: Apple Rebuts NYT Story

Read NYT’s “How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes” at

The Next Web: Cancelled WWDC Tickets May Have Been Overzealous Attempt to Stop Scalpers

People Behind Jailbreakcon Announce WWDC Alternative Called “Indie Developer Lab”

Find Info on Indie Developer Lab - June 11-14 - at

Apple Kills Chomp App for Android and Removes Android Filter from

Irish PM Visits Apple Europe Headquarters in Cork

CEO of Ferrari Meets with CEO of Apple and Execs from Google

SlashGear: Samsung Says It was Not Behind the “Wake Up” Stunt in Australia

“Choose Your Own Adventure” Books Land in the iBookstore

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Mac OS Ken: 04.27.2012

NPD Says iPad Replacing iPod as Apple Gateway Drug

Market Trackers Track Apple and Samsung Battle for Smartphone Supremacy

Samsung Tongues Apple with Fake Protests in Australia

Softbank Says iPhone 4S Largely Responsible for 65-Percent Increase in Profits in FY2011

Apple Among 14 Companies Sued for Alleged Patent Violation by Potter Voice Technologies

Former Apple Retail Exec Poaches Former Apple Underling to Work at JCP

Apple Offers Up to 150 WWDC Scholarships

Check Out Apple’s WWDC Scholarship Page at

Craigslist Poster: I’ll Change My Name to Yours for Your Ticket to WWDC

Apple Opening Off-Campus Cafeteria for Employees Only

Sir Jonathan Ive Wins Favorite British Innovator 2012 Title in IPO of UK Contest

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Mac OS Ken: 04.26.2012

Business Insider Figures iPhone Alone More Profitable Than ExxonMobil

Business Insider: Apple Profit Now Bigger Than Google Revenue

Fortune: Indie-Analysts Take Top Eight Spots for Apple 2Q FY2012 Estimates

Fortune: A Raft on Analysts up Apple Targets

Apple Earnings Report Leads Shares to Close Back Above $600 on Wednesday

Sprint Sells 1.5 Million iPhones in Most Recent Quarter, 660,000 to New Customers

Sprint CEO Says Carrier Will Keep Unlimited Data for Next iPhone Even If It’s a 4G/LTE Device

HTC Sees Profits Drop Over 70-Percent, Says iPhone 4S Largely to Blame

Apple Sets WWDC Dates for June 11-15 at Moscone West in San Francisco

WWDC Sells Out in Two Early Morning Hours

The Mysterious Misfire of

Developers from Big Nerd Ranch and Panic See WWDC Tickets Cancelled for Unknown Reasons

Nominations Open for Apple Design Awards at

Kaspersky Founder and CEO Says Apple is Years Behind Microsoft in Terms of Security

Microsoft Puts Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 2 Back Up for Download

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Mac OS Ken: 04.25.2012

Apple Reports Best Second Fiscal Quarter in Its History

Apple’s 2Q FY2012 Earnings Call is Available as a Podcast on iTunes

AT&T: 4.3 Million of 5.5 Million Smartphones Sold Last Quarter Were iPhones

T-Mobile Offers $200 Bounty for iPhones to New 4G Smartphone Customers

Judge Says Samsung Violated Court Orders in U.S. Case Against Apple

Apple Loses Preliminary Ruling Against Motorola Mobility in USITC Case

Chinese Government Official Says Proview Owns the iPad Trademark, Not Apple

Forrester: Tablets to Displace Traditional PCs as Primary Computing Device by 2016

Macmillan USA Subsidiary Tor Books Announces Plans to Drop DRM from Its eBooks in Early July

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Mac OS Ken: 04.24.2012

KGI Analyst Says Apple Will Use In-Cell Touch Panels to Slim Down Next iPhone

GigaOm Says In-Cell Touch Panels Would Let Apple Increase Battery Size for Next iPhone Rather Than Reduce Phone Size

