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Mac OS Ken: 03.27.2012

Tim Cook Pops Over to China, Visits an Apple Store and Meets with Chinese Officials

Apple CEO Cook Meets with Mayor of Beijing and Other Chinese Government Officials

Apple Invites 25-Billionth iOS App Downloader from Qingdao to Beijing Apple Store to Retrieve Prize

New iPad Receives China Compulsory Certification from China Quality Certification Center; Still Faces Proview Trademark Hurdle

The Telegraph: New iPad Reignites Chinese Grey Market

Business Insider: Prices for New iPad Crash on Chinese Grey Market

Nokia’s Windows Phone-Powered Lumia 900 to Go on Sale at AT&T on 8 April for 100-Dollars

Apple Offers to Make Licensing for Essential Patents in Its nano-SIM Proposal Royalty Free

Nokia Calls Apple’s nano-SIM Patent Offer an Empty Promise

Apple Issues 32-Bit Bug Fix in Safari 5.1.5 Update

83-Year-Old Woman Sues Apple After She Breaks Her Nose Walking Into the Glass Door of an Apple Store

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