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Mac OS Ken: 01.05.2012

Apple Q1 FY2012 Earnings Call Set for 24 January / Apple Launching iPhone 4S in China and 21 Other Countries on 13 January / ABI Research Sees Huge Gulf in App Consumption Between iPads and Android-Based Tablets / NPD/DisplaySearch: Tablets to Share Equal Footing with Notebooks by 2017 / The Daily Mail Says Apple Expected to Bid on Premier League TV Rights (Though It Doesn’t Say WHy It Thinks So) / USA Today: Apple Television Talk to Rule CES Without an Apple Presence at the Show / Secret Source Says Jony Ive has “Slick 50-Inch TV” in His Design Shop / Roku Plans “Streaming Stick” for Second Half of 2012 / Motions Still in Motion in Apple v. Psystar / Canadian Man Says He Crossed U.S. Border with Scan of Passport on His iPad / Customs Says Guy Crossing Border with iPad Passport-Scan Also had His Birth Certificate (He Says He Did Not) / Rupert Murdoch Tweets Disappointment with Isaacson Biography of Jobs / Thurrott: Sources Say Windows and Nokia to Pay AT&T Retail Workers a Big Bounty on Each Nokia Windows Phone Sold

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