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Mac OS Ken: 03.21.2012

Munster, Moskowitz and Wu Stoked Over New iPad’s 3-Million Unit Weekend

In-Stat: Apple Likely to Overtake Intel and No. 1 Mobile Processor Maker by the End of 2012

Wait Times Shrink for New iPad Orders

Tests by Dutch Site Show New iPad Runs Up to 9-Degrees Fahrenheit Hotter Than iPad 2

Apple Says New iPad Operates Within Accepted Thermal Specifications

Consumer Reports Sees Hotter Temps in Its New iPad Tests; Doesn’t Seem to Mind

Apple Says Worker Hours Improving in the Supply Chain

Judge Reverses Decision on Motoroogle and Android Development Docs in Apple/Motorola Mobility Case

European Consumer Organization Calls on Apple to Change AppleCare Marketing in EU

Apple Issues Snow Leopard-Specific Software Installer Update

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