China Times Hears Talk (Again) of a Budget iPhone

KGI Analyst Spins Strange Yarn Around Macs in 2012

Intego Spots New Flashback Variant in the Wild

Microsoft Yanks Office for Mac 2011 Update After Bug Trouble with Outlook

All Things D: Apple Breaks Ground on New Oregon Data Center

Denver Broncos Ditch Weekly Printed Palybooks for iPads

Apple Holds 2Q FY2012 Earnings Call today at 2PM EDT/5PM PDT

Listen Live to the Apple Earnings Call at 

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Mac OS Ken: 04.23.2012

Dr. Web and Symantec Peg Current Flashback Infection at 650,000 Macs

Six U.S. Regional Carriers Start iPhone 4/4S Sales and Service

Sterne Agee Analyst Ups iPhone Sales Estimates and Lowers Mac Expectations for Apple’s 2Q FY2012

IHS iSuppli: Apple to Consume One-Quarter of 2012’s NAND Flash Production

Apple Launches Pages for iPhone and iPad in Business

Check out the iPhone in Business Page at

Check out the iPad in Business Page at

EU Competition Commissioner Says Apple Has Made Settlement Offer in eBook Price Fixing Case

Proview Attorney Says Settlement Talks Underway with Apple Over Ownership of Term “iPad” in China

Flatworld Interactives Sues Apple Over Alleged Patent Infringement Regarding Touchscreen Gestures

Apple Adding 500 Positions at European Headquarters

Bloomberg/Businessweek Wins D&AD “Yellow Pencil” for Steve Jobs Commemorative Issue

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Mac OS Ken: 04.20.2012

Verizon: 3.2 Million of the 6.3 Million Smartphones Sold Last Quarter Were iPhones

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Ups Apple Target to $740

Citigroup and Piper Jaffray Analysts See Support for Fall Release for Next iPhone

Apple Says 4G iPad Should Be Called 4G in Australia Even If It Can’t Run on 4G Networks in Australia

Samsung Accuses Apple of Violating Eight of Its Patents in New Countersuit Filing

Judge Green Lights Anti-Poaching Antitrust Case Against Apple and Other Tech Giants

Kaspersky Labs Says Flashback Infections Down to 30,000 Macs

Apple Supplier Responsibility Report for March Shows Increased Compliance with Overtime Regulations

Microsoft and Best Buy Team Up for “Behind the Tiles” Windows Phone Parties

Valve CEO Says No One From His Company Met with Tim Cook Nor Anyone Else from Apple This Week

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Mac OS Ken: 04.19.2012

Goldman Sachs Reiterates “Buy” Rating on Apple Shares; Ups Apple Target to $750

Barclays Capital Analyst Suggests Apple Investors Stay in the Shares

Apple Lawyer Says Company Wants to Defend Against DoJ Collusion Charges in Court

Symantec: Flashback Infection Down to 140,000 Macs (Though They’d Expected a Drop to 99,000 by Now)

Greenpeace Stages “Clean Our Cloud” Demonstration at Apple European HQ in Ireland

Apple Issues Minor Update for Configurator Utility

Apple Seeds Third Builds of Mountain Lion and Xcode 4.4 to Developers

Apple Reportedly Giving Snow Leopard to MobileMe Users to Start Them Moving Toward Lion and iCloud

Encyclopedia Britannica Launches Universal iOS App

Korean News Site Says Next iPhone Case Will Be Liquid Metal (Liquidmetal?) and Will Launch at WWDC

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt Wonders Why We Believe in an Apple Television

Fast Company Profiles Steve Jobs’ “Wilderness Years”

Read the Fast Company Piece at

Time Puts Apple CEO Tim Cook on 2012 List of 100 Most Influential People in the World

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Mac OS Ken: 04.18.2012

Apple and Samsung to Meet for Court Directed Settlement Talks

Security Expert: Java Updates Won’t Keep Macs Safe from SabPub Variants

Apple Hires United-Continental CFO as New VP of Sales

Shaw Wu Thinks a 7.85-Inch iPad would Decimate the Competition (Though He Doesn’t Know That We’ll See One Soon)

New Siri-Focused iPhone 4S Ads Running with Samuel L. Jackson and Zoey Deschanel

Apple Awarded Patent for Look and Feel of iTunes Store

Apple Opening Second Store in Rome This Saturday at 10AM Local Time

Greenpeace Slams Apple and Others for Powering Data Centers with Dirty Energy

All Things D Questions Accuracy of Greenpeace Report 

NYC Apple Stores to Host Filmmaker Talks in Conjunction with Tribeca Film Festival

