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Mac OS Ken: 03.30.2012

The Fair Labor Association Posts Report on Foxconn Audit

Read the full FLA Report on the Foxconn Audit at

Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits Foxconn Plant

Nielsen: iPhone Sales Draw Close to Android Sales for First Part of 2012

Bloomberg/Businessweek: Sources Say Apple and Samsung Execs Recently Discussed Settlement Options

“Antennagate” Settlement Website is Up and Running

Get More Info on the “Antennagate” Settlement at

Second Suit Brought Against Apple for False Advertising Regarding Siri

Apple Seeds New Lion 10.7.4 beta to Developers with No Known Issues

Apple Issues Stability Update for iPhoto

Best Buy Closing 50 Stores; Shifting Focus to Mobile

Mashable Says Canon 5D Mark II - Not iPhone 4 - is Most Popular Camera on Flickr (Though TUAW is Not So Sure)

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Mac OS Ken: 03.29.2012

Apple CEO Meets with Chinese Vice Premier

Barclay’s Capital Analyst Thinks Cook Trip to China May Indicate Talks for iPhone/China Mobile Deal

Fortune: Proview, Workers’ Rights, and Retail Expansion Possible Points of Tim Cook’s Trip to China

Barclay’s Analyst Jazzed by iPhone Dominance on Flickr

CNBC Survey: 50-Percent of Households in US Own at Least One Apple Product

Authorities in Sweden and UK Express Concerns Over Possibly Misleading “Wifi + 4G” Marketing

Denmark Consumer Ombudsman Investigating New iPad “Wifi + 4G” Marketing

US Federal Judge Denies Two Samsung Motions in Current Lawsuit with Apple

Report: New Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Should Be Out by Last Week in April

Apple Issues iTunes 10.6.1 with Multiple Bug Fixes

AT&T Says Nokia Lumia 900 Launch Will Be Bigger Than Any Previous Smartphone Launch (Including iPhone)

Nokia Plays Chicken with nano-SIM Standards and European Regulators

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Mac OS Ken: 03.28.2012

Sprint Says iPhone Deal Not Contingent on 4G/LTE Coverage

Apple Says New iPad Charges Past 100-Percent Intentionally

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Upset with Apple Over Application of “4G” Label to iPad Down Under

Apple Agrees to Refund Cost of 4G iPads for Australian Consumers Who Did Not Realize It Was Not Compatible with 4G in Australia

Apple Adds $124.99 and $174.99 Price Tiers to iOS App Store Options

Apple Hiring Data Center Project Construction Manager for “Next Generation” Facilities 

Graphics Property Holding (Formerly Silicon Graphics) Sues Apple and Five Other Smartphone Makers for Alleged Patent Infringement

Distimo: iPad Users Spending $70,000 a Day on iOS Newsstand Content

RIAA: Music Subscription Services Take in 241-Million Dollars in 2011; Claim 1.8-Million Users

JK Rowling Sells Harry Potter Series as eBooks on Her Own Site

Microsoft: Xbox Live Users Now Spend More Time Accessing Video and Music Than Playing Games

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Mac OS Ken: 03.27.2012

Tim Cook Pops Over to China, Visits an Apple Store and Meets with Chinese Officials

Apple CEO Cook Meets with Mayor of Beijing and Other Chinese Government Officials

Apple Invites 25-Billionth iOS App Downloader from Qingdao to Beijing Apple Store to Retrieve Prize

New iPad Receives China Compulsory Certification from China Quality Certification Center; Still Faces Proview Trademark Hurdle

The Telegraph: New iPad Reignites Chinese Grey Market

Business Insider: Prices for New iPad Crash on Chinese Grey Market

Nokia’s Windows Phone-Powered Lumia 900 to Go on Sale at AT&T on 8 April for 100-Dollars

Apple Offers to Make Licensing for Essential Patents in Its nano-SIM Proposal Royalty Free

