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Mac OS Ken: 02.23.2012

Hong Kong-Based NGO Says Foxconn is Pulling the Wool Over FLA’s Eyes

Former Wintek Employees Call on Apple Customers to Sign Petition for Worker Rights for Apple Supply Chain

NYT: Apple and Proview Face Off in Chinese Court, Receive No Ruling from Court

Barclays Analyst Pumped for Second iPhone Carrier in China and the Approach of Mountain Lion

iPodNN: Japan Gets Access to iTunes in the Cloud; iTunes Match Still Missing

MacNN: iTunes Match for iTunes Japan Should Hit in Second-Half of 2012; Other iTunes Features Added This Week

Apple Sells Beatles Ringtones Through iTunes on iThings

Apple to Open Amsterdam Store at 10am on Saturday 3 March

TUAW: Apple Encouraging MobileMe Users to Make the Migration to iCloud Ahead of June Deadline

California AG: Major App Store Operators to Require Privacy Policies for Personal-Data-Skimming Apps

Business Insider: CA AG Solution Good for the One-Percent Losing Sleep Over AddressBookGate

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