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Mac OS Ken: 01.31.2012

Tim Cook Says Apple “Didn’t Bet High Enough” on iPhone 4S Demand

Apple Actively Discussing Best Use of Its 98-Billion Dollars

Apple Calls iCloud Part of Its Strategy for the Next Decade

Apple TV Still a Hobby (Though One About Which Cook Seems Excited)

Tim Cook Sees “Huge Opportunity” for Apple in Brazil

TUAW: Progress Seen Toward Brazilian iPad Production

Florian Mueller: Judge’s Interpretation of Apple Patent Could Have Significant Bearing on Android as a Whole

Samsung Loses Complaint Against Apple in Germany, While Italians Get an Explanation About AppleCare and the Law

Report: T-Mobile USA to Offer Official (Though Limited) Support for Unlocked iPhones on Its Network

Apple Announces New Employee Discounts for Macs and iPads

TMO: Questions Remain About New Apple Employee Discounts

The Telegraph: The Thorny Issue of Apple and Human Rights

Apple Insider: NYT Sort of Buries Chinese Response to Apple and Human Rights Story

Apple CEO Responds to Allegations of Indifference to Human Rights Abuses in Supply Chain

Report: Wisconsin Buying 1,400 iPads with Money it Got from a Microsoft Settlement

Former Apple Exec Jon Rubinstein Out of HP

Former Apple Retail Chief Outlines Plans for JC Penney

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Mac OS Ken: 01.30.2012

Macworld/iWorld: A conversation with SecureMac about their new Mac app PrivacyScan

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Mac OS Ken: 01.26.2012

Analysts Trip Over Themselves to Raise Apple Target Price

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Mac OS Ken: 01.25.2012

Apple Posts Record Revenue, Profit, Mac, iPhone, and iPad Sales

Forbes: Apple FYQ1 Crushes Street Estimates

MarketWatch Runs Through Wall Street Expectations Ahead of the Apple Earnings Call

Electronista: Apple Retakes Smartphone Lead from Samsung in Holiday Quarter

Verizon Earnings Show 55-Percent of Its Smartphones Sold Last Quarter Were iPhones

Apple Posts FY1Q Earnings Call as Podcast

Gartner: Apple the Biggest Buyer of Semiconductors in CY2011

One Carrier in Denmark Says Lumia 800 Windows Phone Demand is Comparable to iPhone 4S Demand, Two Others Say It’s Not

Reuters: Apple Loses Appeal to Bar Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Netherlands

24 January 2012: The Mac Turns 28

First Lady Michelle Obama Invites Steve Jobs’ Widow Laurene Powell Jobs to Be Guest at State of the Union Address

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Mac OS Ken: 01.24.2012

Pew Internet Survey Says Ownership of Tablets Nearly Doubled Over the Holidays, As Did Ownership of eReaders

British Airways Expanding iPad Deployment for Cabin Crew

Global Equities Research Says 350k iBooks Textbooks Downloaded in First Three Day; 90k Downloads of iBooks Authors

Apple Launches Support pages for New iTunes U at

Apple Names Anderson Teixeira Its First Ever Head of Latin American Division

Ovum: Android to be Bigger with Developers than iOS by Start of 2013

Virgin America Dubs One of Its Planes “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

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Mac OS Ken: 01.23.2012

Piper Jaffray Analyst Pleased with Apple Education Announcements

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Pilot Bodes Well for iBooks Textbooks

CNET: Apple’s Answers to EDU Raise at Least as Many Questions

RIM Co-CEOs Out, New CEO “Confident” in Current Line of BlackBerry Phones and PlayBook Software Update

M1 Selling Modified, No-Camera iPhones to Members of Singapore Military

Apple Seeks to Stop Kodak from Trading on a Digital Camera Patent It Says It Owns

German Court Hands Samsung a Legal Loss and Apple Hands Samsung a New Lawsuit

Apple Releases Driver Update for Brother Printers

Foxconn Clarifies Gou Remarks Likening Workers to Animals

Extra Credit Reading: THE iECONOMY - How U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work

