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Mac OS Ken: 12.30.2011

BMO Capital Analyst Raises Price Target on Stronger Than Expected iPhone Sales / Apple Hits New Personal Best in ForeSee Online Customer Satisfaction Survey / iPad to See Big Buys by Small and Medium Business in 2012 / Milwaukee Zoo Orangutans Using iPads / Rumor of New Intel Chip Releases Point to New Macs in the Spring / DigiTimes Jumps the Shark; Calls for Multiple iPad Announcements at Macworld|iWorld / Business Insider Seriously Doubts Most of DigiTimes iPad Story / The Loop: Sources Say No iPad 3 or Apple TV at Macworld/iWorld or CES / DigiTimes Says Apple Reducing iPad 2 Orders Ahead of iPad 3 / Apple Hiring iCloud Application Developer / Stanford Holds (and Hides) Largest Collection of Apple Artifacts in the World / WSJ: Eight of Top Ten Corporate Stories of 2011 Involved Apple, Jobs, or Both / Amazon Says It Sold Enough Copies of Steve Jobs Bio to Create a Stack Taller than Mt. Everest (No Plans to Do So) / Find My iPad Thwarts Christmas Gift Thief

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Mac OS Ken: 12.29.2011

Flurry Analytics: Christmas Day Activations of iOS and Android Devices Hits 6.8-Million / Fortune: iOS Christmas-Day Activations Likely Beat Android Activations by 1.6-Million Units / IBM Benchmark: iOS Accounted for 13.4-Percent of All Online Sales on Christmas Day / comScore: 20-Percent of Online Spending on Christmas Day was on Apps and Digital Media / CNET: Anobit Purchase Could Do for Apple What PA Semi Did / Apple Awarded Core Multitouch Patent / UK PM to Get Personalized iPad App to Help Run Country / Poland’s Parliament Switching from Paper to Digital with iPad 2s / Apple Reportedly Hiring for First Retail Location in Berlin / Argentina Bans Sales of iPhones and BlackBerries Until They’re Built in Argentina / 9 to 5 Mac: iTunes Connect Reconnects a Day Early / WSJ: Apple is Doing Something in Television and Anything Could Happen / Wu: Content is Key in Any Apple Television Play / Electronista: Far-East Reports Have Component Production for Apple Televisions Starting as Early as Last Month / Electronista: Other Far-East Reports Have Apple Finalizing Television Design By Summer for Late 2012 Launch

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Mac OS Ken: 12.28.2011

Munster Stoked for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 in 2012 / BGR: Next iPhone to Hit Fall of 2012; May Have Built-In Rubber or Plastic “Bumper” / Report: iPhone Gains Share in US and UK and Loses Share in France and Germany / Report: Foxconn iPhone Plant Expansion Could Double Device Output / Explosion at Pegatron iPad-Production Plant Injures 61 Workers / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees No 7-Inch iPad in Near Future / Apple Launches Explainer Page for iTunes Match at / Report: Apple to Start Construction on New Retail “Prototype” in Palo Alto “Any Day Now” / Apple Replacing Recalled First-Gen iPod nanos with Current-Model Machines / Apple Seeds Fourth Build of Mac OS X 10.7.3 to Developers / Intego Sees “Vast Phishing Attack” Targeting Apple Customers / Apple Wins Patent Infringement Claim Against HTC Before USITC / Apple Suing Samsung in Australia Over Patent Infringement Involving Tablet and Phone Cases / German Judge Thinks Changes to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N Probably Enough to Make it Legal / Apple Fined 900-Thousand Euros for Allegedly Misleading Consumers Regarding AppleCare / AT&T Drops Bid for T-Mobile USA; Pays 4-Billion-Dollars to Walk Away / Amazon Updates Kindle App for iOS with Textbook, Newspaper, and Magazine Support / comScore: Apple Beats Walmart in US Web-Visits in November / Advertising Analytics Firm Says Santa and Siri iPhone 4S Ad Particularly Effective / Apple Launches Boxing Week/Great Albums, Great Prices Sale on iTunes / Rumor: Gannett Company Buying Thousands of iThings for Its Journalists / Steve Jobs Awarded 2012 Special Merit Grammy / 2012 CES to Be Microsoft’s Last / GigaOm: Sources Say CEA Booted Microsoft from CES Keynote / NYC Police Make 141 Arrests in Stolen iThings Sting / Bathrooms at the Apple Grand Central Store: Are There or Aren’t There?

