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Mac OS Ken: 03.22.2012

Sprint CEO Sees iPhone Customers as More Valuable Than Others Long-Term

Barclays Capital: Apple Currently Testing Parts for 4G/LTE iPhone to Be Launched in September

WSJ: Owners of New 4G/LTE iPads Burning Through Data Plans at Breakneck Speeds

Industry Analyst Says Only One-in-Ten Tablets Uses Cellular Connectivity

UBS: Roughly Half of New iPads Sold Will Be Wifi Plus 4G/LTE

Apple Insider: Apple Support Thread Sports Complaints of Wifi Trouble with New iPad

Have you had unexplained or fraudulent charges show up through iTunes? If so, please email me and let me know. Use the subject line “Bad iTunes Charge” and email And thanks.

Financial Times: Apple and Smartphone Rivals at Odds Over Nano-SIM Proposal in Europe

Flurry: China Tops US in iOS and Android Activations for First Time in February

Microsoft China CEO Says Windows Phone will Beat iPhone in China (and IDC Agrees)

The Loop: Apple Says iPhoto for iOS Hit 1-Million Unique Users in Under 10 Days

HP CEO Answers One Question Several Times: Why Isn’t HP More Like Apple?

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