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Mac OS Ken: 01.20.2012

Apple Announces iBooks 2, iBooks Textbooks, and iBooks Author

Engadet and All Things D: iBooks Textbooks Top Out at $14.99

TechCrunch: iBooks Textbooks Start with Eight Titles Despite Partnerships with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill and Pearson

Apple New iTunes U App for iOS Devices; Organizes All Aspects of Courses Into App

Apple Updates iTunes to v10.5.3 Adding Support iBooks Textbooks Syncing

Business Insider: Potential Problems in the Way of Apple’s EDU Revolution

Apple Posts Thursday EDU Event as a Podcast on iTunes Here

China Unicom Says First-Week iPhone 4S Sales Better Than First-Week iPhone 4 Sales

Security Firm Study Finds iOS Taking Top Spot From BlackBerry in Corporate Smartphones

IHS: Windows Phone to Take Second Place from iOS Phones in 2015

IHS iSuppli: Apple World’s Largest Buyer of Microphones in 2011

At the Taipei Zoo: Hon Hai Chairman Likens Managing Million-Person Workforce to Managing a Million Animals

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Mac OS Ken: 01.19.2012

Credit Suisse Analyst Reiterates Overweight Rating on Apple Shares Based on iPhone and iPad Strength

RBC Capital Analyst Ups Apple Price Target to 525-Dollars

Shaw Wu: iPad 3 Likely to Drive iPad Sales to 48-Million Units in CY2012

Nielsen: iPhone 4S Helps iOS Narrow Gap with Android in 4Q CY2011

Apple Shares Back in Record-High Territory

New Study Sees Big Value in Used-iPhone Market

Nissan Shows Off “Self Healing” iPhone Case

Apple Issues Sixth beta of OS X 10.7.3 to Developers

IDC Expects Rebound for Dedicated Handheld Game Devices in 2012

IHS: In-App Purchases to Make Up Nearly Two-Thirds of Mobile App Revenue by 2015

Canadians Call for Apple to Do Something About Desirability of Apple Products (or Something)

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Mac OS Ken: 01.18.2012

Piper Jaffray Raises 1Q FY2012 iPhone Sales Expectations; Lowers Expectations for Holiday Mac Sales

Shipping Time on iPhone 4S Drops to 3 to 5 Business Days in the States

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Stoked for Next iPhone and iPad and New MacBook Airs; Not Worried About Ultrabooks

Macotakara Sources Say iPad 3 and iOS 5.1 Event in February; Release in March

Report: iOS 5.1 beta 3 Full of Hints of Facebook Integration

Apple Opens iTunes Match to 19 New Countries

Apple Brings New Smartphone Suit Against Samsung in Germany

Upcoming Book - Inside Apple - Says Scott Forestall Likely Next CEO of Apple

Inside Apple Says Eddy Cue the Real “Dealmaker” for Jobs and Cook

Ars Technica: Apple EDU Event to Include Textbook Platform to “Digitally Destroy” Textbook Publishing

Fortune: Apple EDU Event Being Blown Our of Proportion

Revisiting Jobs’ Thoughts on Textbooks Today from the Walter Isaacson Biography

ZDNet: Publishers Stoked for Apple EDU Event and the Chance to Kill the Used Textbook Market

WSJ: iWork Head Roger Rosner Said to Be Leading eTextbook Initiative

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Mac OS Ken: 01.17.2012

IDG Study: 9-out-of-10 Business People with iPads Use It More for Business Than Anything Else

DigiTimes Sources Says Microsoft and Intel Pricing May Strangle Wintel Tablets Before They Get Going