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Mac OS Ken: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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Mac OS Ken: 12.16.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / Morgan Stanley/AlphaWise Survey Predicts Bigger Than Anticipated 2012 for iThings / Amazon Says It’s Sold Over a Million Kindles a Week for the Last Three Weeks / IDC: Android Tablets May Push iPad Below 60-Percent Market Share by Summer / DigiTimes Seeks to Revive the 7-inch iPad Rumor / Samsung Ad in Australia Highlights “The Tablet Apple Tried to Stop” / Apple Refunds Money to Early International iTunes Match Subscribers; Officially Launches Service Hours Later / Apple Seeds Third beta-Build of Mac OS X 10.7.3 to Developers / Apple Releases Printer Driver Updates for Brother and Lexmark Machines / Apple Issues Minor Updates for Apple TV and iPhone 4S / Minor iPhone 4S Update Leaves Underlying Code Accessible to Code Monkeys / Barbara Walters Names Steve Jobs Most Fascinating Person of 2011 / Jobs Biographer Considering Expanding the Biography Down the Road

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Mac OS Ken: 12.15.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / TUAW: iTunes Match Showing Up for International Users (Kind Of) / Netflix Takes Streaming to iOS Devices in Latin America; Updates iOS Apps and Adds “Just for Kids” to Apple TV / Flipboard Says Flips-Per-Month Could Triple with Addition of iPhone App / One Week Ago: Google Chairman Says Developer Interest to Shift to “Android First” Within Six Months / One Week Later: Flurry Analytics Doubts Impending Shift in Developer Interest / Samsung Says Temporary Sales-Ban Made Galaxy Tab 10.1 a “Household Name” in Australia / Apple Updates Logic Express to v9.1.6 / Survey: Apple 10th Best Employer in the U.S. / Piper Jaffray Analyst Doubts Intel’s Ability to Make It In Mobile / Intel Reorganizes Internally to Accelerate Mobile Chip Development / Acer Chairman Predicts Gloom and Doom for Apple (Again or Still)

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Mac OS Ken: 12.14.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / NPD: Android and iOS Grow Smartphone Shares in the States in 2011 While All Others Suffer / Apple Insider: Best Buy Comments Indicate Record Holiday Quarter for Apple / Barclays Capital Analyst Says Apple Unlikely to Be Affected by HDD Shortage / IDC Sees Big Growth in Notebook and Netbook SSDs Last Quarter / Apple Rumored to Be Buying Flash-Memory Solutions Provider Anobit / Strategy Analytics: Apple TV Likely Makes Up 32-Percent of Connected Set-Top Boxes in 2011; Sets Up Market for Full Apple Television / Apple Launches iTunes in the Cloud Across Latin America and iTunes Match in Brazil / Apple Releases Apple TV in Brazil / ZDNet: FAA Approves iPads for American Airlines Cockpits / Korea Times: iPhone 4S Sees Lackluster Sales in South Korea / Apple Sued by Cequint Over Alleged Patent Violations Related to Caller ID / USITC Delays Ruling in HTC Patent Infringement Case to 19 December / Microsoft Issues Updates for Office for Mac 2008 and Office for Mac 2011 / Microsoft Releases SkyDrive App and Kinectimals Game for iOS / Microsoft Releases OneNote Mobile App for iOS / Original Apple Papers of Incorporation Auctioned Off for 1.6-Million-Dollars

