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Mac OS Ken: 02.27.2012

Electronista: UPS Manifest Seems to Show Some Sort of New Apple Product Shipping to the States by Next Friday

Best Buy Offers 50-Dollar Discount on iPad 2

TUAW: Apple Kills Push Email in Germany After Patent Suit Loss Against Motorola

Bloomberg: Apple Buys Chomp (Confirmed) for 50-Million Dollars (Unconfirmed)

Adobe Photoshop Touch iPad App Goes Live in the App Store for 10-Dollars

GigaOm: Intucell Technology Gives AT&T “Living” Data Networks

iPhone Owners Wins 850-Dollars in Small Claims Court After AT&T Throttles Data at 1.5GB on an Unlimited Plan

The Guitar Collection: George Harrison - Virtual iPad Tour of the Quiet One’s Guitars in App Store for 10-Dollars

NYPD Busts Store Full of Counterfeit iPhones, iPads, and iPods on W 28th

Authorities in China Confiscate 681 Fake iPhone Personal Gas Stoves

Plastic Surgeon Heralds Arrival of “FaceTime Facelifts”

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