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Mac OS Ken: 01.09.2012

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / Forrester Research: Global Enterprise Spending on Apple to Rise 50-Percent This Year / Bernstein Analyst: Apple Makes More Money Reselling NAND Flash Than NAND Flash-Makers Make Making It / China Unicom Offering Free iPhone 4S with Two-Year or Three-Year Contract / Nine Chinese Authors Sue Apple for Unauthorized Apps Featuring Their Writings / DigiTimes Says Two iPads This Year (And Business Insider Misrepresents Gruber) / Gruber Agrees with DigiTimes on iPad 3 in March; Disagrees on iPad 4 This Fall / Rumor: Apple Eyes Target for New Store-In-a-Store Partnership / Rovio Sees 6.5-Million Downloads of Angry Birds on Christmas Day 2011 / Disney Mobile Sees 6-Million Downloads of “Where’s My Water” for Android and iOS During Holiday Week 2011 / Motorola Warns of 4Q CY2011 Miss on Expectations / WWDCAlerts: Two Developers Set Up Alerts for WWDC Ticket Availability at / PaidContent: Apple Legal Probably Can’t Stop the InIcons Steve Jobs Action Figure

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