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Mac OS Ken: 02.07.2012

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Analyst Plays “What If” with Content and the Fabled Apple Television

Best Buy Survey Quizzes Customers on Interest in 42-inch “Apple HDTV”

Best Buy Says Apple HDTV Survey was “Hypothetical”

Secret Sources Tell Globe and Mail that Bell and Rogers Talking Television Deals with Apple (And They Already Have the TVs)

Jeffries and Company Analyst Ups iPad Sales Expectations for 2012; Lowers Tablet Expectations

Deutsche Bank Analyst Sees iPad 3 Opening Wider Lead in Tablets for Apple

IDC Exec Says We Are Currently “PC-Plus” with Tablets, Not “Post-PC”

NPD Group: iPhones Take Top-Three Spots in US Smartphone Sales Over the Holidays While Android Still Tops with First-Time Smartphone Buyers

HTC Warns of Revenue Drop for Current Quarter; Blames Apple and Samsung

HTC CEO: Sacrificing Form and Battery-Life for 4G-Connectivity Was a Mistake

Haliburton Dropping RIM BlackBerry for iPhone

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