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Mac OS Ken: 02.29.2012

Apple Invites Select Members of Press to (More Than) Likely iPad 3 Event on Wednesday 7 March

CNBC Botches Apple Event Prediction

CNBC Gives Dalrymple Hat Tip for Getting It Right Where They Got It Wrong

CNET: No Physical Home Button Pictured in Invitation Art for Next Week’s Event

Alleged Photo of iPad 3 Shell Indicates Ever-So-Slightly-Thicker Device

Engadget: Radio Shack Discounts iPad 2 by 20 to 50-Dollars

TUAW: Invitations to Next Week’s Apple Event Hit During Google Chairman’s Speech at Mobile World Congress

9 to 5 Mac Expects New Apple TV Along with New iPad Next Week

iOS Location Loophole Could Give Apps Access to Photo Library Without Asking Permission

ATF Ditching BlackBerry for iThings and Other Things

Samsung Exec: “Honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market.”

WALL-E Director Dedicates Upcoming Disney Sci-Fi Pic “John Carter” to Steve Jobs

Atari Holds Developer Contest to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Pong

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