Nokia Calls Apple’s nano-SIM Patent Offer an Empty Promise

Apple Issues 32-Bit Bug Fix in Safari 5.1.5 Update

83-Year-Old Woman Sues Apple After She Breaks Her Nose Walking Into the Glass Door of an Apple Store

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Mac OS Ken: 03.26.2012

iMore Hears Rumors of 4G/LTE iPhone with 3.5-Inch Screen in the Fall

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners Survey: Best Buy Sells Nearly as Many iPhones in the U.S. as Apple

China Unicom Says iPhone Performance Has Been Better-Than-Expected Over the Last Three Years

Apple Reportedly Rejecting Some Apps That Want to Access iOS Devices’ UDID

Report Has Nokia Paying to Make Lumia 900 the Free Phone for AT&T Employees

Forbes Highlights the High Priced Market for Zero-Day Exploits

Samsung Design Exec Denies Copying Apple, Praises Jonathan Ive, and Makes Me Sad

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Mac OS Ken: 03.23.2012

PCWorld: New iPad Incredibly Slow to Charge During Use

Video Diagnostics Firm DiplayMate Says New iPad Keeps Charging After Battery Level Reads 100-Percent

Business Insider: Some Original Smart Covers Not Working with New iPad (Though Apple Will Apparently Swap Out the Covers)

Apple Insider: Targus Replacing Slim Cases with New iPad Magnet Issues

URL Spoofing Vulnerability Found in Safari for iOS

U.S. Representatives Quiz 34 Companies (Including Apple) Over Data Collection and Usage Through Mobile Apps

Sony Says It’ll Bring Music Unlimited to iOS in the Next Few Weeks

Kindle for iOS Update Adds Support for Embedded Audio and Video

Scott Turow Urges DoJ to Tread Lightly in Potential Antitrust Action Against Apple and Publishers

Apple Loses Appeal in AppleCare Case in Italy

Austin, Texas Okays 8-Million-Dollar Incentive Deal in Exchange for Apple Expansion and Hiring

Early: RIM Hiring an iOS Developer

Later: RIM Hiring iOS Developer to Support BlackBerry Mobile Fusion for iOS Devices

iPhone Unseats BlackBerry as Top-Selling Smartphone in Canada in 2011

Reuters: Somebody Tells Some South Korean Business Paper That the Next iPhone will Have a 4.6-Inch Display and Will Arrive Next Quarter

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Mac OS Ken: 03.22.2012

Sprint CEO Sees iPhone Customers as More Valuable Than Others Long-Term

Barclays Capital: Apple Currently Testing Parts for 4G/LTE iPhone to Be Launched in September

WSJ: Owners of New 4G/LTE iPads Burning Through Data Plans at Breakneck Speeds

Industry Analyst Says Only One-in-Ten Tablets Uses Cellular Connectivity

UBS: Roughly Half of New iPads Sold Will Be Wifi Plus 4G/LTE

Apple Insider: Apple Support Thread Sports Complaints of Wifi Trouble with New iPad

Have you had unexplained or fraudulent charges show up through iTunes? If so, please email me and let me know. Use the subject line “Bad iTunes Charge” and email And thanks.

Financial Times: Apple and Smartphone Rivals at Odds Over Nano-SIM Proposal in Europe

Flurry: China Tops US in iOS and Android Activations for First Time in February

Microsoft China CEO Says Windows Phone will Beat iPhone in China (and IDC Agrees)

The Loop: Apple Says iPhoto for iOS Hit 1-Million Unique Users in Under 10 Days

HP CEO Answers One Question Several Times: Why Isn’t HP More Like Apple?

