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Mac OS Ken: 02.01.2012

Source in China Telecom Subsidiary Says iPhone 4S “Likely” to Hit Network in the Next Month or So

Morgan Stanley: Apple Could Sell 40-Million iPhones in China in 2013 If It Can Add China Telecom and China Mobile

Apple Online Store Institutes iPhone 4S Lottery System to Try to Stymie Scalpers

Apple Store Sites in Most Show iPhone 4S as “In Stock”

AT&T Activated 7.6-Million iPhones in the Holiday Quarter

Sprint Releases “Mobile Zone” App for Sprint iPhone Owners (Mostly)

Canalys: Apple Now Top Personal Computer Vendor on the Planet (If We Count Tablets as PCs)

Apple Hires CEO of UK Electronics-Seller Dixons as New Head of Retail

The Telegraph: A UK Take on the New King of Apple Retail

Sullied Reputation of Dixons Leads Some to Worry Over New Apple Retail Appointment

Apple Brings Many Requested Features to Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3 Update

Apple Updates Motion to Version 5.0.2

Apple Updates Compressor to Version 4.0.2

Siri Costars on a Recent Episode of The Big Bang Theory

The Flaming Lips Bring Erica Badu and Siri to New Track

Hear Siri and The Flaming Lips “Now I Understand” at

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