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Mac OS Ken: 01.18.2012

Piper Jaffray Raises 1Q FY2012 iPhone Sales Expectations; Lowers Expectations for Holiday Mac Sales

Shipping Time on iPhone 4S Drops to 3 to 5 Business Days in the States

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Stoked for Next iPhone and iPad and New MacBook Airs; Not Worried About Ultrabooks

Macotakara Sources Say iPad 3 and iOS 5.1 Event in February; Release in March

Report: iOS 5.1 beta 3 Full of Hints of Facebook Integration

Apple Opens iTunes Match to 19 New Countries

Apple Brings New Smartphone Suit Against Samsung in Germany

Upcoming Book - Inside Apple - Says Scott Forestall Likely Next CEO of Apple

Inside Apple Says Eddy Cue the Real “Dealmaker” for Jobs and Cook

Ars Technica: Apple EDU Event to Include Textbook Platform to “Digitally Destroy” Textbook Publishing

Fortune: Apple EDU Event Being Blown Our of Proportion

Revisiting Jobs’ Thoughts on Textbooks Today from the Walter Isaacson Biography

ZDNet: Publishers Stoked for Apple EDU Event and the Chance to Kill the Used Textbook Market

WSJ: iWork Head Roger Rosner Said to Be Leading eTextbook Initiative

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