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Mac OS Ken: 03.21.2012

Munster, Moskowitz and Wu Stoked Over New iPad’s 3-Million Unit Weekend

In-Stat: Apple Likely to Overtake Intel and No. 1 Mobile Processor Maker by the End of 2012

Wait Times Shrink for New iPad Orders

Tests by Dutch Site Show New iPad Runs Up to 9-Degrees Fahrenheit Hotter Than iPad 2

Apple Says New iPad Operates Within Accepted Thermal Specifications

Consumer Reports Sees Hotter Temps in Its New iPad Tests; Doesn’t Seem to Mind

Apple Says Worker Hours Improving in the Supply Chain

Judge Reverses Decision on Motoroogle and Android Development Docs in Apple/Motorola Mobility Case

European Consumer Organization Calls on Apple to Change AppleCare Marketing in EU

Apple Issues Snow Leopard-Specific Software Installer Update

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Mac OS Ken: 03.20.2012

Apple Sells Three-Million New iPads in First Three Days

Apple CEO Cook Starts Day Calling New iPad Sales Record Breaking

The Verge: Source Says Apple Fifth Avenue NYC Store Sold 18 iPads a Minute for First 12-Hours of Availability

AT&T Trumpets Record First-Day for New iPad Sales; Gives No Numbers

Apple Announces Dividend and Share Repurchase Plans

Wired: CEO Cook Sees Little Support That Stock Splits Help Stocks

TUAW: CEO Cook Says Apple Pipeline is Full of Stuff

Fortune: A Slew of Analysts Are Super Stoked About Apple’s Cash Plan

Forbes: Canaccord Genuity Analyst Stoked as Well

Evercore Partners’ Analyst Ups Apple Target to 750-Dollars on Strength of iPhone and iPad as Well as the Cash Plan

Apple Closes Monday at 601-Dollars for First Close Above 600

ABC News: Cash Plan Marks Major Break with Philosophy of Steve Jobs

Apple Adds “Answer from the Community” to Product Pages on Online Store

Macworld UK: Doctor Sees Rise in Shoulder Injuries Thanks to Increased Tablet Use

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Mac OS Ken: 03.19.2012

Apple to Talk Cash Hoard on Monday Morning Conference Call

Hear the call live at 9AM EDT/6AM PDT or as a replay at

UBS Analyst Ups Apple Target to 675-Dollars; Stoked About “iPhone 5” and New iPad

Oppenheimer Analyst Ups Apple Target to 700-Dollars on Strength of New iPad and iPhone 4S

USITC Upholds Ruling in Apple/Motorola Mobility in Moto’s Favor

German Court Stays Push Notification Block in Motorola Mobility Case Against Apple

German Judges Freezes Apple Case Against Samsung Over Slide-to-Unlock Pending Ruling by German PTO

Apple Releases First External beta of Lion 10.7.4

Apple Releases Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 to Developers Developers Developers

New Construction Underway on Apple Parcel in Maiden, NC

AT&T Drops Plans to Appeal Ruling; Pays Matt Spaccarelli 935-Dollars

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Mac OS Ken: 03.16.2012

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Report: FaceTime Still Requires Wifi Connection on 4G/LTE iPad

Harrods Opening Tech Department Today with Apple Shop Inside

Reports Say a Number of New Apple TVs Delivered a Day Early

Munster Reiterates “Overweight” Rating on Apple Shares; Raises Target to 718-Dollars on Strength of iPhone and iPad

Apple Shares Hit 600-Dollars for the First Time Ever

Strategy Analytics Study: Smartphone Owners say 4-4.5 Inch Screens Hit the “Sweet Spot” (Though 90-percent Have Phones with Smaller Screens)

Rumors Fly of Either a 15-Inch MacBook Air or a Thinner 15-Inch MacBook Pro

Members of US House of Representatives Seek More Answers on Privacy and Mobile Apps from Apple

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek: Path Co-Founder Hauled to Apple and Grilled by Apple CEO Over Address Book Issue

AdAge: Conde Nast FInally Ready to Share Tablet Readership Stats with Advertisers

The New England Journal of Medicine Lands on the iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 03.15.2012

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Official: New iPad to Launch at 8AM Local Time at Apple Stores Tomorrow; Available at Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart in the U.S.

