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Mac OS Ken: 02.22.2012

NPD and Piper Jaffray Look at Current-Quarter Mac Sales

Apple Pushes Sandboxing Deadline for Mac App Store Apps to 1 June

Report: Apple to Allow Independent Environmental Reviews of Some Factories in the Supply Chain in China

Apple’s Facilities Report - Environmental update 2012 Outlines Plans for Renewable Energy at NC Data Center

Apple Confirms Plans for Pineville, Oregon Data Center

The Daily: Microsoft Office for iPad Close to App Store Submission (and They Say They’ve Seen it)

Microsoft Says Pictures in The Daily Are Not of an Actual Microsoft Product

Microsoft Office for Mac Exec Says Office for iPad Would Be News to Her

The Daily Stands By Its Office for iPad Story

Official Microsoft News Twitter Account Kind of Argues Against The Daily Story Sort of

Barnes and Noble Intros 8GB Nook Tablet at 199-Dollars to Fight Amazon Kindle Fire

iPulpit: For the 21st Century Religious Leader

Check out the iPulpit at (Flash Required (???))

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