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Mac OS Ken: 12.13.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code MACOSKEN (all caps) at / Piper Jaffray Analyst: Mac Sales Up 13-Percent for First Two-Months of Current Quarter / Intel Lowers Q4 Guidance Due to HDD Shortage / J.P. Morgan Analyst: First Round of Ultrabooks Will Not Damage the MacBook Air / Apple Says Over 100-Thousand Apps Downloaded Through Mac App Store in Less Than a Year / Fortune Wonders Over iPad Sales and DigiTimes / Web Tracker Shows iOS Devices Owning the Mobile Web Experience in the Middle East/North Africa Region / Apple Issues Second beta of iOS 5.1 as Well as Updated Apple TV and Xcode betas / Report: Apple Adds Dummy Hardware References to iOS 5.1 beta 2 / Apple Issues Minor iTunes Update to v10.5.2 / Apple Issues Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update to Deal with Fan Noise / Apple Expands iTunes Store Offerings Across Most of Latin America / WSJ: Secret Sources Say Apple is Tweaking iAd to Regain Lost Mobile Advertising Market Share / Report: FBI Declines Disclosing Information Related to Carrier IQ / Amazon Reaffirms Steve Jobs Bio as Best Selling Book of 2011 (Physical and Kindle Editions) / Apple Pulls Fake Driver’s License App After Two-Years on App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 12.12.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken at / Motorola Mobility Wins Injunction Against Import of 3G-Enabled iOS Devices in Germany / Morgan Stanley: Mac Sales Grow the Week of Black Friday 2011 While the Rest of the PC-Sector Shrinks / Apple Insider: Shipping Times Improve for BTO iMacs with 2TB HDDs / Thousands Turn Out for Apple Retail Grand Central Terminal Opening / Check Out the Apple Photos of Its Grand Central Store and the Grand Central Opening at / Rumor: Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer Put in Temporary Charge of Apple Retail / Radio Shack Cuts 30-Dollars from Price of On-Contract AT&T iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S for This Week Only / Apple Drops as Much as 100-Bucks Off of Refurbished iPads / Apple Promotes The Beatles on iTunes (a Year After Bringing The Beatles to iTunes) / Report: Apple May Finally Have Approval to Sell iPhone 4S in China / DigiTimes and Other Citi Analyst Call Shenanigans on Talk of February Release for iPad 3 / Sharp Exec Appears to Appear Unfazed by Idea of Apple Television / HP to Turn webOS Open Source / Apple Picks the Best of the Store with iTunes Rewind 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 12.09.2011

Citi Analyst: “Several Sources” Say Next iPad Due in February / Citi Analyst Expects Much Higher iPhone Sales This Quarter Than Previously Anticipated / DigiTimes Says Lenovo to Take All-In-One PC Lead from Apple in 2012 / Munster: iTunes Match Likely Priced to Break Even / TV Shows Now Available for Purchase Through Apple TV in Canada, Australia, and the UK / Biggest Plant for MacBook Air Unibody Chassis Production Still Out of Commission / Apple Updates Aperture to Fix Photo Stream Issue / Apple Updates Logic Pro to Fix Compatibility Issues with Lion Features and Other Minor Bugs / Apple Kills Logic Studio and Logic Express; Leaves Logic Pro and Main Stage in Mac App Store / Samsung Loses Bid to Block Sales of iPhone 4S in France / Apple Loses Bid to Keep Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Off the Market in Australia / Apple Sued for Alleged Patent Infringement Over Nike + iPod Tech / Twitter Monthly Sign-Ups Rise 25-Percent Per-Month with iOS 5 Integration / Rumor: HP CEO to Announce Plans for webOS Business Today / Yellow Submarine: Free iBook in the iBookstore Now