Macworld UK: Apple Changes New iPad Wording on Website to Point Out Where Device’s 4G/LTE Works

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Ups Apple Target to 710-Dollars on iPad Strength and Competition Weakness

Morgan Stanley Ups Apple Price Target to 720-Dollars Strength of iPad and iPhone and Potential in Emerging Markets

NPD: 40-Percent of Potential Tablet Buyers Want Built-In Keyboards (Though Most Buy Tablets Without Them)

Netherlands Court Says Apple is Covered for Samsung-Owned 3G Patents by Deal with Qualcomm

Correction: AT&T Not Threatening to Kill Spaccarelli’s Service if He Doesn’t Settle

Apple Adds Ability to Delete Photos from Photo Stream with New Aperture Update

Apple Pushes Out Epson Printer Drivers 2.10

Producers of Austin City Limits Launch ACL Archive App for iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 03.14.2012

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9 to 5 Mac: Signage Indicates 8AM Launch for New iPad

Apple Goes Preregistration-Only for Hong Kong iPad Launch

Apple Reportedly Upgrading Its Website Images for HiDPI Screens and Retina Displays

ChangeWave Research Survey: iPad Dominates Corporate Tablet Plans

McGraw Hill Education Exec Expects School Sales to Rise for Reduced Price iPad 2

IDC: Strong Entry of Amazon Kindle Fire Contributes to Lost Market Share for iPad in 4Q CY2011

Apple Says Proview is Misleading Courts and Public in iPad Trademark Case, While Proview Says “I’m Rubber and You’re Glue...”

Fortune: Jefferies and Co. Analyst Ups Apple Target to 699-Dollars on Apple Television Expectations and iPhone Strength

Computerworld: Safari 5.1.4 Patches 83 Vulnerabilities

Bloomberg: Foxconn Hiring Safety Person, Lifestyle Person, and Two Fire Chiefs for Apple Supply Section

AT&T Reportedly Offers Matt Spaccarelli a Bigger Settlement in Exchange for His Silence (Which He Declines)

After 244 Years, Encyclopedia Britannica Kills Physical Encyclopedias

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Mac OS Ken: 03.13.2012

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Piper Jaffray Analyst Predicts One-Million iPads Will Be Sold This Coming Friday

Speculation Has Apple Starting In-Store New iPad Sales at 8AM This Friday

Wait Times for New iPads Ordered Through Apple Site Slip to 2-3 Weeks

Report: HBO Working to Allow Previously-Owned Movies into iTunes in the Cloud Despite Exclusivity Windows

DoJ Greenlight’s Rockstar Consortium Purchase of Nortel Patent Portfolio

Apple Accuses Samsung of Withholding Source Code in Patent Infringement Case

Apple Drops Some Claims in ITC Case Against Samsung

EC and DoJ Cooperating on Apple eBook Price-Fixing Case

Apple Updates Safari for Windows and Mac to v5.1.4

Jony Ive Talks Apple and Design with The London Evening Standard

iPhone 4S Owner Sues Apple Over Alleged False Advertising Related to Siri

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Mac OS Ken: 03.12.2012

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With the First Round of Pre-Orders “Sold Out,” New iPad Delivery Times Slip Worldwide

Apple Calls Response to New iPad “Off the Charts”

ZDNet Says New iPad Battery Packs 70-Percent Greater Capacity Than Battery for iPad 2

Report: Virgin Mobile in Canada to Fire Up 4G/LTE in Time for Launch of New iPad

Resale Prices on Used iPad 2s Drop Significantly in Wake of New iPad Announcement

Apple Drastically Reduces Prices on Refurbished First-Gen iPads

Gartner: Samsung in First in Smartphones in China; Apple in Fifth

Report: Law Firms Employed by Apple in Samsung Cases Hire 73 Lawyers and 20 Reviewers Who Can Read and Speak Korean

IDC Japan: Apple Tops Cellphone Sales in Japan for 4Q CY2011

Apple Killing beta on 31 July; Encouraging Users to Get to Know iCloud

Texas Governor Says Apple to Spend 300-Million Dollars in Austin Support Staff Expansion

