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Mac OS Ken: 01.06.2012

Verizon CFO: We Sold 4.2-Million iPhones Last Quarter / UBS Analyst Sees Around 35-Million iPhone Sold in 1Q FY2012 Based on Verizon Number / Shaw Wu Sees Next iPhone as Biggest Apple Story of 2012 / Barclays Analyst Says Investors Should Not Worry Over Conservative 2Q FY2012 Guidance from Apple (Assuming Apple Issues Conservative 2Q FY2012 Guidance) / Judge Denies Samsung Request for Preliminary Injunction Against Sales of iPhone 4S in Italy / Apple and Elan Microelectronics Settle Patent Suits / Report: Apple Plucks Adobe Exec to Head iAds / The Guardian Out of the UK Says Apple Not Believed to Be Bidding for Premier League TV Rights (Citing No Sources) / Reality TV Powerhouse Ditches Apple’s Final Cut for Avid / Nielsen Soundscan: US Album Sales Up for the First Time Since 2004 / Seagate Says HDD Demand will Outpace Supply for 2012 / Apple Reportedly Eyeing Store for Halifax, Nova Scotia / Infinity Blade Titles Earn 30-Million Dollars in Revenue in a Little Over One Year / Apple Moves to Block Creepy Steve Jobs Action Figure / Toy-Maker Doubts Apple Has Legal Case Against Jobs Action Figure

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