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Mac OS Ken: 12.08.2011

USDoJ Investigating Apple, Publishers, and eBooks / Evercore Analyst Says Kindle Fire will “Vaporize” non-iPad Tablets / AT&T Expects Record Quarter for Smartphone Sales; Talks Up iPhone 4S / UBS Analyst Stoked for iPhone Sales After AT&T Statement / Shaw Wu Raises iPhone and Mac Sales Expectations for the Quarter; Lowers iPad / Wu Blames Amazon Kindle Fire and MacBook Air for Reduction in iPad Expectations / Intego: DevilRobber Trojan-Variant Now Infecting Macs Via Pirated Copies of Writer’s Cafe, EvoCam, and Twitteriffic / Apple Launches 12 Days of Christmas App for UK, Canada, and Parts of Europe / Wedge Partner Analyst Thinks Apple May Build TV into iMacs on the Way to an Apple TV Set / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple TV in Canada (and Maybe Australia) Now Selling TV Episodes / Google Chairman Says Google TV will Dictate TV Landscape by Next Summer / Flipboard Launches for iPhone and iPod touch; Buckles Under the Strain / Microsoft Releases My Xbox Live App for iThings / Media Gets Sneak Peek at Grand Central Terminal Apple Store

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Mac OS Ken: 12.07.2011

Ticonderoga Analyst: November 2011 Likely Best November Ever for Apple / IHS: iPad to Hold onto 65-Percent Tablet Share Through Year’s End / Canaccord Genuity Analyst: iPad to Hold on to 53-Percent Tablet Share Through Year’s End / Sterne Agee Analyst: RIM Being Battered by Amazon Kindle Fire in Tablets and by iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS in Low-End BlackBerries / Canaccord Genuity Analyst: Older iPhones Being Pushed Down Sales Lists on US Carriers / The European Commission Launches Antitrust Investigation into Apple and Five Publishers Over eBooks / Apple Lands at Top of PCWorld Reliability Satisfaction Survey for Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, and Tablets / Apple Loses Cases for iPad Trademark in China; May Be on the Hook for 1.5-Billion-Dollars / Apple Updates iBooks with a Few New Features / Apple Issues Minor Update for Cards App for iOS / Apple Insider: CNBC Hears That Apple Retails EasyPay Self-Checkout Program is Going Well / Global BBC iPlayer Hitting iPhone and iPod touch This Week (Still Missing U.S.)  /Google and Telstra Launch Melbourne Retail Presence in “Androidland” / Amazon Says Jobs Bio is Top Selling Book of 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 12.06.2011

Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Carrier IQ Named in New Lawsuit / Senator Franken Asks Carrier IQ Questions of Sprint, AT&T, HTC, and Samsung / JP Morgan Analysts Meet with Apple Execs, Walk Away Excited / Sprint Shooting for Second-Half 2012 Launch for LTE-Phones; Pleased with iPhone / JP Morgan: Verizon Likely Biggest Winner from iPhone 4S Among US Carriers / GigaOm: US Cellular Holding Out for a 4G-LTE iPhone / Smarthouse: Secret Sources Say Apple Plans Three Televisions by the End of 2012 / Fortune: Rumor Has Apple Considering New Data Center in Oregon / New Lion beta May or May Not Point to New Mac Pro / Electronista: Garnet Digital Targets Anyone who Has Anything to Do with Smartphones in Trollish Patent Infringement Suit / USITC Pushes HTC Apple-Patent Infringement Ruling Back to 14 December / Apple Grand Central Store Operations Seem Timed for Commuters / Early Bird Pricing to Macworld|iWorld Ends Monday, December 12 / Get more info on Macworld/iWorld at / Computer History Museum Launches Online Steve Jobs Exhibit