TechCrunch: Windows 8 ARM-Based Tablets Will Be Windows 8 Only

Apple Opens iTunes Match to the Netherlands

German Interior Ministry Bans iPhones and BlackBerries for Ministry Employees

Apple No. 8 on Interbrands 100 Best Global Brands of 2011

Classic Computing: 80 Minutes with John Sculley

InIcons Drops Plans for Creepy Steve Jobs Action Figure

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Mac OS Ken: 01.16.2012

NYT: Apple Suspends Sales of iPhone at Its Physical Stores in Mainland China / iPhone Gets Fourth and Potentially Disruptive Carrier in France / Bloomberg Sources Say Next iPad Due in March; Will Sport High-Def Display, Quad-Core Processor, and 4G/LTE Support / Morgan Stanley Analyst Sees, Thinner, Quad-Core 3G/4G/LTE iPhone Later This Year / Apple Loses Preliminary Ruling in ITC Case Against Motorola / Apple Makes Supplier Responsibility Report More Transparent; Joins Fair Labor Association / iPodNN: Email Reportedly from Tim Cook Talks FLA Membership and Apple Working for Supply Chain Workers / Apple Supplier Responsibility Report Confirms Aluminum Dust as Cause of Foxconn and Pegatron Explosions in 2011 / Apple Expands Recycling Program in UK, France, and Germany to Include iPhones and iPads / Apple Supplier to Take 6-Million Dollar Hit to Making USB and Power Cords More Eco-Friendly

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Mac OS Ken: 01.13.2012

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / MacNN: Thousand Cue-Up for iPhone 4S in China / Sanlitun Beijing Store Fails to Open on iPhone 4S Day; Gets Pelted by Eggs / Piper Jaffray Analyst Says the Next iPhone is Going to Be Bigger Than Big in Terms of Sales / Verizon Says All of Its New Smartphones in 2012 Will Be 4G/LTE Devices / Macworld: Big Phone-Makers at CES Talk Trimming the Number of Models on the Market / UBS Sees Huge Holiday-Quarter for Apple Based on Huge Holiday Quarters for Apple Suppliers / Target Confirms Plans for Apple Mini-Stores at 25 Locations as Part of Bigger Store-in-Store Push / ForeSee Survey: Tops in Satisfaction for Shopping Via Mobile Devices / Report: Apple Leasing Space for 1,300 Workers in Sunnyvale / Samsung Exec Belittles Steve Jobs Statements About “Cracking” TV / Lenovo CEO: Apple Has Tablets Locked Up Near Term

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Mac OS Ken: 01.12.2012

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / Apple Sends Invitations for NYC Education Event on 19 January / Gartner: PC Sales Fall 1.4-Percent Worldwide in 4Q CY2011; Down Nearly 6-Percent in the States / IDC: PC Sales Fall 0.17-Percent Worldwide in 4Q CY2011; Down 6.7-Percent in the States / MacRumors: Apple Issues Fifth beat of Mac OS X 10.7.3 Update / Piper Jaffray Analyst Up iPhone Sales Expectations to 30-Million Units for Holiday Quarter / T-Mobile USA Says It’s Still Interested in Having an iPhone / Imagination Technologies Announces Series6 of PowerVR GPUs / Apple Confirms Purchase of Israeli Flash-Firm Anobit / Spanish Tablet-Maker Accuses Apple of Extortion / Reuters Source Says Over 250 Apple Employees Attending CES / Apple Head of iOS Marketing Seen Prowling the Floor at CES / Sony Entertainment Network Plans iOS App for Its Music Unlimited Service This Quarter

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Mac OS Ken: 01.11.2012

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / iLounge Editor-in-Chief Says He’s Seen (What Appears to Be) iPad 3 / 9 to 5 Mac: References in iOS 5.1 beta 3 Seem to Indicate Siri for iPad at Some Point / Report: SAP Second, Korea Telecom First in Corporate iPad Deployment / Amazon Launches Kindle Store Optimized for iPad / Corning Plans Improved Gorilla Glass for Second-Half of 2012 / Verizon and News Corp Do Deal to Put The Daily on Verizon Android Devices / New Class-Action Suit Take Issue with AT&T/iPhone Exclusivity, Closed App Store Model, and Disco / Eastman Kodak Files Suit Against Apple and HTC for Alleged Patent Violation Related to Digital Imaging / Apple Tops Ipsos Reid Survey of “Leading Edge” Brands with Canadians / Report: iOS Acceleration Made Objective-C the Fastest Growing Programming Language in 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 01.10.2012

