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Mac OS Ken: 01.25.2012

Apple Posts Record Revenue, Profit, Mac, iPhone, and iPad Sales

Forbes: Apple FYQ1 Crushes Street Estimates

MarketWatch Runs Through Wall Street Expectations Ahead of the Apple Earnings Call

Electronista: Apple Retakes Smartphone Lead from Samsung in Holiday Quarter

Verizon Earnings Show 55-Percent of Its Smartphones Sold Last Quarter Were iPhones

Apple Posts FY1Q Earnings Call as Podcast

Gartner: Apple the Biggest Buyer of Semiconductors in CY2011

One Carrier in Denmark Says Lumia 800 Windows Phone Demand is Comparable to iPhone 4S Demand, Two Others Say It’s Not

Reuters: Apple Loses Appeal to Bar Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Netherlands

24 January 2012: The Mac Turns 28

First Lady Michelle Obama Invites Steve Jobs’ Widow Laurene Powell Jobs to Be Guest at State of the Union Address

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