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Mac OS Ken: 01.03.2012

All Things D: Apple Rumored to Hold Small but Significant Media Event in NYC at End of January / TMO: Secret Source Says iPhone Made Up 66-Percent of Sales at Corporate-Owned AT and T Stores in December / Apple to Appeal 1.2-Million-Dollar Italian Fine Related to AppleCare / Stories Citing Argentinian-Ban on iPhone Sales Deemed False / Siri Imitators Show Up on Android Market / Google Pulls “Siri for Android” from Android Market While Other Blatant Imitators Remain / Rumor has Apple Opening New London, Ontario Store This Fall / Largest Apple Authorized Reseller in France Sues Apple for Alleged Unfair Competition / Door at Lehigh Valley Apple Store Shatter Nine Times in 2011 / Jonathan Ive Receives Knighthood / Cirque du Mac at Macworld/iWorld Set for Friday 27 January / Apple Rejects Steve Jobs-Themed “Tribute Calendar” App / Toy Companies Plan February Release for Creepy Steve Jobs Action Figure

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