Apple Opening Fourth Store in Houston, Texas This Friday 16 March

City of Cupertino Publishes More Details on Apple Proposed New HQ

CBS CEO Talks Talking to Jobs About TV Subscriptions (and Why He Said “No”)

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Mac OS Ken: 03.09.2012

Fortune: Financial Analysts Pleased with New iPad and New Apple TV Announcements

Verizon Will Offer Personal Hotspot Feature at New iPad Launch, AT&T Will Not

Apple Releases Configurator, a Mac App for Managing iOS Devices Across Organizations

Mapping in iPhoto for iOS from OpenStreetMap, Not PlaceBase

comScore: Android and iOS Gain at End of 2011 While the Rest of the Top-Five Smartphone Platforms Shrink

Apple Not Allowed to Pursue Patent Lawsuits Against Kodak During Bankruptcy

Engadget: DoJ Preparing to Sue Apple and Publishers for Alleged Antitrust Activity in eBooks (Short Version)

WSJ: DoJ Preparing to Sue Apple and Publishers for Alleged Antitrust Activity in eBooks (Long Version)

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Mac OS Ken: 03.08.2012

Apple Intros "New iPad" with Retina Display, 4G/LTE, A5X-Chip with Quad-Core Graphics for March 16 Delivery

Apple Adds 99-Dollar AppleCare+ Option to New iPad Purchases

Apple Keeps 16GB iPad 2 Around for 399-Dollars (Wifi-Only) or 529-Dollars (Wifi-Plus 3G)

Apple Drops Price of Refurbished iPad 2s

Apple Issues Public Release of iOS 5.1

AT&T iPhone 4Ses on the HSDPA Network Now Show Phone as 4G

Apple Updates iOS-Versions of iMovie and GarageBand and Introduces iPhoto for iOS

Electronista: iPhoto for iOS Location Data Not Supplied by Google

Apple Announces New Apple TV with 1080p Video Support

All Things D: Fox and Universal Cannot Do iTunes Movies in iCloud Due to Preexisting Exclusivity Deals with HBO

Apple Updates UI on Apple TV 2, Matching UI of New Apple TV

Users Can Now Sign-Up for Netflix Through APple TV; Pay for it Through iTunes

Apple Releases iTunes 10.6 with HD Video Access and iTunes Match Improvements

Apple Posts Video of March Event On Its Site

Video of March Event Available Through Apple Keynotes Podcast Feed

Apple Updates iPhoto and GarageBand for Mac

Apple Issues iOS Update for Find My Phone, Find My Friends, iWork for iOS Apps, iBooks, and iTunes U

Apple Talks App, Store, and Post-PC Sales Numbers

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Mac OS Ken: 03.07.2012

Apple Tweaks “Top Apps” User Interface on App Store on iPad

New Catalog Category Spotted for iPad App Store

ABC Family Launches Universal iOS App With Full Episodes of Network Shows

Barclays Capital Raises Apple Target to 710-Dollars on Strength of iPad, iPhone, and Mac

U.S. Company (Redacted) Warns Apple Against Using the Name iTV (But the Name is For Sale)

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Says iPhone and iPad Influence Release Schedules for the Entire Mobile Market

Dow Jones: Secret Sources Say Apple Has Been Open to Settlements with Smartphone and Tablet Competitors Rather Than Litigation

Apple and Kodak Meet Before Bankruptcy Judge Tomorrow Over Next Step in Patent Infringement Case

Apple: No SXSW Interactive “Pop-Up” Store This Year

Google Rebrands and Reorganizes Media and App Sales Under “Google Play” Banner

Isaacson Says He Left Stuff About Apple Television Plans Out of the Steve Jobs Biography

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Mac OS Ken: 03.06.2012

Phone Arena: Secret Source Says Next iPad to Be Called iPad 3

CNET: Secret Source Says Next iPad to Be Called iPad HD

iMore: Secret Source Says iPad 3/HD to Have 4G/LTE Connectivity

iLounge: Secret Source Says Apple Bringing Out Smart(er) Cover/Case for iPad 3/HD

Apple Insider and MacRumors Hear Shipping Costs Are Up Significantly as Apple Takes Up Far-East to US Capacity

Samsung Securities Reportedly Expects 7-Inch “iPad mini” Later This Year

Study by The Business Journals Shows iPad is the Fastest Growing Tech in Small Business in the U.S.

