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Mac OS Ken: 02.14.2012

Apple Shares Close Above 500-Dollars

NPD Says Spending on Apple Accounts for Close to One-Fifth of Tech Spending in the States

Harris Interactive Poll Puts Apple at Top of US Companies in Terms of Image/Reputation

WSJ Says Next iPad to Support 4G/LTE Connectivity Through AT&T and Verizon

AT&T Doubles Device Upgrade Fee From 18-Dollars to 36-Dollars

Fair Labor Association Begins Inspections of Apple Suppliers

Report: Apple Issues “Them or Us” Ultimatum to Pegatron Over Asustek Ultrabook

Reports Have Authorities in One City in Northern China Pulling iPads from Store Shelves as Trademark Battle Continues

EC Green-Lights Google Acquisition of Motorola Mobility

US DoJ Gives Its Approval for Motoroogle Deal

US DoJ Approves Purchase of Nortel Patents by Apple/Microsoft/RIM Combo

\Apple Streaming Tim Cook Presentation at Goldman Sachs Technology Conference Today at 12:30 PST/3:30 EST at

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