Check Out the Apple Store Tribeca Film Festival Events Schedule at

Jony Ive on Short List of UK IPO British Visionary Innovators

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Mac OS Ken: 04.17.2012

Apple Launching New iPad in 12 More Countries This Friday, Nine More the Following Friday

Apple Heads to Australian Court to Hash Out iPad 4G Marketing Down Under

Rumor Has Apple Outing 7.85-Inch iPad in 3Q CY2012

More Malware: Two SabPub Variants Discovered

TMO: Kaspersky Spots LuckyCat Trojan

Apple Agrees to Environmental Audit of Chinese Printed Circuit Board Supplier with Beijing-Based Organization

Apple Adding Several New Features to Next Final Cut Pro X Update

Apple Kills Free Trials of Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Aperture

Apple Updates Cards iOS App with New Designs for Mother’s Day, Get Well and Other

Categories as Wall as Performance Fixes

Apple Issues Minor Update for iBooks

IFO Apple Store: A Look at a New Apple “Store-in-a-Store” in a Walmart

WSJ: French Designer Confirms That “Revolutionary” Product for Apple is Actually Yacht for the Jobs Family

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Mac OS Ken: 04.16.2012

Piper Jaffray Analyst Expects More iPhone Sales Than the Street for 2Q FY2012, Fewer iPads and Macs

Report: Some White iPhone 4s Replaced with 4Ses Due to Replacement Unit Shortages

Apple Issues Flashback Removal Tool Specifically for Macs Running Lion

Macworld: Kaspersky Labs Puts Its Flashback Removal Tool Back Into Distribution as Norton Adds a Tool of Its Own

TUAW: Apple Seeds Third beta of OS X 10.7.4 to Developers

Apple Loses Second Push Email Cases Against Motorola Mobility in Germany

Apple Insider: Tim Cook Reportedly Visits Valve HQ

CNET: Cook Visit to Valve Could Be About New Hardware for Valve

Instagram Adds 10-Million New Users After Addition of Android App and Purchase by Facebook

French Designer Phillipe Starck Says He’s Working on a Revolutionary Product for Apple

Apple Says Starck Not Working on Anything for Apple, While All Things D says He Might Be Working on a Yacht for the Jobs Family

Apple Treat Employees to Cirque di Soleil’s “Totem”

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Mac OS Ken: 04.13.2012

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Apple Calls DoJ Charges in eBook Suit “Simply Not True”

Australian Financial Site Says Australian Competition and Consumer Commission May Join in eBook Suits

Apple Issues Java Update That Removes Most Common Flashback Variants

Kaspersky Suspends Distribution of Flashback Removal Tool After It Also Removes Some User Settings

Apple Prompting iOS Device Owners to Provide Security Questions and Answers

Credit Suisse Ups Apple Target to $750 on iPhone Strength and Device Synergy

Barclays Survey Says 80-Percent of CIOs Who Plan to Support Tablets Plan to Support iPads

Research Firm Chipworks Finds Shrunken A5 Processors in 3rd-Gen Apple TV and New Models of iPad 2

Gartner and IDC Show Apple in Third-Place for U.S. Computer Vendors in 1Q CY2012 at or Above a 10-Percent Market Share

TUAW: Apple Offering Discounts on Hardware to Publishers of iBooks

Apple, RIM and Samsung Sued by Likely Patent Troll “Touchscreen Gestures” Over - You Guessed It - Touchscreen Gestures

Apple (Finally) Allowed to Intervene on Behalf of Developers in Lodsys Suits

American Public Media’s MarketPlace Posts Video Tour of a Foxconn iPad Factory at

App Developer Fiftythree Says Paper Crosses Million-and-a-Half Download Mark in First Two Weeks

Prototype Mac with “Twiggy” Floppy Drive on Auction on eBay for $100,000 Starting Bid

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Mac OS Ken: 04.12.2012

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US DoJ Brings Suit Against Apple and FIve Publishers for Alleged Collusion in eBook Pricing