Early: Sen. Schumer Asks FTC to Look into iOS and Android Privacy Issues

Later: Sen. Schumer Says Apple and Google Willing to Meet and Talk Over iOS and Android Privacy Issues

Judge in Apple v. Motorola Mobility Patent Infringement Case Orders Moto and Google to Turn Over Info on Their Merger and Android Development to Apple

Reports Say Proview Creditors Are Looking to Have Company Declared Bankrupt; Liquidated

Apple Issues Supplemental 10.7.3 Update to Address Time Machine Issue

Apple Reportedly Helping China Mobile Fix iPhone Issue

25-Billionth App: A Disney Game Downloaded in China

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Mac OS Ken: 03.05.2012

Ars Technica Sees Possible Retina Display iPad and Possible iOS 6 in its Browser Stats

The Verge Sees Reason to Expect Apple TV Update Announcement This Wednesday

Decorations Go Up on Yerba Buena Center for Wednesday Apple Event

German Judge Tosses One Samsung and One Apple Case - Both Plan to Appeal

USAF Mobility Command Buying 18,000 iPad 2s for Just Over 9-Million Dollars

Vancouver, Washington City Council Sees Cost Savings Two-Months Into Paper-to-iPad Transition

Southeast US Carrier C-Spire Drops 50-Bucks from Each iPhone 4S With a 2-Year Contract

RIM Says BlackBerry PlayBook Was Top-Selling Tablet at BestBuy Canada and Future Shop Last Week

Apple Claims Over Half-a-Million Jobs Created or Supported

Check Apple’s Job Numbers at

Apple Posts 12 New iCloud-Related Positions

25 Billion App Countdown Ends; Winner Not Yet Announced

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Mac OS Ken: 03.02.2012

MacRumors: Alleged iPad 3 Bezel Shows Place for Physical Home Button

DigiTimes Says Apple to Intro 8GB iPad 2; 16GB and 32GB iPad 3 Only

DigiTimes Sources Say 7.85-Inch Likely in 3Q CY2012

Piper Jaffray: Apple Television Would Be Awesome But Apple Won’t Make a Television Without a TV Content Sollution

New York Post: Apple Trying for TV Service By Christmas While Content Companies Balk

Apple Wins Mobile Phone Photo Organization Patent Case Against Motorola in Germany

Pew: Majority of Cellphone Owners in U.S. Now Own Smartphones

AT&T: Unlimited 3G Data Plans Throttled at 3GB of Usage Per Billing Cycle

Apple Sues Chinese Luggage Maker Over EPAD Trademark

Apple Issues iMac Graphic Firmware Update 3.0

Fortune Names Apple “Most Admired Company” for Fifth Year in a Row

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Mac OS Ken: 03.01.2012

Shaw Wu Expects 4G/LTE Connectivity for Next iPad (and He Is Stoked)

RBC Survey Shows Greater Interest in iPad if it Cost Less

SkyBet Allows Gambling on Next iPad Features (Then Pulls Wager Page)

eBay Says Tablet Trade-Ins 10-Times Higher in February 2012 Versus February 2011

Apple Insider: Apple Three Weeks Late Restocking Apple TV with Third-Party Resellers

DigiTimes Says Apple to Ship Thinner, Lighter MacBook Pros Next Month

DigiTimes Says Apple Eyeing 14-Inch MacBook Air to Target Asian Laptop Market

Apple Releases EFI Firmware Update for Late-2008 15-Inch MacBook Pro

Apple Updates Apple Store App for iOS

The Guardian: Secret Sources Says Apple Working on New Audio File Type Capable of “Adaptive Streaming”

Apple and Proview Face Off (Again) Over Rights to iPad Name In Chinese Court

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