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Mac OS Ken: 02.17.2012

Apple Announces OS X Mountain Lion Release for Late Summer 2012; Releases Developer Preview

Wired Says Apple Will Do One Big OS X Update a Year from Now On

Apple Makes Messages App for Mac Available as a Public beta

Apple Posts Teaser Video of Mountain Lion OS

NYT Looks at iCloud Integration of iOS and OS X Devices

Reports Say Some Early Intel-Based Macs Won’t Make the Jump to Mountain Lion

Apple Releases betas of Safari 5.2 and Xcode 4.4 to Developers

Apple Updates Xcode to Version 4.3

WSJ Interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook Makes ARM-Based Mac Seem Possible (Not Necessarily Probable)

All Things D Posts Papers Online That Seem to Show Apple Buying “iPad” Term from Proview

Hong Kong Court Ruled in Apple’s Favor on Proview/iPad Case Last July

Apple Adds Screenshots and Promo Codes for iBookstore Publishers

SumOfUs Upset Over FLA President’s Comments Commending Foxconn and Apple

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