Three Publishers Settle with the DoJ

16 States Sue Apple and Publishers (Two of Which Have Already Settled with the States)

DoJ Says Apple Proposed “Illegally Dividing” Digital Content Worlds with Amazon

Apple Investors Apparently Unfazed by News of DoJ Suit

Shaw Wu Ups iPad Sales Expectations and Apple Price Target

Apple Working on Flashback Fix for Snow Leopard and Lion

Symantec Says Number of Macs Infected with Flashback Down to 270,000 and Falling

Apple Issues Updates for Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor

Apple Changes Look of “We’ll Be Back Soon” Signage (and Drops the Word “Soon”)

Apple Changes Look of Sales Chat Window in Online Store; Adds Screen Sharing to Part of Brazilian Store

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Mac OS Ken: 04.11.2012

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Apple Insider: 15-Inch MacBook Pro Stock Constrained at Third-Party Resellers Ahead of Likely Refresh

Gartner: Apple to Control at Least 45-Percent of Tablet Sales Through at Least 2016

Consumer Federation of America Calls on DoJ to Go After Apple and Publishers for Collusive Behavior Around Ebook Pricing

Reuters Reports Says DoJ Could Launch Case Against Apple on Ebook Price-Fixing as Early as Today

Apple Tries to Shut Down a Dr. Web Domain (for One Reason or Another)

Apple Lures Symantec SVP to Be Its Tax Man

Apple at $270 Guy Says Microsoft and Windows 8 Will Shake Cellphones and Computers to the Ground

Nokia and AT&T Find Connectivity Issue in Lumia 900; Offer Swap-Out Option and $100 Dollar Credit on AT&T Bill

Best Buy CEO Resigns

Best Buy Says CEO Resigned Ahead of Completion of Investigation Into Personal Misconduct

Tim Cook to Speak at Opening Night of D:10

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Mac OS Ken: 04.10.2012

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Forbes: One Analyst Puts Apple Shares at $1650 While Another Targets $270

BTIG Research Analyst Downgrades Apple from “Buy” to “Neutral” on iPhone Concerns and Expectation of No Apple Television in 2012

Topeka Capital Analyst Sees Unibody, 4G/LTE iPhone with 4-Inch Screen Launching This Fall

HR Exec at Foxconn Factory Says Next iPhone to Hit Around October

All Things D: Who Launches a Phone When the Phone Stores are Closed? Microsoft and Nokia!

Fortune: AT&T Stores Were Closed and AT&T Resellers Didn’t Have Nokia Lumia 900 on First Day of Products Launch

AdAge: AT&T Reportedly Spending $150-Million to Promote Nokia Lumia 900

AT&T Helping Off-Contract iPhone Owners Unlock Handsets for Use on Other Carriers

Mac Developer Outs Free Flashback Malware Checker

Facebook Buying Instagram for $1 Billion

Strength of Harry Potter eBook Sales Surprises

NYC Pilot Program Will Replace 250 Outdoor Pay Phones with 32-Inch “Smart Screens”

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Mac OS Ken: 04.09.2012

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Flashback Malware Infects Over Half-a-Million Macs Worldwide

Apple Issues Java Updates to Combat Flashback Malware

Apple Sets Q2FY2012 Earnings Call for 24 April at 5PM EDT/2PM PDT

Piper Jaffray and Topeka Capital Set Apple Targets Between $910 and $1,001

Jefferies and Co Analyst Ups Apple Target to $800 Based - in Part - on Belief in Apple Television

Nielsen: Tablet and Smartphone-Owning TV Watchers Using Tablets and Smartphones While Watching TV

Computerworld: New iPad Appears More Readily Available In-Store Than Online

John Gruber Talks 7.85-Inch iPad Possibility

Universal Movies Now Available to Re-Download Through iCloud

Report: Foxconn Employees Upset at Having Overtime Cut Back to 36-Hours Per Month

Apple Tops Nikkei List of Top Brands in Japan for First Time Ever

WSJ Report Says Apple and Two Publishers Resistant to eBook Settlement Terms from U.S. DoJ

Network World: Apple Apparently Settles with Guy Who’s House It Searched Last Summer

European Regulators Push nano-SIM Decision to End of May

Apple Updates iAd Producer to v2.1

Halifax Mac Store Closing Ahead of Apple Retail Arrival

Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs in First of at Least Two Bio Pics About Steve Jobs

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Talk to you on April 9th.

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