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Mac OS Ken: 12.05.2011

Congressman Markey Asks FTC to Investigate Carrier IQ / German Data Protection Authority Quizzes Apple Over Use of Carrier IQ / Carrier IQ, HTC, and Samsung Sued for Alleged Federal Wiretap Statute Violation / Report: Leaked T-Mobile Memo Shows Carrier Putting Carrier IQ on BlackBerry Phone Against RIM’s Direction / CNET: Carriers - Not Carrier IQ - Biggest Cause of Carrier IQ Privacy Issues / Brazil and Russia to Start Official iPhone 4S Sales on 16 December / comScore: Apple Fourth-Largest Cellphone Maker in the U.S. / Apple Seeds Second Build of 10.7.3 to Developers / Apple Insider: Thailand Flooding Likely Cause of Massive Delay for BtO 2TB iMac / Hearst Magazine President Pleased With Progress on Digital Subscriptions / Report: Apple VP of Government Sales Is No Longer with the Company / US Federal Judge Denies Apple Request for Preliminary Injunction Barring Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales / Electronista: Apple ACTUALLY Seeks as Much as 16.2-Billion-Dollar Bail in German Case with Motorola Mobility

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Mac OS Ken: 12.02.2011

Apparent Rootkit - Carrier IQ - Installed on Most Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Phones / iPhone Dev Team Member chpwn Finds Reference to Carrier IQ in iOS 5 / Apple Says It Stopped Supporting Carrier IQ with iOS 5 on Most Products / RIM Says It Has Nothing to Do With Carrier IQ / Nokia Says Carrier IQ Not on Its Phones (No Way, No How) / HTC: Blame the Carriers for Carrier IQ / Verizon Wireless Says It Does Not Use Carrier IQ / Sprint Says It Uses Carrier IQ But Does Not (and Cannot) Snoop / AT&T and T-Mobile Say They Use Carrier IQ for Quality Not Snooping / Senator Franken Seeks Answers from Carrier IQ on Software and Consumer Info Collected / Business Insider: Carrier IQ Offers “Weak” Statement on Service / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Sees Upside for Apple in Big Sales for Wintek; iPhone 4S Into China Soon / Vodacom South Africa to Get iPhone 4S on 16 December / ChangeWave: 96-Percent of iPhone 4S Owners Satisfied with Their Phone / CIRP: 45-Percent of iPhone 4S Buyers Paid a Penalty/Premium to Get Their New Phones / GigaOm: Mophie and Best Buy Recall Some Battery Packs for iOS Device / Australian Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Blocked for at Least One More Week / BBC Expands Global iPlayer for iPad App to Canada; Keeps Dissing U.S. / Official: Grand Central Terminal Apple Store to Open 9 December / New York State Looking into Terms of Apple’s Grand Central Terminal Lease

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Mac OS Ken: 12.01.2011

Amazon Kindle Fire Unseats 16GB iPad as Best Buy’s Top Selling Tablet / Corning Cuts Estimates Due in Part to Weakness in Tablets / UBS Analyst Thinks Corning Cut Due to Non-iPad Tablets / J.P. Morgan Analyst Lowers Current-Quarter iPad Sales Expectations Slightly; Raises iPhone Target / comScore: Android Steals Share from RIM and iOS in Canada in the Summer / iPhone 4S Sales Trump Android Phone Sales in UK in October / Apple and Google Decline Participation in CTIA-Sponsored Ratings Plan for Mobile Games / The Telegraph Mixes Blog-Posts, “Respected Sources,” and Probably Gin to Predict March 2012 Launch for iPhone 5 / CNET: Reports of a Second “Exploding” iPhone / Munster Spins a Detailed Tale of the Apple Television / TMO: Apple Retail Promoting (RED) Products to Mark Today’s World AIDS Day / Disney CEO and Apple Board Member Bob Iger Buys One-Million Dollars Worth of Apple Stock / HP CEO Says Apple Could Overtake HP in PCs Next Yea (If We Count Tablets as PCs) / HP CEO Says webOS Decision to Be Handed Down in Next Two Weeks / Infinity Blade II Hits the App Store / Yahoo Says “iPhone” Most Searched Term on Yahoo in 2011

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