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / Apple Sets Annual Shareholder Meeting for 23 February / Tim Cook Paid 900-Thousand Times More Than His Predecessor as Apple CEO / Deutsche Bank Analyst Says Various Legal Offensives By Apple Against Android Could Yield Bales of Cash / NPD: iPhone Steals Significant Share from Android in October/November 2011 U.S. Sales / ChangeWave Sees Continued Strength for “Intent to Buy” and Satisfaction for iPhone / Analysts From Goldman and Needham Up Expectations Ahead of 1Q FY2012 Apple Earnings Report / WSJ: Regulatory Approval for Apple Device Could Mean Second Carrier Soon for iPhone in China / 9 to 5 Mac: References Found to Quad-Core Processing in Second iOS 5.1 beta / iPodNN: Third iOS 5.1 beta Brings Back the “Enable 3G” Toggle / PC World: Apple Inspiration All Over CES / Samsung Makes Interesting TV Announcements at CES / Nuance Launches Dragon TV Platform for OEMs at CES / Acer Blatantly Copies iCloud Promo Material in Introducing AcerCloud / High-End Audio Component Maker Klipsch Gets Stoked About AirPlay / GigaOm: Thunderbolt Makes Noise at CES

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Mac OS Ken: 01.09.2012

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / Forrester Research: Global Enterprise Spending on Apple to Rise 50-Percent This Year / Bernstein Analyst: Apple Makes More Money Reselling NAND Flash Than NAND Flash-Makers Make Making It / China Unicom Offering Free iPhone 4S with Two-Year or Three-Year Contract / Nine Chinese Authors Sue Apple for Unauthorized Apps Featuring Their Writings / DigiTimes Says Two iPads This Year (And Business Insider Misrepresents Gruber) / Gruber Agrees with DigiTimes on iPad 3 in March; Disagrees on iPad 4 This Fall / Rumor: Apple Eyes Target for New Store-In-a-Store Partnership / Rovio Sees 6.5-Million Downloads of Angry Birds on Christmas Day 2011 / Disney Mobile Sees 6-Million Downloads of “Where’s My Water” for Android and iOS During Holiday Week 2011 / Motorola Warns of 4Q CY2011 Miss on Expectations / WWDCAlerts: Two Developers Set Up Alerts for WWDC Ticket Availability at / PaidContent: Apple Legal Probably Can’t Stop the InIcons Steve Jobs Action Figure

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Mac OS Ken: 01.06.2012

Verizon CFO: We Sold 4.2-Million iPhones Last Quarter / UBS Analyst Sees Around 35-Million iPhone Sold in 1Q FY2012 Based on Verizon Number / Shaw Wu Sees Next iPhone as Biggest Apple Story of 2012 / Barclays Analyst Says Investors Should Not Worry Over Conservative 2Q FY2012 Guidance from Apple (Assuming Apple Issues Conservative 2Q FY2012 Guidance) / Judge Denies Samsung Request for Preliminary Injunction Against Sales of iPhone 4S in Italy / Apple and Elan Microelectronics Settle Patent Suits / Report: Apple Plucks Adobe Exec to Head iAds / The Guardian Out of the UK Says Apple Not Believed to Be Bidding for Premier League TV Rights (Citing No Sources) / Reality TV Powerhouse Ditches Apple’s Final Cut for Avid / Nielsen Soundscan: US Album Sales Up for the First Time Since 2004 / Seagate Says HDD Demand will Outpace Supply for 2012 / Apple Reportedly Eyeing Store for Halifax, Nova Scotia / Infinity Blade Titles Earn 30-Million Dollars in Revenue in a Little Over One Year / Apple Moves to Block Creepy Steve Jobs Action Figure / Toy-Maker Doubts Apple Has Legal Case Against Jobs Action Figure

