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Mac OS Ken: 01.31.2012

Tim Cook Says Apple “Didn’t Bet High Enough” on iPhone 4S Demand

Apple Actively Discussing Best Use of Its 98-Billion Dollars

Apple Calls iCloud Part of Its Strategy for the Next Decade

Apple TV Still a Hobby (Though One About Which Cook Seems Excited)

Tim Cook Sees “Huge Opportunity” for Apple in Brazil

TUAW: Progress Seen Toward Brazilian iPad Production

Florian Mueller: Judge’s Interpretation of Apple Patent Could Have Significant Bearing on Android as a Whole

Samsung Loses Complaint Against Apple in Germany, While Italians Get an Explanation About AppleCare and the Law

Report: T-Mobile USA to Offer Official (Though Limited) Support for Unlocked iPhones on Its Network

Apple Announces New Employee Discounts for Macs and iPads

TMO: Questions Remain About New Apple Employee Discounts

The Telegraph: The Thorny Issue of Apple and Human Rights

Apple Insider: NYT Sort of Buries Chinese Response to Apple and Human Rights Story

Apple CEO Responds to Allegations of Indifference to Human Rights Abuses in Supply Chain

Report: Wisconsin Buying 1,400 iPads with Money it Got from a Microsoft Settlement

Former Apple Exec Jon Rubinstein Out of HP

Former Apple Retail Chief Outlines Plans for JC Penney

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