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Mac OS Ken: 01.05.2012

Apple Q1 FY2012 Earnings Call Set for 24 January / Apple Launching iPhone 4S in China and 21 Other Countries on 13 January / ABI Research Sees Huge Gulf in App Consumption Between iPads and Android-Based Tablets / NPD/DisplaySearch: Tablets to Share Equal Footing with Notebooks by 2017 / The Daily Mail Says Apple Expected to Bid on Premier League TV Rights (Though It Doesn’t Say WHy It Thinks So) / USA Today: Apple Television Talk to Rule CES Without an Apple Presence at the Show / Secret Source Says Jony Ive has “Slick 50-Inch TV” in His Design Shop / Roku Plans “Streaming Stick” for Second Half of 2012 / Motions Still in Motion in Apple v. Psystar / Canadian Man Says He Crossed U.S. Border with Scan of Passport on His iPad / Customs Says Guy Crossing Border with iPad Passport-Scan Also had His Birth Certificate (He Says He Did Not) / Rupert Murdoch Tweets Disappointment with Isaacson Biography of Jobs / Thurrott: Sources Say Windows and Nokia to Pay AT&T Retail Workers a Big Bounty on Each Nokia Windows Phone Sold

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Mac OS Ken: 01.04.2012

TechCrunch: Apple NYC Event to Involve Publishers and iBookStore and No New Hardware / Clayton Morris: NYC Event to Focus on iTunesU and Apple in Education / iPodNN: January Event Rumors Seem to Center on Textbooks, eBooks, and iBooks / Business Insider Finds Support for Education at Apple Event in Isaacson Bio of Jobs / Ticonderoga Securities and Piper Jaffray Bullish on Apple Into 2012 / Morgan Keegan Analyst Lowers Apple 12-Month Price Target Slightly; Still Bullish on Apple Into 2012 / Barclays Analyst Thinks Addition of Disney CEO to Apple Board Could Lead to Apple-Shareholder Dividends / MacRumors: Mac Pros May (or May Not) Be in for a Refresh / Apple Continues “Mystery Bag” Sales on New Year’s Day in Japan / Apple Hosting Far-East Sales for Chinese Lunar New Year This Friday / Flurry Analytics: Worldwide Mobile App Downloads Cross One-Billion in One Week for Last Week of 2011 / RIM Cuts Price of All BlackBerry PlayBooks to 300-Dollars / DigiTimes Reruns “Two New iPads Plus iPad 2” Story Dropping the Macworld/iWorld Bit / Adam Lashinsky’s Book “Inside Apple” Set for 25 January Release

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Mac OS Ken: 01.03.2012

All Things D: Apple Rumored to Hold Small but Significant Media Event in NYC at End of January / TMO: Secret Source Says iPhone Made Up 66-Percent of Sales at Corporate-Owned AT and T Stores in December / Apple to Appeal 1.2-Million-Dollar Italian Fine Related to AppleCare / Stories Citing Argentinian-Ban on iPhone Sales Deemed False / Siri Imitators Show Up on Android Market / Google Pulls “Siri for Android” from Android Market While Other Blatant Imitators Remain / Rumor has Apple Opening New London, Ontario Store This Fall / Largest Apple Authorized Reseller in France Sues Apple for Alleged Unfair Competition / Door at Lehigh Valley Apple Store Shatter Nine Times in 2011 / Jonathan Ive Receives Knighthood / Cirque du Mac at Macworld/iWorld Set for Friday 27 January / Apple Rejects Steve Jobs-Themed “Tribute Calendar” App / Toy Companies Plan February Release for Creepy Steve Jobs Action Figure

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